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On October 24, 2012
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WPsubscribers is a premium WordPress plugin, which I use more than any other plugin. It is so awesome I need to say. In order to get more subscribers to my Internet marketing newsletter, I keep testing all the different features. There are so many reasons why I am satisfied with WPsubscribers.

I’m going to tell you exactly the reasons why I love WPsubscribers plugin.

You have probably heard that – the money is in the list? Yes, it is true. We all need to build a list of those who are interested in what we would like to offer. The easiest way to build the list is to use a blog and turn visitors into regular readers then get them to subscribe to your email list.

However, how to grab their attention, and then, to get them to subscribe?
Then, I found that WPsubscribers helps me to do all of that, and more. I use WP Subscribers for things when it comes to list building. It has a lot of features, a lot more than you ever think that you need, like unlimited pop-ups, inline forms, sidebar forms, footer, header, connect via Facebook and so much more.

Well… to be quite honest with you, I couldn’t believe in my eyes. Let me tell you about my love parts. These are the kind of stuff that makes this plugin revolutionary in its class.

WPsubscribers and the reasons why it ROCKS

WPsubscribers Price

Only $47 for a triple license? Wow, I think it might be one of the current internet marketing wonders in comparing with others product. For majority of the bloggers, 3 licenses for 3 different websites are way more than needed.

For $97, you can install WPsubscribers to as many blogs, websites, as you like. I personally have this unlimited licenses and I have installed Wpsubscribers plugin to 6 of my blogs without any problem at all.

WPsubscribers Is Easy To Use  

In just 5 minutes, I installed and configured it, then started receiving my first sign ups after an hour or so. Initially, I thought that I would need to spend all day to get it to work.
I believe that even you are a complete newbie, you can also get WPsubscribers plugin installed and configured, then start receiving subscribers in less than an hour.

WPSubscribers plugin

WPsubscribers With Beautiful Sign-Up Forms

WPsubscribers is not just a regular plugin helping you add your own custom forms. It contains many templates, for instance, the pop-over templates make your forms look very professional, and all you must do is just add the text. It’s designed intuitively, so most of what you do is just point and click.
First impression is important for sure. And I believe one of the reasons why people sign up is because of its beautiful forms. It is not just about the message but also about the look. And to be honest, if I didn’t use WPsubscribers, then I would have to spend a lot of money and time for good looking opt-in forms.

One Plugin Does It All – Full Control And Flexible

Well, that never happened before. Usually, you need some of them to cover all the basis, like placing forms on your blog, regular pop-ups, exit pop-ups, footer pop-ups… sounds too complicated, right?

I also wanted to be able to add sign-up forms, not only in the sidebar as I used to, but above and below my blog posts, test out header and footer forms and a lot more. But I had no clue on how to do these by myself. Hiring someone to help me create forms and place them on different parts of my blog is what I thought about. But now with WPsubscribers, I do all these things on my own, and keep testing what works. I can test the text, graphics and place the forms where I think that can grab attention without annoying my visitors.

Yes, WPsubscribers plugin lets you add any kind of opt-in for anywhere on your website. Now you can efficiently and effectively segment all your potential subscribers into different lists according to their interests. This helps to serve your list a lot better and you will also make whole lot more money. One thing to keep in mind that it’s easier to double your income than double your website traffic. With Wpsubscribers, you have much higher chance of doubling your income because targeted customers will subscribe to your email list.

Facebook Connect

It is obviously that we all are cautious when it comes down to giving away our personal information like name and email.
Is there a way to subscribe to someone’s list without having to physically add our information?
Then, we all, the blogger can have our very own Facebook Connect button placed wherever we would like on their blog letting our potential subscribers know that all they need to do to connect with us is press a button. There is no exchange of personal information of any kind.
However, that button is connected to your account in Aweber or other sites, and your visitors are required to receive an occasional email from you as well.
In addition, your new subscribers also get a confirmation email from Aweber, so they have to activate their subscription with double opt-in.

Such a lovely feature!


Subscribe on Registration

I think almost bloggers know about CommentLuv plugin. Most blogs I visit on a regular basis have it installed. Andy Bailey, the creator of CommentLuv plugin tends to release the plugin newest version. Then, your readers are given an option to register on your website, to have a choice of their last 10 posts to link to instead of your last one as it was up until now.
When you are about to leave a comment, you can see the drop-down box that let you choose your desired post, whether you link to your home page or any post page in your URL box. Well, the new CommentLuv version offers blog owner the flexibility to allow their commentators to choose from their last 10 posts, or to allow it after the commentator register on your site. The only problem was the fact that it sounded a bit useless since I couldn’t find any use for the potential flood of the new registrants.

“Refer a Friend” Feature

The more hands-off ways you find to build up your businesses without your direct involvement, the better off you are.
This list building feature lets you leverage your new subscribers by giving them incentives to let their friends know about your list, and invite them to join as well.

Other Important Features 

  • Filling out the forms automatically with your visitor’s name and email address. All the visitor have to do is press Enter to join your community – powerful psychological trigger. 
  • Subscription form on hidden content allows you to provide special valuable content for your subscribers only.
  • Subscribe on user commenting lets you have a check-box by the comment area. Therefore, while leaving a comment, your commentators can subscribe to your list conveniently. Commenting requires their name and email address, so you should add them to your list.
  • Subscription analytics: an easy way for you to see which forms are performing well and which ones need to be scraped.
  • Working with all major email marketing services, such as Aweber and Mail-chimp.
  • Compatible with all modern web browsers, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • Building a light-box subscription form with ease
  • Integrating with Facebook
  • Create as many forms as you love; design them; then place them wherever you like.

Marketing Takeaway

It is needless to say that I am a WPsubscribers guy through and through. And I think you will definitely catch the bug too after seeing what this plugin can do for you and your business. 

Check it out here:


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