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On December 2, 2012
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Mobile Monopoly is a mobile training course that teaches users to make money through mobile phone created by Adam. Is it valuable?

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Mobile Monopoly Review – Author’s Claims

Mobile Monopoly is an update mobile marketing training course – a unique product because it is not saturated where there is a lot of competition. Besides, Adam’s Mobile Monopoly is a course about making money with mobile phone. In addition, the program is all about creating ‘mobinars’, which are mobile webinars. Furthermore, with Mobile Monopoly, members get leads to opt-in then send them to a pre-done mobinar, which will convert them from prospect to client as users net a commission in the process.

Mobile Monopoly Review – About the Author

Adam Horwitz is a young marketer, an entrepreneur, who has spent many months in studying his own methods for his products. Besides, when Adam is 20 years old, this man has made over six figures, and this man has been interviewed by several websites where he shares his success. In addition, he owns the AdamHorwitz dot tv website since November 2009, and in recent years, he has teamed up with many marketing gurus such as Derek Jay in Cell Phone Treasure program. Some recent products of the author are: Tycoon Cashflow, YepText, Cell Phone Treasure, and much more.

mobile monopoly

Mobile Monopoly Review – How Mobile Monopoly Works

Firstly, Mobile Monopoly is a comprehensive course that provides learners with 10 following modules.

  • Module 1: GetMobile
  • Module 2: The “List Leapfrog” Method
  • Module 3: The Underground Networks
  • Module 4: CPA Goes Cellular
  • Module 5: Clickbank Unplugged
  • Module 6: Amazon on the Airways
  • Module 7: Pay Per Call Profits
  • Module 8: Mainstreet GoesMobile
  • Module 9: Smartphone Stampede
  • Module 10:MobileMusic Money
mobile monopoly scam

In the member area of Mobile Monopoly, users can access to all the following training sections:

1. Quick Start: in this section, users can find some simple and effective methods to make money with mobile marketing. Besides, most of the methods in this section are related to Instagram, a free photo-sharing program and social network. List below contains topics in this section:

  • Get Start
  • What is Instagram?
  • Make Money with Instagram
  • CPA with Instagram
  • Join PeerFly
  • Pick This Offer
  • Join Clickbank
  • How to Create Instagram Account
  • Fiverr Account Creation
  • Instagram Design Change
  • How to Edit Your Account
  • Create Tumblr Account
  • Edit Your Tumblr Account
  • What is Ink361?
  • What is Webstagram?
  • What is Followgram?
  • What is OfferMobi?
  • How to use OfferMobi
  • Outsource on Elance
  • Post Your Elance Job
  • Use My Training
  • What is next?
mobile monopoly

2. Free Traffic: in this section, users will know the various free methods to generate mobile traffic to any website they want. For example, users will find topics such as Free Mobile Traffic, The App Method, Using QR Code Method, Using ShoutOut Method and much more.

3. CPC: in this part, members will know how to make money with mobile marketing by using CPC methods such as, ways to use paid advertising, ways to use Mobile Monopoly method, different ad networks, and much more.

4. Paid Search: in this part, members will learn how to advertise on the Google for mobile and drive traffic from it. For example, users will find topics such as What Is Paid Mobile Search, Best Paid Search Service, AdWords for Mobile, and much more.

5. Email Profits: in this part, members will know how to drive the mobile traffic to their list.

6. Mobile Monopoly 2.0 Software

7. Pay Per Call

8. Go Local

9. Create Apps

  • In this section, members will learn some techniques about creating iPhone or Android apps.

10. Live Training

11. Upsells

  • Software Upgrade ($147) – this upsell helps users create unlimited campaigns (squeeze pages and mobile webinars) on the server they provide.
  • Ready-Made Campaign ($97) – with this upsell, users will get 20 extra ready-made campaign.
  • The third upsell contains advanced video training on mobile marketing plus email marketing ($97).

In this member area, there are over 50 videos; and each training video is also accompanied by a PDF format document.

mobile monopoly

Mobile Monopoly Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

With the above description, people can see that this product is very useful that brings them many advantages. This system has an interface, which is so easy to use and follow; hence, all Internet marketers can navigate and utilize it with ease, regardless of their age, experience, or skill level. In addition, people have nothing to lose by trying this new great plugin because if they do not see positive results in 60 days, they can ask for a refund and get their money back. However, there is no a magic product that can help people make money overnight. To success in online business, it depends on many elements such as time, and effort, and much more.

Mobile Monopoly Review – Conclusion      

With detailed information, you can decide this product is worthy to invest. In my viewpoint, it is suitable for anyone, who wants to get an extra income from his/her phone. In our website, we also review some other programs that contain information about making money from mobile phones. People can check out Mobile Success Blueprints, and Mobile Blog Money.

mobile monopoly review

If you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Mobile Monopoly Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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