SEO Traffic 101 – Simple Strategies To Get More Search Engine Traffic
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On November 4, 2012
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The basic Conversion Rate equation is online sales or leads that are divided by traffic.
When you get a lot of bad traffic, then your conversion rate drops. In contrary, if your traffic is well qualified, you generate more sales and more leads for less effort.
The most common question I have received from my friends and prospective clients has been about how to use SEO effectively. Search engine traffic to a website is the goal that they usually have in mind. However, getting the initial SEO traffic boost is only half the battle. After that, how do you continuously keep the search engine traffic coming to your site, month after month?
There is nothing simple about getting more search engine traffic.
But, even if you don’t know how to spell SEO at the moment, it still can be done.
I am not a SEO guru or an expert, just a SEO user.
I use it to drive tons of targeted search engine traffic back to Business Review Center every day.
Below you can find some of my best content showing on how to start your own SEO traffic generation.


SEO Traffic Basics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of showing the search engines what your website is about so that people who look for things you offer can find you. There is a few online marketing strategies deliver such highly qualified SEO traffic over long periods of time with no advertising buy.
It is no secret that the world of SEO is moving toward the social arena. The latest Google round of algorithm updates sent clear signals of this and also in their focus of Google+. While many big brands still get trouble with the old-school SEO techniques, they should be wary in jumping ahead to modern SEO as a recent exercise showed the value in getting the basics right.

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More Advanced SEO Strategies

The Ultimate Anchor Text Tutorial – Basic to Advanced
Duplicate Content Tutorials: Not Be Duped, Be Informed
Blog Structure: Higher Google Rankings
Bounce Rate: 18 Tips to Make Your Blog More Sticky


What’s Next?

The take away is that Google always make updates to its algorithms, however, if you focus on the basics, you have nothing to worry about for sure.
Getting and staying at a top notch on Google is as simple as following some tried and true steps to success. You might agree with me that success comes with deep understanding SEO, determination and hard work.
If you have any success stories when it comes to fix the SEO basics, share your suggestions or ideas in the comment area below.
If you would like to know exactly how I drive search engine traffic to this blog, then, get my free SEO report that walks you from A to Z of making the most of SEO traffic

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