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Mark Dulisse

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On March 30, 2012
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The Traffic Player is an all new and revolutionary video payer for WordPress and following is The Traffic Player review with its decription

Overview About The Traffic Player

Welcome to The Traffic Player Review here and it is for those who are looking for small business online marketing. The Traffic Player is created by Mark Dulisse and I am lucky enough to get an early copy of the plugin. In this The Traffic Player Review I will share with you my thoughts about this video WordPress plugin.

There is no doubt that video is great for purposes of promoting and marketing on websites. It seems that most people love video. If you are not yet using the video in your internet and/or affiliate marketing campaigns than you are simply missing out. Producing video is really not hard and creating it is not the main problem most are not using it. The main issues come with hosting costs and coding. Then The Traffic Player Review comes to show you the best solution.

the traffic player

The Traffic Player solves this issue for you and you won’t spend the dime on hosting your videos and the way it does it is simple and amazing. With The Traffic Player you are able to host your videos for free on YouTube. In addition, with The Traffic Player Download you don’t need to know coding and you won’t need to pay anyone as it will enable you to create professional looking videos is a matter of seconds.

the traffic player free

The Traffic Player is a WordPress Plugin and it is very simple to install and very simple to use. All there is left for you to do is to copy the video URL or the video ID (which is the a bunch of letters you can find in the URL after the “=”), choose a skin, the dimensions as well as the various options. The Traffic Player currently has 8 skins and many more will be added in the near future according to Mark.

the traffic player

Pros Of The Traffic Player

  • It provides the best way for hosting costs and coding
  • It is useful and help you save time.
  • It offers 60 day money back guarantee to get the best result.

the traffic player scam

Cons Of The Traffic Player

  • It seems that some advanced people ask more about its function.

In conclusion, The Traffic Player is truly a great WordPress plugin that is very easy to use and that solves the biggest issues many have when trying to use video on their websites then I really recommend you to use The Traffic Player now.

small business online marketing system

If you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about The Traffic Player Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Jonah Buck says:

    I really liked reading your The Traffic Player Review. It’s very insightful and unique. Your points are well presented and easy to understand. Thanks for your quality The Traffic Player Review.

  2. Doug Bostick says:

    The experience I have with The Traffic Player allows me to immediately add marketing videos to your web pages in any part of it. Hence, I can stylize my videos instantly within just a few clicks of my mouse!

  3. Daniel Price says:

    I recommend this tools for you. Your video will look professional. This program or rather the Traffic player software has nothing to do with automation. The Traffic Player is not software that creates videos, it’s software that downloads videos from Youtube and puts them into a frame

  4. Helen Williams says:

    It’s so cool! You can make videos from Youtube simply looks like it’s your own video! This is so easy to do. Makes us all giddy with excitement. Love it so much!!!Thanks a lot!

  5. Andrew Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing this cool plug in. I like adding images to all of my blog posts and I frequently use videos. This looks absolutely wonderful. It is truly amazing! a couple clicks and your videos on your site will look AWESOME!

  6. Jones Howard says:

     A powerful video player that will change the way  videos are presented. You will find videos much easier to follow  and way more attractive. It really saves you quite a lot of money and effort on video hosting.

  7. Emily Lee says:

    The special thing is the plugins and the video player are very easy to install and use, and anyone can gain full control of them in no time. TrafficPlayer seems to  be a great option because of  its simplicit. It also  increases your search engine ranking instantly.

  8. Vanessa Robinson says:

    TrafficPlayer creates great looking,  customizable videos withing a few clicks and attract your sites visitors.  I think The TrafficPlayer will be a great tool for your marketing arsenal.

  9. Jenny Macon says:

    Very easy to operate. I just can go straight into a post and start adding videos and positioning them where ever I want on the screen using the codes given. For me, it really makes my videos look extremely professional.

  10. Kate Williams says:

    I’m very impressed beacause the way it works is to me you total control of my videos! It helps my videos look very very smart. It’s also very simple and easy to watch video.

  11. Bella Olivander says:

    The best part is that I can actually hide the controls in YouTube videos and take out all the horrible advertising. It really works. I suggest that it is a fit for you and your business.

  12. Tim Howards says:

    It’s very simple that anybody will certainly do this. It helps me save a great deal of money and energy on video hosting. It  appears to become a great addition because of its simplicity.

  13. Kesha Lacy says:

    This software is very easy to use, in which even I, a newbie in video marketing, can take advantage of it To have powerful video displays. It’s very effective to transform my videos in the said web portal into powerful presentations.

  14. Linda Mellor says:

    It is an amazing video marketing software program. It has made my videos as stylish as possible. The price for any of the options is definitely reasonable. You should take charge and make use of this software program in streaming and broadcasting your videos.

  15. Isabella Hooks says:

    It is an all new and revolutionary video payer for WordPress. Traffic Player solves a lot of issues for me and I haven’t spent a dime on hosting your videos and the way it does is simple and amazing. It actually allows me to create professional looking videos is a matter of seconds. 

  16. Zoey Laddler says:

    The Traffic player is one of the only ones that can take a video hosted on You Tube and make it look like it’s being hosted by you. It’s also straight forward install and easy to use.

  17. Rupert Sanders says:

    Traffic Player is really a great plugin addition for WordPress users, it’s very easy to use. The Traffic Player gives me the ability to host my own videos, the skins that are included are very amazing, It does solve many issues I’ve encountered. 

  18. Amelia Potter says:

    It’s very simple, easy for newbies to use, even experienced marketers can take advantage of this. You can create great looking, professional videos in seconds instead of hours. When you actually buy The Traffic Player, it comes with 10 customized high quality skins.

  19. Hailey Sparker says:

    This method provides all your video clips with professionl appearance. It is useful and helps me save time and energy very much. It’s really one of the “most powerful” video player for WordPress.

  20. This thing’s helped me make more sales. I’ve updated my niche sites with this thing. If I used a 5-star rating system, I’d give it a dead honest 5 of 5 stars. 

  21. Rebecca Brown says:

    Mark goes through and shows you all the details of how the new Traffic Player works. The Traffic Player is clean and professional looking player and it provides a high definition video for your site.

  22. Jenkins Ross says:

    I have been testing the free version out on some of my blogs and I am very happy with the results. Mark Dulisse is one of the marketers online that I trust, and I highly recommend The Traffic Player.

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