Short Codes Deluxe Review – Useful Tool For Generating Traffic?
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On January 10, 2013
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Short Codes Deluxe review reveals that this is a new WordPress marketer toolkit, which is the product of Mark Dulisse. Is it reliable?

Short Codes Deluxe Review – Author’s Claims

Mark Dulisse claims that Short Codes Deluxe  brings people helpful software for fast traffic. Short Codes Deluxe is a new WordPress plug-in, which can get usage with any WordPress theme; besides, it allows them to make unique pages without taking a lot of effort. With Short Codes Deluxe, people are able to create astonishing effects with just some clicks. It also figures out how to customize the different themes, which people may choose. In addition, Short Code Deluxe is a useful tool that can allow users to make quick changes with just a few clicks; and it can be able to manage and add graphics directly from their visual editor screen. Moreover, with this system, users can own many functions such as high impact signs, add to cart buttons, high impact phrases, banner content box with headlines and number modules, guarantee boxes and order forms, content line dividers, set backed content timer, actionable impact arrows, and more.

Short Codes Deluxe Review – About the Author: Mark Dulisse

Mark Dulisse is a Canadian and is an eminent personality in the online marketing field. Many years ago, this Canadian went into the online industry after achievement of his study from The University of Winnipeg. This school is where Mark Dulisse studied subjects such as Divinity, Psychology, and Theology from 1989 -1991. In addition, this man also graduated from AllianceUniversityCollege or NazareneUniversityCollege 1984-1989.

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Even though, Mark Dulisse was a student of theology, this man has some other interests such as going to beaches, camping, playing hockey, reading, listening to music, helping others and more.

Moreover, Mark Dulisse is a renowned marketer, who likes playing different roles such as a Certified Financial Planner, an Internet traffic consultant, as well as a business strategist for online businesses. Some Mark’s products are IM Niche Formula, The Gunshot Money, Dominating Video, and much more.

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Short Codes Deluxe Review – How Short Codes Deluxe Works

With Short Codes Deluxe Download, users are able to install one 15 button toolkit on any WordPress theme, which they desire to use for fast traffic. The first button of Short Codes Deluxe gives users over 75 different bullets and numbers, which can be placed on their page when they click insert. The second button gives users a Johnson content box in any style that they desire. Button number three of Short Codes Deluxe lets users choose from 45 different “add to cart” buttons. The 4th and 5th buttons give users access to a wide variety of OTO (one time offer) and call to action buttons. This is an effective way to catch the visitors’ eye and tell them what people want them to do.

With the other additional buttons, people are able to build featured banners, testimonial boxes, assurances, and order forms. Users are able quickly to customize their headline fonts, choose from 44 different content dividers, and customize your hyperlinks. The author hopes that with this Short Codes Deluxe Review, people now can know well about it.

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Short Codes Deluxe Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Short Codes Deluxe is easy to use so users can do it right after they get it
  • The program ensures that users get surprising result in the short time
  • Short Codes Deluxe comes with 60 day money back guarantee so that people lose nothing.
  • The next advantage is that when people register this product, they can access to some free bonuses such as video marketing blueprint, dynamic trends video course, instant article suite, marketing graphics pro, and project genius software.
  • These bonuses bring users many benefits such as teaching how to make money using the power of screen capture video, how users can make quick income without spending a single dime, cranking out the article in some minutes, and taking a professional approach to their project planning, and increasing the success rate, and more.
  • In addition, this software helps users get an option to add drop shadow effect, radius corners, color picker for background and border colors and 6 border styles.
  • Another different point between this product with other products is that it provides users with add to cart buttons kit, which contains quality graphics and brings their pages a professional look.
  • Beside, this product also helps users call attention and highlight parts of their sites.

short codes deluxe free


  • It requires users an effort to practice techniques and to start earning money online.
  • Mark Dulisse does not indicate the exact amount of money that his clients can earn or lose by using his Short Codes Deluxe product.
  • This Short Codes Deluxe product cannot bring users instant effects. 

Short Codes Deluxe Review – Conclusion

In my experience, Short Codes Deluxe providesmany different options, which users can choose. It allows them to make each of their websites unique and professional looking. If people have been building WordPress websites but have been struggling with customization, then they can need to consider Short Codes Deluxe.



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