Keyword Elite Review – Is It A Keyword Research Program?
Review of: Keyword Elite
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Brad Callen

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On April 27, 2012
Last modified:January 5, 2013


Keyword Elite is the software enabling you to dominate all search engines without paying a single dime

This guest post is by Bin Tran

Keyword Elite Review – Author’s Claims

Keyword Elite (the newest version is Keyword Elite 2.0) is an effective keyword research software, which helps people generate large keyword lists quickly to use in their AdWords campaigns as well as in their SEO efforts. Moreover, it does much more than just generates thousands of keywords. Obviously, the author has a reputation for providing high quality software, so this program is not an exception. Finally, yet importantly, the program comes in an instantly downloadable format.

Keyword Elite Review – About the Author: Brad Callen

Brad Callen is an Indianapolis, who is the administrator of Bryxen Software, Inc. In recent time, this guy created many celebrated products that are Keyword Elite, SEO Elite, Article Submitter,Directory Submitter, and much more. This person leaved out college in 2001, and began working as an Internet marketer some years later. Brad Callen’s internet marketing profession began when this man began purchasing small, low-cost products on, and then he began selling them at marked up prices. This trade brought him some money; however, this earning was not enough to keep Brad Callen interested as well as continually going to the post office to send off one package after another. Some years later, Brad Callen decided to develop e-books, and build tutorial courses that reveal his extraordinarily powerful techniques for generating internet income in a variety of niches. These course and e-books have brought him reputation for his businesses, and made his name celebrated.

keyword elite

Keyword Elite Review – How Keyword Elite Works

It is undoubtedly that all pay-per-click marketers always wish to know what their competitors are doing. If they know keywords of competitors, and how much these competitors are bidding on them, they can emulate successful PPC campaigns of their competitors and start making more money soon. For that purpose, Keyword Elite helps users analyze their competitors in Google, Yahoo and other websites. Hence, users can find new keywords and new profitable niches more quickly.

In addition, in case people are interested in Adsense, the program does not only find them keywords  but also build high quality content for their website. Keyword Elite program structures the content for these websites with user’s chosen keywords and use a wide range of free article directories for building up the content.

Keyword Elite package includes over 80 videos, and eight system that are:

First system: Keyword Surge helps users

  • Create long tail keyword lists
  • Find out keyword phrases
  • Discover ways to find untapped niches

keyword elite 2.0 scam

Second system: Market Research Sleuth helps users

  • Seek the keyword phrases that a small number of people are using to make an unlimited killing with Adwords.
  • Search high converting, inexpensive keywords for main PPC engines, involving Yahoo, Adwords, and Bing.
  • Effortlessly find out the “buyer keywords” to send aimed traffic to users’ websites.

Third system: Adwords Time Machine helps users

  • Find out any keyword list of Adwords advertiser
  • And much more.

Fourth system: Search Engine Dominator teaches users

  • Learn what users can do to guarantee their website and SEO strategy aligns with the top ranked websites.
  • And much more

Fifthsystem: Adwords Competition Sniper helps users

  • Supervise any Adwords advertiser in concurrent and see precisely how they are using their campaigns
  • And much more

Sixth system: Advanced Adwords Site Targeter

Seventh system: JV Diamond Miner

Eighth system: CPA MagneT

keyword elite

Keyword Elite Review – The Bad and The Good

The Good

  • It keeps getting better its Keyword Elite 2.0, the latest edition, performs and searches much faster than the previous one.
  • It enables people to append extra words to the front and rear of the keywords in their list; hence, their keyword list is enlarged.
  • The software helps users to analyze their competitors by giving the decent data (niche) about them.
  • For each business project, user can input the URLs and keywords of their competitors into Keyword Elite. After that, it finds out what these sites are advertising on Google and brings users back their ad details.
  • This program can also directly integrates with Word tracker as well as Keyword Discovery

The Bad

  • The software sometimes shows the Average Cost Per Click instead of keywords, or sometimes this crucial information is missing.

keyword elite

Keyword Elite Review – Conclusion

In my experience, both beginning and advanced level internet marketers can benefit from Keyword Elite program. It is useful through the lifecycle of a web-based business. If users wish to get free search engine traffic, they can consider having this program. Once they learn how to use the software effectively, they will quickly improve their search engine rankings.

google keyword If you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Keyword Elite Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Green Storey says:

    When you really need to get free search engine traffic, you can consider having Keyword Elite. Once you learn how to effectively use the software, you will quickly improve your rankings on search engines like Google.

  2. Sarah McKnight says:

    Thank you Business Review Center for your review on Keyword Elite which offers me a clear judgment into the product. Now, I can figure out that this software enables its users to dominate all search engines without paying a single dime.

  3. Martin Berry says:

    In my opinion, both beginning and advanced level internet marketers can be benefit greatly by using Keyword Elite. This software is useful thanks to the life cycle of a web based business. Thanks for your review.

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