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Seo keywords can be used in different ways that help reinforce your website’s importance in your field, and help get it to Google’s first page for search terms.

Here are 11 tips for the use of seo keywords:

keywords for seo

1. Keyword In URL

It seems to be a golden opportunity to promote your website organically, if you have seo keywords in your website’s URL. If your website is already established, let’s move on and see what else you can do. If you think of starting a new website then the best practice to adopt is to think about having a URL where the first word in it is your website’s main keyword seo, the second is the second main keyword phrase and more.

2. Keyword In The Title Tag

A title tag is one of the meta tags on your website, between 10 – 60 characters long and has no particular characters. Depending on your website’s type, you can have access to the meta tags either through an HTML editor, or through the Content Management System control panel through which you run your website.

3. Keyword In Description Meta-Tag

Keyword in Description meta-tag shows that your content is thematically linked and so are your seo keywords. It is easy to find in the Content Management System control panel of your website and HTML editors. People should make the description less than 200 characters long.

4. Keyword In Keyword Meta-Tag

Every single word in this tag also has to appear in the body text of your page, unless you might be penalized for spamming and irrelevance. It is suggested to use fewer than 15 words to describe each page of your website for best practice.

keywords for seo

5. Keyword Density In The Body Text

The number of times that the keyword seo appears on a web page is keyword density. For best practice, keep well within the 5% limit (all keywords/ total words) in your topic on any page of your website. Check the keyword density in your text before you drop it in your website with: article announcer. This is an online SEO tool, which allows you to check the keyword density of the content you have created, and are about to include in your site for up to three keywords.

6. Individual Keyword Density

It is best to keep individual keyword phrase between 1 – 3% of the total number of words used in your web page. Also, you can check the seo keyword density of the page by using keyword density.

7. Seo Keyword In H1, H2 And H3 Headings

Heading tags (also headers) are used to emphasize text on a website’s page. Pages with large headings indicate the substance and importance of the content that search engines love. Use bold text and relevant keywords in the tag, either H1, H2, or H3 heading, that is appropriate for your page. Just use the tag one to three times to make it flow well with your text and appear natural.

I have completed an e-book called The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Affiliates. To learn more about proper seo keywords placcement, you can download the book by subscribing via the form below:

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