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On October 18, 2012
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I would like to talk about the importance of Social Bookmarking and RSS in SEO today. I’m going to show you two factors that affect SEO: Social Bookmarks and RSS. How RSS And Social Bookmarking Affect SEO?

Ok guys, let’s get started!


Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is an useful way for Internet users to store, share, classify, and search Internet bookmarks. It is also a way of tagging content on the web (news, web pages, articles, …) for referencing by yourself and others who may be tagged by the same content.

You can use social bookmarks in many ways to build inbound links to your site, and, therefore, improve your overall site popularity, as well as Google SERPs. After registering for a social bookmarking site, he can bookmark or tag a favorite page or piece of content by clicking a bookmark icon. Then, the bookmarking site keeps a record of one’s bookmark and checks to see if others have selected the same content. When others bookmark the same content, it increases in popularity and is ranked higher on the social bookmark site that allows others to see the most popular web content as voted on by a browser from across the Internet. A great way to develop backlinks to your site and improve your Google results is to bookmark your own site on major social bookmarking websites. Social Poster (at socialposter) is a free tool, which allows you to tag your site via multiple bookmarking sites instead of having to visit each one independently. Moreover, you can enhance your overall Google rankings by creating deep links into your site. When clicking on the Bookmark button, users can view a dropdown list of social bookmarking sites and select their preferred bookmarking tool to choose your page. These bookmarks serve as internal links to your site, which helps to boost Google SERPs.


RSS Feeds

Another great way to provide information to your readers with little effort is syndicating your own site content. With an RSS feed, your updated content is automatically delivered to individuals who have subscribed to your feed and can contain links back to your site and reprint instructions.

RSS simply stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is an XML-based system allowing users to subscribe to their favorite sites. Besides, webmasters can put the content into a standard format, which is viewed and organized through RSS software or conveyed right away as new content on another site. Normally, Feeds are typically links with the word Subscribe, with letters RSS, an orange rectangle , or letters XML.

RSS provides a method of getting relevant as well as up to date information sent to you that you can read in your own time. It can save you time and help you get the information quickly after it was published.

Anything you plan to syndicate via RSS should be unique, of value to a given audience, and things that get updated on a regular manner. Just by placing an RSS feed on your homepage, you can syndicate your content. Then, when the site is updated, and a new feed is created, content is sent directly to subscribers. You can also choose to provide a feed of content pages on your sites.

There are step-by-steps on how to create an effective RSS Feed in my e-book.

I have completed my latest e-book called The Ultimate Guide to SEO For Affiliates. To learn more about the importance of RSS and Social bookmarking in SEO, you can download the book by subscribing via the form below:

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