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On October 17, 2012
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How relevant are the SEO Keywords you select for your Page Content and your Business/Service?

Here are 10 tips guiding you how to use keyword relevancy:

1. Use word combination:

Use word combination that describes your site, the product or services properly as your main SEO keywords. Research shows that a further quarter of those who carry out an online search use a three-word combination; 31% use search type a two-word phrase, and just 19% pin their luck on a single word in the search engine field.

2. Choose appropriate keywords

Choose suitable seo keywords to use with care, then, go for a niche within your industry. You should use the Wordtracker or free Google keyword tool because they bring you a basis for your keyword list basing on actual searches. Therefore, you can decide on that basis which ones to include in your list and which ones to leave out. It is worth running both above tools and comparing the results for your main seo keywords.


3. Do not get carried away

Do not get carried away and use specialized seo keyword phrase that no one but experts would use in a search engines search box, you should think of what your non-expert customers search for and write copy which deliberately includes those words, in case of your product or services’ technical name.

4. Do not use irrelevant keywords at the same time.

These are not strongly reflected by the content of your website, because you might start raising search engine red flags about sites that are not what they say they are.

5. Do not use seo keywords in a way that may get you banned by search engines.

The keyword, which brings the opposite effect to your site, is called key word staffing. Google has issued guidelines pointing out that websites that do that can get totally dropped from Google Index.

6. Do not use images with filenames as well as Alt tags that may get your site filtered or banned from search engines.

Search engine can read text but not images. Alt tags fill in the “missing bits” of your site allowing a search engine bot to make a value judgment on the combination of words and pictures you have created.

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7. Avoid duplicating pages on your website. 

Webmasters use duplicating pages technique to bulk up the content of their site. Then, they would have largely similar content in two or more pages. Search engines would place their site high thinking that it was a large site with much valuable information. That can get your site penalized so make sure you do not do it.

To learn more about how to use keyword relevancy, you can download the e-book, which I have completed called The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Affiliates, by subscribing via the form below:

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