Like Page Builder Review – Useful Tool for Building Facebook Like Page
Product by:
Dave Michelson and John Thornhill
$7.95 monthly

Reviewed by:
On April 5, 2012
Last modified:November 28, 2012


What is Like Page Builder? Is it effective? How does it work? Here is Like Page Builder Review

This guest post is by Bon Dave

Like Page Builder Review – What Like Page Builder Is

“Like Page Builder”, created by Dave Michelson and John Thornhill is an useful tool. It allows users to create Facebook fan pages in a quick way. It uses the latest Facebook IFrame and SSL technology; as a result, users can surely use it for a long time. The program also utilizes different techniques to make users’ page become more “likeable”.

Like Page Builder Review – How Like Page Builder Works

The Like Page Builder Software comes with step-by-step instructions, which users can follow to set up their page in a short time. Hence, even beginners can use it, and it takes only a few clicks to make their own fan page. The software also includes tips on how to get people to like their page as well as how to attract traffic, market their products and boost their income.

like page builder free

Like Page Builder Review – Remarkable Features

  • The software is such a brilliantly easy to use tool, which produces Facebook “Like” page in a short time and a few clicks of the mouse.
  • It provides with high quality graphics which users can readily use for their fan page. Hundreds of dollars can be saved for them because they no longer need to hire professional graphic designers.
  • To help them get started more quickly, they receive an eBook named Building Your Own Facebook Like Pages. The book discusses everything they need to know about like pages, such as why it is essential to have a Facebook like page, or case studies, which help users master the ins and outs of like pages quickly.
  • Here are its two options for users to choose from: the free package allows them to use Like Page Builder with limited features, or the Pro package which costs $7.95 a month and lets them enjoy all the features of Like Page Builder, including hosted like pages.

like page builder

Like Page Builder Review – Drawbacks

  • This is not a get rich quick tool, however, it does not mean that it takes users long time before seeing the results.
  • People should put some effort and patience on it to be successful.

like page builder bonus

Like Page Builder Review – Conclusion

For most users, the strong points of Like Page Builder outweigh its weak points. For this reason, I recommend people to try this system to make money from the Internet.

make money with facebook online

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  1. Hughe Wright says:

    There’s nothing better than a great brain-stimulating Like Page Builder Review. That’s just exactly what you have here. I can hear my gears creaking. I concur with this Like Page Builder Review. This is a very well-written quality Like Page Builder Review. Thank you.

  2. Ren Do says:

    Your Like Page Builder Review is worthy of top honors. Well-written online material is a rarity these days as many people, claiming to be writers have no concept of staying on topic. You stay on-point in your Like Page Builder Review.

  3. Matt Charles says:

    For a remarkably low price, one’ll get Like Page Builder with step-by-step instructions, professionally designed graphics, along with the Building Your Own Facebook Like Pages report. This package is legit and is a great investment if you want to take Facebook marketing seriously.

  4. Helen Robinson says:

    Like Page Builder software helps it be easy that you ought to make use of the massive traffic base that Facebook needs to offer. Like Page Builder review develops professional searching fun fan pages that can have people clicking the ‘Like’ button constantly. Definitely exciting!

  5. Jake Williams says:

     In my opinion, it is a huge help to those wanting to obtain on Facebook but don’t ever have the skills to generate a fan/like page themselves. Using this, all the complicated work is done for you, reducing time and energy needed. Save time a lot!

  6. Ryan Simpson says:

    Surely use it a long time as it uses the best and newest Facebook iFrame and SSL solutions. This version includes specifically made graphics, how-to videos, the Designers license and new training every month on how to effectively develop your like page for max results.

  7. Eva Lethane says:

    A complete guide to Like Page creation, High Quality Ready Made Graphics, the Building Your Own Facebook Like Pages brand new report, and also the Like Page Builder software. Not a scam.

  8. Adams Wilder says:

    I have used this product myself for three months. I wholly endorse this product and for those of you out there who thought you would never be able to create your own Facebook fan/like page, think again! 

  9. Jessica Tuner says:

    It can change the wordpress into an infinite customizable site builder. Upgrades are for life and there exists an active support forum. I was supported a lot by this program.

  10. Ivan Berwyn says:

    This is a “clean slate” approach to template building which gives the user almost infinite flexibility. Impact Page Builder provided me the ability to change the overall look and feel of the page including the location of footers, title, sidebars… It’s a perfect solution!

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