Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review – Is It A Scam Or A Legit Product?
Product by:
Pawan Agarwal

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On July 7, 2012
Last modified:November 29, 2012


Ninja Affiliate Plugin is actually one of the greatest affiliate management software programs.

Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review – Introduction

Ninja Affiliate Plugin (also known as MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate) is actually one of the greatest affiliate management software programs. The plugin is set up to automatically convert keywords on your websites into affiliate links for the purpose of making money. In order to know whether this program is scam or legitimate, or fulfill the need of carefully understanding its most remarkable features, please read my Ninja Affiliate Review below.

About The Author (Pawan Agarwal)

With the help of Pawan Agarwal and his product, Ninja Affiliate Plugin, you will have your keywords automatically converted into blogs with affiliate links. As stated by Agarwal, the program can also cloak the affiliate links, track them as well as manage them by using the WordPress text editor. Ninja Affiliate Plugin comes with free lifetime upgrades and also a 24/7 email support. Its author also says that he specially develop the program to imbue lethal marketing powers into users’ WordPress blogs, and then immediately double or triple their affiliate marketing commissions – with little or even almost no effort on customers’ part.

ninja affiliate plugin

What In The “Ninja Affiliate Plugin” For You?

Ninja Affiliate Plugin by Pawan Agarwal is a WordPress plugin that guarantees to turn your blog’s keywords into affiliate links in an instant. Apart from that it enables you to cloak your links and manage them in your WordPress editor. Unlike other WordPress plugins, MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate allows you to create, track, and manage your affiliate links from one location. This does not only save your time, but it also saves you from the confusion of using several plugins at the same time. It is undoubtedly true that this smart plugin is among the top secrets of the affiliate marketing industry’s inner circle. What is more, Ninja Affiliate Plugin offers easy affiliate link management allowing you to give each link a name which is easy to remember. Plus, the link management is flexible, and all affiliate link formats will be recognized – meaning you are no longer need to buy any other affiliate marketing tools for your process of earning money online.

ninja affiliate plugin scam

Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review – Main Features

  • With the help of MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, you will be able to better manage your affiliate links, and make them more clickable. Long affiliate links, with merchant IDs, and symbols ordinary Internet users do not understand, make potential customers confuse.
  • By turning your affiliate links into terms relevant to your products, more people will believe them, and will be more likely to click them. It also allows you to manage your affiliate links in groups, so you do not have to set them up one by one.
  • Since MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate works for any kind of affiliate links, you won’t need to purchase another plugin or tool if you are stimulating different affiliate sites. For the best, it protects your links from affiliate theft, so you can secure all of your hard earned money.
  • You will be able to control fully over all of your keywords towards affiliate links features, and the number of keywords which are converted can be limited to the whole blog or to a single page. As a result, visitors don’t have the wrong impression that yours is a spam site.

ninja affiliate plugin

Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review – Plus

  • Ninja Affiliate Plugin helps you blog smart, instead of blogging hard.
  • Ninja Affiliate Plugin is an easy to use and powerful WordPress plugin which enables you to setup more affiliate blogs in half the time, and half the effort
  • Ninja Affiliate Plugin can be used on as many sites as you want
  • Ninja Affiliate Plugin comes with great Support System through peer forum and email)
  • Ninja Affiliate Plugin helps track clicks on a single link Basis.

Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review – Minus

  • Ninja Affiliate Plugin does not clarify where users can redirect to on site pages for SEO benefits.

ninja affiliate plugin free

Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review – Conclusion

As far as this review is concerned, the Ninja Affiliate Plugin program is excellent, as the affiliate link management features which come with it are outstanding. I believe that for those who are looking to embed affiliate links in their blogs, Ninja Affiliate Plugin is a must for them.

internet marketingIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about Ninja Affiliate Plugin Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Sarah Clark says:

    There’re only few plug-in programs that I would be willing to pay for, and Affiliate Ninja is one of them. The affiliate link management features which come with  Affiliate Ninja are outstanding, so I highly recommend it for everyone trying to make money online by blogging.

  2. Jeanie McPhee says:

    Ninja Affiliate is an excellent plugin. The affiliate link management features which come with it are outstanding. For those who are looking to embed affiliate links in their blogs, Ninja Affiliate Plugin is a must for them.

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