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Daniel Tan
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On April 20, 2012
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SEOPressor is an effective plugin to help one's website rank high. Is it scam?

This guest post is by Xing Feng

SeoPressor Review – Author’s Claims

SeoPressor is for those who look for the best SEO plugin. SeoPressor is a wordpress SEO plugin, which helps users obtain high rankings in the search engines through ensuring these are tweaking their posts and pages of blog SEO in the right way. This is to ensure that they can rank for the keywords that users are trying to rank for.

SEOPressor program helps users optimize their own website to rank high and have a lot of traffic, which leads to sales. It captures and rates their pages for certain seo components. SEOPressor plugin is a computerized algorithm. If users make changes as suggested, their pages will have high ranking, and they can receive a lot of traffic.

SeoPressor Review – About The Author: Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan is well-known as an leading SEO expert, who has done SEO for a lot of trades and businesses, involving SEO in the fields of health, sporting equipment, loans as well as cash advance, Acai berry products, weight loss, credit cards, and much more.

This guy works for various of fields such as working in SEO development of medical professionals, being one of tutors, working for language centers, being a lawyer, a solicitor, a website designer, a photographer, and even a carpet cleaner, a mover, as well as painters.

In addition, this man also is the developer of Backlink syndication system, as well as Google Domination ebook, as well as Rank Mover that have gained instant recognition from all advanced experts working in the field. In recent time, this man created well-known digital products such as Seopressor, FBXtab, and SEO Business Box. If people have any question for him, people can send questions at this site.


SeoPressor Review – How SeoPressor Works

Seopressor is known as an exceptional WordPress tool, which helps every blogger and websites owner using WordPress in their search engine optimization strategies. SEOPressor appears a widget after they make a new post by clicking on the button of “Add New Post” in the WordPress Admin Panel. Then, it shows a scoreboard with the score gotten by their current post based on the On-Page Factors. Our website completes many reviews and blog articles that provide visitors with tips, and techniques for SEO such as SEO Elite, and SEO traffic 101.

The fact is that when users start setting up posts and pages, they are set a score based on the way they set up the page or post. By using SEOpressor Download, users might see that it is like to have an SEO expert standing right behind them. When they use this smart plugin, all they have to do is to follow its suggestions to get the possible highest score for their every blog seo and site and rank highly in the search engines.

Main tasks that this program makes are analyzing title, h1, h2, h3 tags; analyzing keyword density, as well as content length; analyzing the exact placement of users’ keyword; analyzing images and links; revealing on-page SEO scores; Pumping wordpress site; driving red-hot targeted traffic to users’ website; and much more.

seopressor free

SEOpressor plugin includes two different versions:

  1. Its Single-Site License: allows users to use it only on one site.
  2. Its Multi-Site License: allow users who are using different internet marketing strategies easily use the plugin on all their sites.


SeoPressor Review – Some Pros And Cons


  • Seopressor is really a powerful wordpress tool to assess one’s titles as well as tags.
  • The program makes excellent recommendations to increase effectively the Search engine optimizing approaches for people’s site.
  • It enables to give suggestions beginning with, analyzing the site to make sure that people use the suitable keywords for enhancing their online presence.
  • This plugin includes word fonts, color and emphasis, image and link examination, AL Tag placement, post testing and rating and other tools to help the internet site become successful in the search engines.


  • Seopressor does only single word keyword searches. Therefore, users have to use the information they learn and do their own optimization for longer keywords.
  • This program brings no immediate results.

seopressor scam

SeoPressor Review – Bottom Line

Although SEOPressor cannot make you a millionaire, it is actually an effective WordPress plugins. I highly recommend to people who are interested in improving their search engine rankings. People do not need to be an SEO whizbang to gain benefits from this plugin, newbies and advanced users alike can enjoy this.

blogIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about SEOPressor Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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