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Mark Thompson

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On April 3, 2012
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WordPress Goldmine is the system looks at aspects relating to Internet marketing. WordPress Goldmine Review is as followed

This guest post is by Sandra Taylor

WordPress Goldmine Review – What WordPress Goldmine Is

WordPress Goldmine is a money-making system developed by Mark Thompson, which teaches people everything they need to know about blogging so that they can make money from it. When starting a blogging business, some people mistakenly think that they cannot compete with the other blogs or they do not have the expertise to do it. WordPress Goldmine demonstrates that building profitable blogs is easy. Even if, users have never created a site in their life, they are able to use this tool to their marketing advantage.

WordPress Goldmine Review – How WordPress Goldmine Works

The main guide of this program contains 128 pages, which are broken down into 5 parts. For those who are familiar with WordPress, they can skip or just skim through part 1 because it talks about basic features like how to install WordPress, change the default settings, etc. The rest of the guide leads users through anything related to the field of making money with their WordPress blog, such as how to generate free traffic to their blogs, and advanced techniques the author himself uses to promote his blogs.

wordpress goldmine free

WordPress Goldmine Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • This system takes users through the entire process of creating a site that brings them suitable income.
  • It teaches people how to generate an  income from various sources, how to choose lucrative niches, how to get their site to rank high on Google, and much more.
  • As a member, user can get access to other Mark’s step-by-step courses, which are released monthly and cover different aspects of online marketing.
  • It explains everything in such a way that is easy to understand and to follow.
  • Besides the main guide, users also receive a bonus package including software called “WordPress Secure Pro” to protect users’ blogs from unauthorised ones and a set of 20 videos which shows people tricks on how to optimize their WordPress for SEO purposes.

wordpress goldmine

WordPress Goldmine Review – Disadvantages

  • Users have to put their patience and effort on this program in order to get positive program.
  • This is not a quick course to be successful.

wordpress goldmine scam

WordPress Goldmine Review – Final Words

WordPress Goldmine is a complete system that provides everything users need to start their own money making blogs. Keep in mind, like any business they have to commit themselves to learning and applying the knowledge until they get the results they want.
money online from homeIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about WordPress Goldmine Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Sara Parker says:

    I have been reading and reviewing your WordPress Goldmine Review for a few minutes to ponder some of your sound points. I like the way you think and I agree on a large portion of this WordPress Goldmine Review. Thanks very much for such an interesting review!

  2. John Nola says:

    The ideas presented in this WordPress Goldmine Review are fresh and exciting. I had been bored with the same old articles with the same old things. It is very good to see something new for a change.

  3. Robin Garcia says:

    WordPress Goldmine is a quality program which delivers lots of value, unlike many other over-promising and under-delivering Internet Marketing products. If your online business goal is to make money using WordPress blogs, this one is worth considering.

  4. Dean Carter says:

    You will save your time and money by utilizing it’s information to cut down on novice mistakes, monetize your blogs and use the traffic plan it gives you. I feel WordPress Goldmine is an excellent option. In my humble opinion, part 3 is perhaps the section that offers you most value for money!

  5. Dean Carter says:

    It’s very useful for me. I was impressed at part 2 most, that’s a UAW WordPress Plugins that allows you to get unique content to your blog on auto pilot.  Trust me on this, it is very an effective option.

  6. Robert Chopkins says:

    Plenty of online success tips such as how to do market research, how to find products that sell, how to build your site, how to generate traffic, how to monetize your site, etc. will be shown clearly.  If you follow and implement the WordPress Goldmine’s traffic generation system, the potential result for your site is immense.

  7. Heather Hall says:

    Like a magical golden path it shows me which tracks to take, so that whenever I reach the end of the path I’m pleasantly surprised. WordPress Goldmine will walks you through everything you’ll need when creating a successful website based upon WordPress.

  8. Adrian Bohane says:

    This is a great tool for making money online with blogging.  I’m pretty new to the world of making money online, but this has helped me a lot. I have to disagree with some reviewers here who said that it is too expensive for its contents. Certainly, for me, it has been worth every cent I paid for it.

  9. Veronica Part says:

    It is very knowledgeable and is quite easy to utilize. The forum that is provided with the subscription is great. I was able to talk to other users about how they like the program, what they did, and how the forum worked for them. You should try it right now!

  10. Maria Ramos says:

    This program is more affordable than any other I have seen. As a matter of fact, I received additional information and training which contain valuable tools to help me increase my revenue. Plus, all of the materials are written in an easy to use format.

  11. Sue Mallet says:

    I have been using WordPress Goldmine for just over 4 weeks now and find it has been a very worthwhile investment. It gets the job completed and provides me with actual value & a different approach. Thanks a lot!

  12. Jane Williams says:

    I love making money online and WordPress Goldmine makes it so very easy to do. All in all an excellent buy! Wordpress Goldmine is a very, very smart investment.

  13. Peter Molan says:

     It did teach me how to build my email list which was useful. I’ve have bought it for 2 weeks and my results are excellent, and I’m satisfied with the acquisition. It is a powerful product!

  14. Fred Thomson says:

    It’s a good start, as it has a ton of information on how to generate affiliate sales from your blog and how to set everything up. I have complete control over WordPress Goldmine. It’s a perfect option to me!

  15. Martin Steward says:

    Mark covers everything so that even a newbie can create one of his sites. this is a great tool to help your internet business get that extra bit of boost it needs. Very good choice!

  16. Phillips Lethane says:

    Overall, it is a great product and I was very pleased with the quality of information and how it is presented in an easy to understand format. I strongly recommend this to newbies. 

  17. George Smith says:

    It teaches me everything know about blogging so that I can make money from it. The WordPress Goldmine is actually easy and might be done by anybody who wants to set up their on the internet business. It gives me approaches that really aid me create a lengthy term business enterprise as opposed to some thing brief term.

  18. Tim Howards says:

    This course taught me the lots of procedures of discovering exclusive content to update my blogs with on a consistent basis. Thanks to this, I went from knowing absolutely nothing to realizing how I could construct blogs after which develop them into profitability. It’s amazing!

  19. Nancy Wright says:

    It took me by means of the way to generate top quality content for my weblog. WordPress Goldmine can really assist you earn large funds from easy niche blogs. It’s a special valuable tool for me! 

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