IMeye Review – Is It True?
Review of: IMeye
Product by:
Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton
$1.00 monthly

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On March 27, 2012
Last modified:November 18, 2012


IMeye review is the latest internet marketing tool for the small business online marketing and following is the IMeye review

IMeye Review – Introduction

I am no expert in Internet Marketing tools and all these keyword research tools look the same to me until I came across IMeye, the “genie” of marketing engines in the web. IMeye is the latest internet marketing tool for the small business online marketing and following is the IMeye Review to help you know more about it.

IMeye Review – Author

IMEye is the Internet marketing product jointly developed by Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. These guys are two of the few millionaires in the IM industry as well as both of them have extensive experience in product development.

IMeye Review – What In The IMeye For You?

Basically, IMEye is known as a keyword research tool. The purpose of this IMEye tool is no different from other software designed to find lucrative keywords. However, the uniqueness of IMeye comes from the fact that it will make your research smarter and easier. The developers of IMEye built intelligent research functions to eliminate the need for inputting seed keywords. IMeye review is the best choice for small business online marketing. In addition, come with this IMeye review you also obtain the helpful IMeye bonus for sure.

In general, there are no fancy add-ons included with IMEye. When you buy a membership, you will get instant access to the tool. You can try IMEye for three days in order to determine how it will perform.

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IMeye Review – Core Features

IMeye review shows that IMeye works a little differently. Instead of going with the same steps above to find your keywords, IMeye does intelligent keyword research. It takes its own proprietary methods, to locate absolute best keywords available, before you even start your search. All the research as well as analysis is performed beforehand for each keyword, and stored in a database ready for you to use. With other keyword tools, you have to point it in the right direction. With IMeye and the IMeye bonus, this is totally unnecessary.

imeye free

With IMeye, you will un-learn your old keyword research habits. There is no longer any need to think of any seed keywords to use or waste valuable time for your keyword tool to return its results and so on. Instead, you tell IMeye what you want, using smart queries, and the tool just gives you the results which you are looking for. No other keyword research software has this ability and this is what sets IMeye apart. When I said it’s the “genie” of internet marketing tools, I wasn’t kidding. The IMeye is a ground breaking tool that will not only give you what you’re looking for but also the means to get it done. And what could be better than leading you to domains that have the volume of traffic you desire? It’s easy. IMeye can give you a list of top domains you want that are either for sale, expiring, or up for auction. With IMeye it won’t be long when I would know the feeling and hopefully by that time you’d know what I’m talking about.

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IMeye Review – Advantages

  • IMEye is relatively superior to other keyword research tool in the market.
  • IMEye can auto analyze the keywords is reason enough to rate this software positively. IMEye has unique auto-analyzer functionality for competitiveness, and profitability.
  • You can input a category, a domain, or a niche and the tool will do the rest.
  • IMEye can auto-filter keywords which have no value for you because of low search volume.
  • It will make your research faster and easier.
  • It is very stable and does not encounter performance glitches so far.

imeye bonus

IMeye Review – Disadvantages

  • The price factor is definitely a bad point of this program especially for marketers who are working on a budget.
  • This video review is submitted by one of the user of IMeye on YouTube.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, IMeye keyword tool is ideal for all online marketers and entrepreneurs who rely on search optimization using profitable keyword, especially for small business online marketing. IMEye is a very good product and its smart features are very useful for your marketing campaigns.

small business online

If you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about IMeye Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Max Connor says:

    Do anyone here has used IMeye and want to share something about? I’m now considering purchasing the program, and after reading this review I’m quite convinced. However, I still need to hear some more opinions, from different sides, and from different users to make the final decision. 

  2. Frankly speaking, they are all top notch quality products with sincere support and backing

  3. Mark King says:

    It’s completely portable, meaning it can go with you on a thumbdrive, smartphone, or other portable devices and run on any Windows PC

  4. John Hill says:

    it is extremely easy to use. it helps us save time and money

  5. Jeff Evans says:

    I’m not an expert in Internet Marketing tools and all these keyword research tools look the same to me until I came across IMeye, the “genie” of marketing engines in the web. I really like it!

  6. Geogre Lewis says:

    It is a super tool promoting hundreds of products from different niches is now possible due to the lightning fast keyword software that will do all the work

  7. Robert Walker says:

    Really cool keyword tool I’ve used. With this typical tool, I can come up with the main niche keyword I want to research, and get a list of keywords from the tool. Great product!!! VERY EFFECTIVE!

  8. Ginny Wright says:

    I get excited about a product. IMeye is a very super-advanced tool. My favorite keyword searching service. I chose this keyword tool as it helps find low bid price and high click through rate search terms . It is really different from all the other tools in many aspects of finding good keywords.

  9. Evans White says:

    Very minimal efforts and also amazed to be making affiliate sales with just a few minutes of work from my side. It saves my time and my money a lot! Many advantages of IMeye help me to discover profitable niches or market to dominate.

  10. Marcus Wright says:

    Keywords in domain name rank very well so registering a domain with high search volume and commercial intent keyword is a good choice if you want to do well in seo.

  11. Marcus Wright says:

    I found it so useful when using Imeye and most of the times it returned good keywords. I’m sure that you find easy ranking keywords unless all you can atleast target half of the list of keywords like me!

  12. Maria Knight says:

    Useful a lot! I could find some low competition words for the input keyword and make a squidoo lens or hubpages and drive traffic from these sites to my main money site. Very easy and great results!

  13. Margaret Murphy says:

    I could find keywords without any of the options set and sort the results using keyword difficulty to arrange them from lower to higher competition. Awesome!

  14. Jake Williams says:

    Like Product finder a lot. This function was my favorite and it finds high selling products on clickbank and related keywords so I can start my promotional work straight away.

  15. Harry Lombard says:

    Very great option.I’ve found some fantastic search terms that were easy to rank under 2 weeks and I used squidoo lens to rank for some these keywords and it worked well for me.

  16. Rupert Sanders says:

    I’ve not ever tried something like Imeye. Imeye is definitely a legit product and does work. It has many features and hundreds of ways to combine these features contingent. 

  17. Hugh Simpsons says:

    In my opinion, it is a super tool promoting hundreds of products from different niches. It helped me do all the work and I just grab those returned keywords and start promoting them. the money you can make from this tool is really good and high, if used smartly.

  18. Kate Beckinsal says:

    I’ve used IMeye for 3 weeks. Overall, it’s a good product. With IMEye I can discover important benefits and rock search engines like google and take hold of a top ten spot for nearly any kind of search term..

  19. Owen Windsor says:

    It is a tool that gives me everything to start my new online business enterprise. It really works. It also gives me detailed information on any keyword category. I’m very satisfied with this product.

  20. Bonnie Hunt says:

    IMeye makes it easy to find keywords you’re searching for. In my opinion, it is so profitable for e-commerce. IMeye uses a proprietary system to gather these best keywords together with stores them in a database that you use.

  21. Damian Lewis says:

    It helped me find the very best keywords not garbage like almost all the other keyword research tools. With IMeye, I didn’t tediously search in the dark just to get a few useable keywords like with the other keyword phrase research tools. Good choice!

  22. Mandy Freedman says:

    It’s a great tool. Finding the best keywords with cheapest click costs. I also do not have to waste time for any keyword tool to assess the seed words to find a few useable keywords.

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  1. [...] IMeye Review 2012:IMeye is the latest internet marketing tool for the small business online marketing and following is the IMeye review [...]

  2. [...] IMeye Review 2012 :IMeye is the latest internet marketing tool for the small business online marketing and following is the IMeye review [...]

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