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On April 27, 2012
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Keyword Winner is a premium SEO WordPress plugin which is created by Daniel Lew – a successful internet marketing expert, blogger

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Keyword Winner Review – Author’s Claims

Keyword Winner is a premium SEO Word Press plugin, and this system is a helpful tool can be suitable for anyone, who is a blogger or an online business owner. It helps users gain significant achievements such as being on top of search engines and making more money. This Keyword Winner review goes through the program’s remarkable features.

Keyword Winner Review – About The Author: Daniel Lew

Daniel Lew, who is a successful internet-marketing expert, blogger, as well as SEO company owner, creates keyword Winner.

Daniel Lew is an online businessman from Australia, who has been in the online marketing business for many years. This Australian has built many doing-well businesses over the years, which have brought him a very believable name. This guy is considered as a winning marketer in the world owing to his laser focus as well as quality products.

Daniel possessed many companies on the website, and this person began his online money making after he leaved of school when he was 15 year old. In addition, Daniel Lew decided to use all his knowledge for his entering in the growing Internet market. In recent time, he created some well-known products that are Keyword Winner and GSEO.

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Keyword Winner Review – How Keyword Winner Works

With Keyword Winner software, the targeted keywords and SEO stats, which people want to get, are right at their fingertips. Another thing to remember is that Keyword Winner is also a keyword research tool; therefore, people can be able to research keywords in some minutes. After that, users receive some keyword suggestions for low competition headlines. In addition, the program is also a rank checker, which lets users check their ranking so far in Google within only 3 hours.

Another feature of this product is that users can type in the core topic of their blog post, and click “get keyword winner suggestions”. Then, right inside their WordPress dashboard, the tool goes out and searches at least 10 keyword phrases that relate to their topic. Additionally, it can color code the results in three different colors, for example, green is low competition, and easy to rank (under 100,000 search results); orange is medium competition and harder to rank (100,000 – 1 million search results);andred is hard competition and difficult to rank (1 million+ search results). The color helps users can immediately decide which keyword phrase is suitable to go after. Beside, in case, users have everything set up correctly, the keyword phrase can become their URL. Additionally, the author reveals that this program contains some impressive features such as the first page ranking (Check out to get your high page ranking with blog structure ), making money, competition, insights, search trends and backlink analysis, color highlighted to target exact search term, keyword suggestions for low competition and highly searched headline, and page competition rank checker.

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Keyword Winner Review – Strengths and Weaknesses of Keyword Winner


  • As Keyword Winner helps users to get the right keywords, users can also rank on the first page of Google as well as other search engines like Yahoo, Bing easily.
  • Keyword Winner program utilizes highlighted colors in order to target appropriate search terms. As a result, people can find no difficulties in recognizing them.
  • Keyword Winner provides a lot helpful features like unlimited domains, search trends, insights, and backlink analysis.
  • When purchasing the Keyword Winner program, users are able to get free lifetime updates together with top priority support.
  • In addition, this program also get supports all languages, so it is a comprehensive instruction that anyone can utilize it and benefit from it.
  • Beside, users are able to add easily some of the keyword suggestions as tags, blog post content, and Meta descriptions. This function is easy to do because there is a link under the keyword phrase that says, “Add as tag”.
  • Strength of this product is that once users achieve the first page rankings for low competition pages, and high search trends they can immediately start cashing in on their blog post pages.
  • Keyword Winner programhas an interface which is uncomplicated to use and follow; hence, all users can manage it with ease, not considering of their age, experience or skill level.

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  • Keyword Winner is not free because it is currently sold at $97.
  • It takes users’ time and effort to implement and to start making money online.
  • Users do not expect that Keyword Winner can make them millionaires overnight.

Keyword Winner Review – Conclusion

In my experience, Keyword Winner is a software program, which helps make the process of finding low competition keywords. These keywords are to use in users’ blog post titles become super easy, by putting all of them in their WP control panel.

keywordIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Keyword Winner Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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