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On December 11, 2012
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Does your blog make you money, and do you actually want to monetize your blog?

I don’t know how about you, but as for me I need and want to make money blogging online to support my lovely family, and pay monthly bills. Of course, I understand that it takes huge amounts of time to come alive and to get “good” success. To be honest, I am ready to wait. Well, would you like to join me on my blog?

Can you make a decent income online?

Yes, certainly, and at the very least, for an individual working full-time from home then a high five-figure annual income is actually an attainable goal. As you see, I’m making a healthy income from businessreviewcenter, and the site is still quite young. It will take longer to generate a livable income if you have a day job. However, if you are willing to spend a lot of your spare time to it, it can still be done as part-time. How about you? As for me, I’ve always done it full-time.

To grow a money making blog, you need to think differently, write differently, and act differently, then monetize like someone who cares about your own world.

In this post, I suggest you the 10 smart tips to put your blog on growth. At the same time you’d start seeing money and gaining traction. I don’t intend to hoard my success tips as it’s worked quite well for me. Shall we dive in right now?


1. Identify your audience

If you take the right steps for your money making blog, then it can make a great difference and bring you more money. Firstly, you should target your audience, but not everyone out there, because your blog can’t be a resource for everyone. Then, this step is to identify your own world.

If you are an SEO blogger, I think you realize that thousands of people need help in this niche. Especially, about on-page and off-page optimizations, people are always confused. For instance, they don’t know how to pick themselves the right keywords. Well, you have a great ground to cover.

You should find your right audience and then spoon-feed them the right content no matter your niche. You know, there are blog readers that are not in my world and I can never meet. However, those might be yours so if you can engage and offer “value” then your blog would generate more income.

2. Do not be addicted to social media

In fact, social media networks changed the way people market products and services on the internet. However, if you are still hiding in your own shell, then it certainly doesn’t make sense. In addition, you also should be very careful not to neglect the core aspects of running a blog as well as misuse social media. (Check out for social media traffic).

Minimize your presence on those media networks if you want your blog to make more money. If you need to share or tweet a post or some valuable links, you should ensure that it’s toward the development of your blog.

Remember that chatting with people, friends, or following them tail-to-tail can’t help you grow your blog monetarily. You must concentrate on managing, organizing network and writting your epic content for readers. Do not tweet, share, bookmark, comment or do all sorts at time you research keywords or attend a conference that can develop your blogging career.

3. Get product ideas from readers

Isn’t monetizing your blog the only way for you to see the real cash?

But you know, most people who started their blogs let alone the problems that bug their minds and have not identified their own world. You can certainly go ahead and create a digital product, however is this a guarantee for your success?

For your next digital product, don’t trust your own at all times, readers can also be a great source of inspiration and rolodex of idea. So, let them give you a helping hand.

One of my friends launched his first e-book and he emailed it to all of his email subscribers and ardent readers. No one clicked his buy button, but then he got over 30 replies after 7 days of blasting uncontrollable emails.

That’s because his readers did not wish to buy ebook, but simply want to learn step by step from a paid membership site. Passive income is obviously 100% better than one-off income that coming from e-book sales.

4. Create a sizzling community

Do you bore the hell out of the readers? If so, you can’t expect to recommend an affiliate offer or sell your product to them. If your money making blog is not conducive for hanging out, then it’s a waste of time, nevertheless you put the immense efforts into writing a persuasive sales letter.

Henceforth, you should dedicate huge amounts of time in satisfying and making people happy. Certainly, should not retaliate with sour or unpleasant words even if there are some people would leave comments just to spite you. Recognize that without the contribution of others, a blog isn’t complete.

A blog is foremost a discussion board, just like social media networks, so you need to make yours blog lively. If you can bring smiles to readers’ face by telling jokes all the time, then do it. If you write product reviews, make them lively, but not like someone who must earn commission.


5. Drive qualified readers to a landing page

It’s a terrible mistake if businesspeople don’t know the meaning of running a profitable business. The intent of starting a blog isn’t just to make money blogging and disappear, but it’s for relationship building.

To send qualified readers to your landing page is the rule of thumb. Firstly, you should capture their email address and follow up with exclusive email newsletters, then get your brand and unique selling proposition taped in their forebrain.

Social media is considered a great distraction. The inbox is a lot better because your target readers must check it everyday or every time they wish. It isn’t a recommendation for bloggers to check emails consistently, but it’s to their own advantage when their ideal prospects are the culprits.

6. Start a blog consulting service

People who complain that blogging is difficult to money making are lying, just because they’ve neglected the core aspects of human relation.

You know, human wants are insatiable. Building a great name for yourself, and becoming a teacher or a consultant before you write and launch digital product.

Are you so busy to leave beginners who needs to set up their own online space; or to help people understand how social media works? What about search engine optimization; don’t you think to be a role to play in making sure that your readers get the best advice?

So, before launching your e-book or any digital product, you’d earn consistent income if you can start selling your time. Would you like to have a look at my e-book?

7. Mind email business

Email marketing mindset is a mindset of blogging that can probably guarantee success, so let it rule your heart.

Do you need thousands of people to communicate with you and join your email list? The best thing a blogger can do is marketing to potential customers via email. (Check out to build your own email list).

The pursuit of traffic continues in your life even without a list. In fact, getting targeted traffic is hectic and we often shy away from it. Start giving them what they want rather than wasting time driving new people to your blog and losing them.

Then immerse yourself into list building and make it your first priority. You should add your squeeze or landing page URL to the signature section while posting a thread at forums. When you guest post, collect leads first then sell.

8. Saturate authority blogs with value

Start guest blogging to reach your prospective readers, who can buy your product and bring you ideas for a new product. If you are still skeptical about giving value to another person’s blog, then you should stop thinking and start doing.

In terms of guest article, you can find authority blogs in your profitable niche and offer value. And more than that, start bridging your topic with blogs you find that are not on your wish list. Go for it but don’t just hope you had thousands of readers.

My best marketing strategy was and is guest posting. If you do it the right way like writing a clickable headline, optimizing for search engines, obeying the guest post guidelines, and submitting at A-list blogs, then it works well.

Your blog would grow beyond what you can imagine, I know what I’m saying because it does work, if you get committed to guest posting.


9. Learn copywriting, give off failure

Why bloggers don’t make money online blog? Or don’t they know how to make money blogging?

Well, one of the dilapidating reasons is because they’ve accepted failure.

As a matter of fact, they don’t want to learn up-to-date skills to enhance their career but want to hinge to the old ones that everyone and their dog can do in the dark.

Copywriting can change your life and it’s time to give off failure. Whether you are a web designer, a freelance writer, an author or a consultant, it doesn’t matter, copywriting cuts across those facets. Then, you can start to command your worth and earn a living on the internet.

Copywriting can help you design and write persuasively, network like a pro and can leverage your way to the top. Your blog posts need to take new shape and get readers engaged without knowledge. Now, it’s time to give off failure, learn copywriting then smile to the bank.

10. Leverage like never before

Did you find out that nothing is totally new online? Every article idea in the blogosphere has already been covered. The angle we approach it from is the only difference.

An expert had already researched and written about even brochures, business cards, print cards, multi level marketing. And as a savvy blogger, your duty is to leverage.

My advice is that do not waste all your time and efforts trying to reinvent the wheel. Just launch out the touch light into the deep, and you would discover ideas for blog posts, product creation and ways to monetize creatively. Simply, leverage means to stand on someone’s shoulder for a better view.

In fact, just to get my guest post published at A-list blogs then I have used leverage a lot.

Blogging Takeaway

It has been a great year, right? I’m sure that until the kind of success you desire comes, you have good reasons to stick to your money making blog.

As we step into a new coming year, challenge yourself to give more value because value is what truly counts in this age.

Leave your comment below. See you ahead!

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