Marketing With Anik Review – Online Marketing Course?

Marketing With Anik is no longer available to the public, there were many negative reviews and feedbacks from customers using Marketing With Anik please check out Auto Mass Traffic Review instead.

Marketing With Anik Review – Author’ Claims

Marketing with Anik is a 15-week coaching program, which provides users with coaching from Anik Singal personally spread across a total of 15 weeks. In addition, buyers also receive all the content from the original marketing with Anik released back in January.

Marketing With Anik Review – About The Author: Anik Singal

Anik Singal  is an internet marketer, a 24-year-old world-renowned entrepreneur, and internet marketing coach. Besides, he has been featured on Business Newsweek and has created his own fortune 500 company, and he has become quite famous in the marketing world. People may recognize Anik from some of his most popular courses such as PPC Classroom, The Affiliate Classroom, Lurn, or one of his other projects. In addition, Anik has helped many affiliates get started and has helped and even created businesses.

If people have any question about this product, people can contact at the mailing address:

Anik Singal
Lurn, Inc.
P.O. Box 530
Herndon, VA 20172
Phone: (888) 819-0227

Email:, or

Marketing With Anik Review – How Marketing With Anik Works

When marketers purchase this product, they can become basic memberships, and access to three following software:

  1. Lazy Tubester – With this program, buyers learn how to make money with Youtube (Video Marketing). Besides, this method names Lazy Tubester because it is so simple, and it teaches users how to select niches, choose the best products to promote and how to promote them, all the methods are included in 69-minutes video. (People can check out Micro Niche Finder Review  or Autopilot Income System Review  that also help people select niches, choose the best products to promote.)
  1. ClickBank overnight – in this section, there are PDF training guides and video training guides. With this product, users will learn how to make money with Clickbank, and they can download them too. In other words, this product provides buyers with following PDF training guides:

- Tips of Clickbank profits
- 10 common parts in merchants’ policies
- Guide to understanding merchants & networks
- Guide to finding & evaluating merchants
- Guide to working with Click bank and similar networks.

Marketing with Anik package is accompanied with following video training guides:

  1. How to Choose Products on Clickbank
  2. What Do Affiliate Networks Do
  3. What Are Affiliate Networks
  4. Places to Find Products
  5. Creating a Link with Clickbank
  6. What Do Merchants Sell
  7. Finding Affiliate Programs
  8. Finding Affiliate Programs in Your Niche
  9. Getting Product Ideas
  10. How Does Clickbank Work?
  11. Choosing Your Clickbank Name
  12. A Tour of Clickbank
  13. Becoming a Clickbank Salesperson
  14. Clickbank ID Verification
  15. What is Clickbank?
  16. Finding and Buying Domain Name

marketing with anik scam

  1. Affiliate Classroom: This program is a 70 video deep training center that reveals users how to do literally everything need to succeed as an affiliate marketer from CPA campaigns, PPC advertising and building backlinks. In addition, it is also split into three categories, newbie, intermediate, and advanced, which used to be considered the standard for affiliate marketing.

       In this section, there are following 75 training modules:

  • Module 1: Is Affiliate Marketing Right for You?
  • Module 2: Affiliate Marketing What It Is and How It Works
  • Module 3: Monetization: Earning Commissions, CPA and Other Compensation
  • Module 4: Legal & Ethical Issues in the Affiliate Industry
  • Module 5: Email Ethics & Spam Legislation
  • Module 6: Getting Started: Infrastructure, Tools & Budgeting
  • Module 7: Merchants & Networks
  • Module 8: Business Entities & Tax Considerations
  • Module 9: Intro to Affiliate Business Model
  • Module 10: Affiliate LinksModule 11: Paid Search (PPC) Affiliate Business Model
    • Managing, Cloaking & Protecting
    • Tracking ID’s and Links
  • Module 12: Natural Search (SEO) Business Model
  • Module 13: Email (Opt-In) Affiliate Business Model
  • Module 14: Content Affiliate Business Model
  • Other modules:

Comparison / Direct Sales Affiliate Business Model

Community / Membership Affiliate Business Model

The Hybrid Blog Marketing Business Model

Niche Research & Selection

Niche Research Tools: Free & Paid

Finding Products That Fit Your Niche

Finding & Evaluating Merchants

Working With CPA Networks

Working With Clickbank & Similar Networks

Choosing a Domain Name

Affiliate Websites: Building a Basic Website in HTML

FTP, CPanel & File Management on Your Web Host

Website Content & Copywriting Basics

Copywriting Articles & Blog Posts

SEO Basics

Traffic Basics

Types of Traffic

Keywords & How They Affect Traffic

Metrics & Stats

Free Traffic

Basic Models & Overview of Methods

Natural Search

Blogs & RSS

Opt-In & Email

Paid Traffic

Paid Search (PPC)

Ezine Advertising

Classified Avertising


Overview of Best Practices

Keyword Research Basic Methods

On Page Factors

Off Page Factors


Content Marketing

Free Content & the Public Domain

Article Marketing

Blog Marketing: Overview of Best Practices

Social Bookmarking: Why & How

Viral Marketing Basics

Free Reports & e-Books


Email Marketing


Incentivized Lists & Squeeze Page

Paid Search

Principles & Best Practices

Keywords, Bidding & Keyword Research

Campaigns & Quality Score Issues

Landing Pages & Websites

Testing & Otimizing

Intro to AdWords

AdWords Campaign Setup


Comparing & Choosing Affiliate Offers

Negotiating Commissions with Managers / Merchants

Mapping & Monetizing Screen Space

Advanced Strategies for Blogs

Advanced Strategies for Opt-In & Email

Advanced Strategies for Landing Pages

Cross Sells & Upsells


Testing and Optimizing Landing Pages


Taguchi Testing

Tracking Keyword Conversions

Link Tracking

Marketing With Anik Review – Advantages And Disadvantages


  • It has an affordable price at $37
  • Marketing with Anik contains a lot of quality content. Not only do users get access to 15 weeks of new coaching (that is almost 4 months of training!) but also they get the original course and tons of Anik’s other courses too.
  • Users also get 15 webinars with Anik himself.
  • In addition, users get access to around $5000 worth of Anik’s previous courses, guides, and bonuses. This includes the ever-popular Affiliate Classroom course.
  • Besides, in addition to the 15 weeks of new training material, users will also receive the 15 different coaching sessions from the original Marketing With Anik.
  • This product also provides users with 2 downloadable files: Affiliate Classroom Niche Packs, and Gaining Google SEO Rank.

marketing with anik bonusDisadvantages

  • Although this product has many advantages, however, it also contains some weak points. For example, the coaching is spread across 15 weeks, so users do not get access to everything right away. In addition, this program is not magic that can solve users’ problems instantly if they only read its instruction and take no action.

Marketing With Anik Review – Conclusion

With the above description, people can decide whether this product is worthy to invest. In my opinion, I love it to be honest, and I love its lessons. You would be crazy to pass this up, remember it is only $37 for 3 products and 15 webinars.

marketing with anik programIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Marketing With Anik Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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