Traffic Black Book Review – How To Increase Traffic?
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Chad Hamzeh

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On March 12, 2012
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Traffic Black Book is a new course by Chad Hamzeh, who claims that he can help its clients make over $ 300 000 in less than 12 months. Is it scam?

This guest post is by Bin Tran 

Traffic Black Book Review – Author’s Claims

Traffic Black Book is video training guide, which is downloadable and reveals real traffic-generating secrets of Chad Hamzeh- a real 6-figure affiliate marketer.

The Traffic Blackbook is an advanced system that serves as an eye-opener for mediocre marketers who fear investing money in generating traffic, without knowing that such investment could become their most effective and profit-generating method. In Chad’s video guides, this man teaches his clients a straightforward system for drawing traffic to each of their campaigns and offers. It means that Traffic Blackbook relies on paid traffic. If people are become members of this system, it will teach people different ways of creating profitable paid traffic campaigns. In other words, this course covers PPC campaigns, keywords, and bidding, media buying strategies, generating traffic from Facebook and other social networks, importance of tracking, and much more. In addition, this course is a successful product of Chad, which brings him over $ 370 000 in less than 12 months. With this product, users will have over 15 hours of fluff free, useful content in what is described like “the best investment they’ve ever made for their online business”.

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Traffic Black Book Review – About the Author: Chad Hamzeh

The author of Traffic Black Book- Chad Hamzeh is an experienced affiliate marketer, who shares that the only way to make his business to the top of the online business game is tons and tons of traffic. This 30 years old guy lives in Calgary, Canada, and also coaches MMA in his extra time and has 18 professional fights under his belt. When he was at the age of 19, he opened his first business, which was a small webpage design studio, and he began marketing in 2009.

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Traffic Black Book Review – How Traffic Black Book Works

The course covers step-by-step guides that provide learners with over 8 modules following.

Module 1 called the initiation involves three videos, which provides viewers with some background about the author, how he got started, a case study, a ton of little tips about how to go about creating a successful campaign, and much more.

Module 2 covers two videos, and these videos guide viewers how to get accepted into CPA networks, appropriate day to day tasks they should be doing, and much more.

Module 3 will show viewers practical bidding strategies, as well as creative keyword generation to search different markets, and much more.

Module 4 covers three videos that guide users how to use Facebook Ads, as well as CPA network Plenty of Fish, as well as alternate social networks to scale to when needed, and much more.

Module 5 covers three videos that guide users about PPV traffic and bidding strategies, as well as PPV landing pages, as well as PPV marketing, and PPV campaigns, and much more.

Module 6 includes four videos that present marketers how to find relevant websites to approach for banner buys, some ways to approach these websites, and much more.

Module 7 consists of three videos that contain topics such as quickly cover ad server tracking, and how to cope with network reps, and much more.

Module 8 will show viewers definite thresholds in terms of clicks and impressions, which the author uses before making decisions, information about tracking opt-ins, day parting, and tracking systems, and much more. In addition, there are some other modules.

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Traffic Black Book Review – Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • Once marketers understand the tips and techniques explained in the Traffic Black Book, they will have all the information and tools they need to start making money
  • It allows marketers to no longer rely on organic search engine traffic.
  • It walks users through the whole process of getting traffic through calculated, strategic investments; hence, they will learn how and where to pay for traffic.
  • It shows marketers some successful advertising campaigns, so users will understand exactly how they are put together and why they work.
  • It teaches learners how to rule niche, how to get accepted into any CPA network as well as the best bidding strategies for paid advertising.
  • It enables marketers to discover how to get the best response from their pay per view campaigns, and learn how media buys can really get their business going
  • In addition, users will receive a useful bonus that called profit 101 ($97 value).


Although this program contains a lot of useful information about tips to increase traffic, it remains some disadvantages, because it is not magic that can solve users’ problems instantly. In addition, it can teach you how to become rich and get success like the author.

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Traffic Black Book Review – Conclusion  

In my opinion, if you have been looking for a way to take your affiliate marketing to the next level, or just want to be as successful as possible in affiliate marketing, you totally should check out the Traffic Black Book Software.

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  1. Tim Martinez says:

    I have to thanks Traffic Black Book for the videos so much, as they provide the information which is priceless and comprehensive. So far, by following the program’s suggestions, I can see traffic flowing to my site like crazy. 

  2. Dustin Lee says:

    If you have been looking for a way to take your affiliate marketing to the next level, or just want to be as successful as possible in affiliate marketing, you totally should check out the Traffic Black book software. Really good. 

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