Kindle Ritual Review – Long Term Passive Income?
Review of: Kindle Ritual
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Brian G Johnson

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On September 17, 2012
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Kindle Ritual is the gadget, which help users streamlines and systematizes passive income. Following is Kindle Ritual review.

This guest post is by Xiao Mei

Kindle Ritual Review – Authors’ Claims

Kindle Ritual is the latest training and software solution to produce high quality e-books automatically and streamline publish Amazon Kindle e-books. The Kindle Ritual program provides people with an easy to use program that streamlines the process of earning residual income from the Amazon Kindle platform. This program can save affiliate marketers a lot of effort, and help them replicate the system as well as create long-term passive income online. This program formats e-books for publishing on Kindle saving users lots of time and learning how to do creating high quality Kindle book covers, and also creates an author website ‘book sales’ sites that are mobile ready at the clicks of a few button. It might sound quite confusing, and what users need to know is that there is an amount of money to be made with Kindles. The Kindle Ritual program shows users exactly how to do that. This is a rather untapped market and is the real product that is teaching people how to profit from Kindles.

kindle ritual

Kindle Ritual Review – About the Author: Brian G Johnson

Brian G. Johnson is a man, who rises rapidly to the top of marketer’s list in the recent few months. He is an internet marketer from Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. He became a full-time marketer one year after quitting his day job. Then, he started to work as an affiliate marketer from 2003 until 2008.

He took the next step by creating his first product Revenue Domains Exposed in 2008. However, this product did not achieve his desired success. His next program SEO Press Formula recorded his first real success. This program is followed one year later by the product that marked his name Commission Ritual.

kindle ritual

Kindle Ritual Review – How Kindle Ritual Works

Kindle Ritual is unlike many other products out there that teaching and helping users create an income from Kindle books. Kindle Ritual offers users a simplified and easy software tool, which helps the whole process of earning income from the Amazon Kindle platform less stressful and time consuming. This program includes some impressive WordPress Software programs that create e-books for them along with some nice looking covers.

(Some other products also help people earn income from the Amazon, if people are interested in these products can click at Mass Income Machines, or Amz training academy).

With Kindle Ritual Training Area, People Receive A full package:

  • Tutorial videos teach users how to earn passive income, that targeting both newbie and immediate marketers.
  • Inclusive plug and play system stacked with value software, which streamlines publishing and promotion of Amazon Kindle books.
  • Live training webinars, PDFs and more.

kindle ritual

Kindle Ritual Review – Pros

  • People do not need to bring heavy books in their luggage.
  • This program is incredibly easy to access, read, use and comprehend.
  • They can email doc, txt and even pdf files to their own Kindle email address for storage.
  • Almost books that users need are on the Kindle store.
  • It is basically an Epaper that can be used on a plane.
  • The noticeable changes consist of the search options and dictionary that are easy to use.
  • The device is also thin which adds to its aesthetic look.
  • When holding the device, people can easily read with it just by using one hand which is something that is quite difficult with others.
  • This device can refresh its screen 20% faster. It means that the device can take more information and change it to another while switching pages.
  • General menus are more organized and better.

Kindle Ritual Review – Cons

  • If one ever tried doing this before, he knows it can be a challenge to get it good looking and to get it right.
  • There are a few exemptions like some esoteric reference books.
  • If someone is the person who tends to throw his bag whenever and whatever, then this is not for him.
  • It does not allow people to expand the memory, but it holds about 1,500 books.
  • Flight attendants will ask users to turn it off during take off and landing.

kindle ritual

Kindle Ritual Review – Final Verdict

With above detailed description, people can decide whether this product is worthy to buy. In my opinion, Kindle Ritual also creates websites that are mobile-ready and only requires a few clicks of mouse plus much more. People might not believe how much time this can save while at the same time ensuring impressive e-books that will sell.

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