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Safe Mail Services developed by Rached Hmiden is lucrative software for people who want to succeed at selling on the Internet. Is it scam?

Safe Mail Services Review – Author’s Claims

Safe Mail Services is an email-marketing server, which is a suitable service for small online businesses. Safe Mail Services is an effective and safe email-blasting service. Users can deliver campaigns to many aimed recipients every day. They also can send emails to the site’s safe-list opt-in subscribers, so they can believe that real people receive their mails. In addition, in this way, this program guarantees users that there are no spamming reports coming their way.

Safe Mail Services Review – About the Author: Rached Hmiden

The creator of Safe Mail Services is Rached Hmiden, who is a full-time freelance virtual assistant, and specializes in managing and assisting his client in their projects. This man works in the field of online marketing for nearly 3 years. In addition, Rached Hmiden also is a business developer, blogger, marketer, entrepreneur, and overall thinker. In recent time, Rached introduced a new product that is called  BWB Marketing System. Besides, this guy also is the owner of website linkmysource dot com.

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Safe Mail Services Review – How Safe Mail Services Works

Safe Mail Services is one of the leaders in email marketing for small businesses. The author claims that this web-based server allows its members to blast over 3 million emails per day. Its recipient database is filled with prospects who have asked to be included in their safe-list. Thus, users’ ad can reach real customers. All blasts go out from own email server of this program, which members can access through login from the official site. In other words, users of Safe Mail Services do not need to a third party service like many other systems. Moreover, since the server itself does all blasts, users’ ISP cannot figure out that they use an email service.

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Another feature of Safe Mail Services is that the program is easy to use because just some click of the button and marketers’ advertising is blasted to the full database of recipients. These ads are in HTML Format, and plain text format; beside, users get the selection to send advertising with sound, pictures, flash, colors, font, or anything else they can imagine. Additionally, this system can personalize your ads; it means that members of it can send out email ads with name codes that insert the recipients first or full name in the subject of the message or email body. Furthermore, this system helps users save their ads for future mailings; it means that they do not need to save their ads on their own computer because the provider can supply that service for them. Each time they login their ad can be ready to go exactly as they saved it.

People can check out email marketing, and build profitable mailing list to get more knowledge about marketing through email.

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Safe Mail Services Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Thanks to this service, users can develop their business effectively, and they do not have to pay any additional fees or charges for using email list of the provider.
  • Another advantage is that it introduces people to a significant amount of lucrative traffic towards the direction of their businesses.
  • The next feature is that accessing the server requires only a registration and an affordable, reasonable one-time payment. After that, there are no recurring charges.
  • With Safe Mail Services, users can entry to the server straightaway after they complete the enrollment stage, and they can bring success for their business.
  • In addition, this system enables users to personalize their email announcements for a better response. They can also save their emails on this site and use it for future email campaigns.
  • Furthermore, it allows users to embed flash, attachments, and images into their emails without any problem.
  • Another advantage is that there is not another ad attached to their email, and their email ad goes out by itself, so their ad gets all the attention from the recipient.
  • Beside, there is no bouncing email back to users’ email box; and all emails are in the recipient’s Inbox.
  • With Safe Mail Services,all email blasts go out directly from this web-based server, so users have to be taken to a third party company or many third party companies like many of other competitors.

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  • The company does not reveal information about how they generate all their leads.
  • Although the system supports the sending of flash, images and other files; however, in order to deliver emails successfully, perhaps regular text is the best choice.
  • In addition, all money that is earned is entirely based on how often people click users’ advertisements, so people should take their effort to make money with this program.
  • It is not free, so people have to pay for buyingSafe Mail Services.

Safe Mail Services Review – Conclusion

In my experience, if someone who seeks for low-budget advertising and marketing this mailing service will be a smart move. They do not have to pay much for massive exposure.


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