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SaleHoo is a powerful wholesale community which offers legitimate suppliers who sell products at wholesale price. Here is SaleHoo Review

This guest post is by Jeremy Carpinet

Salehoo Review – Authors’ Claims

SaleHoo is an online wholesale directory and community for online traders, eBay sellers, and traditional retailers, where helps online sellers or internet marketers select legitimate suppliers who provide products at wholesale price. Besides, the system offers more than 5,000 wholesalers and drop shipper companies with Salehoo wholesale in its database. In other words, Salehoo is one of the best, if not the best, drop shipping sites that users can use on the Internet today. Drop shipping sites let users access to hundreds or thousands of suppliers of anything that they can think of, and prices are well below retail price, allowing they to turn in massive profits if they would like to resell their purchases or if they want to buy products for their own use. With this Drop shipping site, it have a giant directory they can use to find a wholesaler, drop shipper or manufacturer for pretty much any product they can think. In addition, the author states that he also provide a vast array of training materials, customer support and community activity to help online sellers get their businesses off the ground. 

Salehoo Review – About the Author

New Zealanders – Mark Ling and his friend founded SaleHoo in 2005. Currently, Jimmy Huber, an eBay seller is a community manager for SaleHoo.

Mark Ling – founder of Salehoo is a super affiliate marketer, who got into training affiliate marketers. He knows what it is like to start affiliate marketing and internet business without guidance. For years of trial and errors, now he has earned millions of dollars online. Formed in 2006, his company now becomes an international company that is known throughout the world. When Mark Ling was a student, he started his online selling by building celebrity fan sites. Then, Mark decided to plunge deep into affiliate marketing; he got many successes in business, and now he becomes one of the well-known online marketers. He is different to other web marketers, because, he prefers creating products in various markets. His recent products are AffiloBlueprint, AffiloJetpack, Affilotheme, Affilorama Premium, and much more.


Salehoo Review – How Salehoo Works

Salehoo system works in the business model known as Dropshipping. In other words, users get a source for products at low price and then they can sell them for more profits. They can list the products as auctions in eBay or their own websites. In fact, this model is similar to affiliate marketing; however, the products in drop shipping business are mainly physical such as DVD, iPod, shoes, clothes, and much more.

Especially, marketers do not need to store inventories of products because the drop shippers they are liaising with can ship the products to their buyers once the order is confirmed. Therefore, it seems to be a lucrative business. Besides, they just focus on searching and marketing their products to promising customers. The drop shippers are responsible for taking care of shipping. Of course, if someone is in the business and wants to be sure, he/her can find trusted and reliable suppliers offering him the best price; it might be SaleHoo wholesale, which can provide him/her. In short, SaleHoo is like a drop shipping business community online, which includes a large number of distributors or wholesalers in its database and the user has full access to its database as a member.

Our website contains some reviews about products that help people make money through drop shipping business. People can check out PLR Wholesaler , and Drop Shipping Wholesaler.  

salehoo free

Nowadays, the system provides over 70,000 individuals and businesses around the world with:

  • A wholesale directory containing roughly 8,000 verified suppliers located in more than 120 different countries.
  • Extensive business education, covering everything members need to know to find products at the best wholesale prices and resell them for a profit. This training covers information on business set up, wholesale product sourcing, importing and eBay selling.
  • Market research software, which helps its members analyze eBay product niches.

In addition, this system offers more than 7,000 lists of verified product sources and more than 60,000 registered members in the SaleHoo forum section.


Salehoo Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Firstly, the database about suppliers is often updated and ever-growing.
  • Secondly, this system charges only a onetime fee without other recurring costs.
  • The next advantage is that the training materials are useful to follow.
  • Besides, it has excellent customer support
  • Additionally, it offers useful Salehoo forum
  • Members can instantly connect with suppliers
  • Sky High Auctions is an upsell that is affordable ($267) with no monthly or recurring fees, and users get a quality education in drop shipping and wholesale
  • Furthermore, it offers 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • It is good for beginners because it provides them with step-by-step instruction.


  • Firstly, users should make sure that they check the price of products before placing any order, because sometimes, some products in SaleHoo are more expensive than eBay.
  • Secondly, it requires one’s time and effort to see the positive result.
  • In addition, Salehoo does not have as many educational resources to help people learn the ins and outs of the online selling industry.


salehoo download

Salehoo Review – Conclusion                                                 

With the above description, you can see whether this system is valuable. In my viewpoint, SaleHoo is an effective program and I highly appreciate SaleHoo as well as recommend people take a few minutes right now to find out what the SaleHoo is all about. With this system, I can get an extra income per month.

If you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about SaleHoo Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  2. [...] SaleHoo Review 2012:SaleHoo is a powerful wholesale community to offer legitimate suppliers who sell products at wholesale price. [...]

  3. [...] SaleHoo Review: SaleHoo is a powerful wholesale community to offer legitimate suppliers who sell products at wholesale price. [...]

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