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On December 29, 2012
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Your subscribers may be your most important asset and do you know that you will still be able to get to them even if you lose your blog.

“How did you get so many subscribers?” is the question that I seem to get over and over. However, the answer is rather simple, I value subscribers more than other measure of blog success, such as raw traffic or page views. In my opinion, subscribers are the life blood of a successful blog, and honestly, I wish I had more of them.

Well, that may be a bit vague, right? Getting blog subscribers can be really a challenge, and especially if you are just a new blogger. So below are 12 specific strategies you can start to implement today and get more blog subscribers right away.

1. Make It Easy And Clear

In fact, the easier you can make for people, the more they will corporate with you. If you require your readers to enter their first name, last name, zip code, country, CAPTCHA etc, then you will lose a great deal of blog subscribers. Asking for too many details before people subscribe can make them irritated and it will cost you a lot of subscribers.

So, you should try to make subscribing to your blog as easy as possible and make sure that when trying to subscribe, your readers do not experience any problem.

In addition, if you want more subscribers to your blog, then let your readers know that you want them to subscribe just by making your subscription forms and buttons visible. This is very important. If there is no subscription option on your blog, you shouldn’t expect to get your blog subscribers. You also should make your subscription options prominent, give an email alternative to RSS, then preferably at the bottom of each post, you should ask for the subscription. So now, let your subscription options be branded with your blog.

2. Be Laser Focused

Make sure you are primarily concentrating on a particular topic, then the more specialized the topic is, the better you will do. In your chosen niche, it is also a key to step back and evaluate whether there are enough potential readers. It’s better for you to be brutally honest than to toil away and end up disappointed.

3. Offer An Ethical Bribe

Relax, it is just an ethical bribe, nothing illegal, in the form of a free report, ebook, e-course or audio series. This only works typically with email subscriptions tied to auto-responders, as you want to condition delivery of the bonus on subscription.

To do it with RSS, here is a good way: Use the free Feedvertising plugin if you have a WordPress blog, to link to the download page for your free gift. Only feed subscribers can see the link and have access to the bonus because Feedvertising links do not show up in the post but only in the feed.


4. Leverage Viral Traffic

To get more subscribers to your blog, a more effective way is by leveraging viral traffic to increase your blog subscribers. While there are some blog posts will go exceedingly viral, some others won’t. That’s because not every blog posts are created equal. So, by leveraging the traffic you get to your viral posts, you can increase your blog subscribers.

Once a post of yours is viral, you should try to include an intro both above and below the post telling readers who you are and how you think your blog can help them. You should also include a link for them to subscribe and let people know what they may miss if they don’t subscribe.

5. Use Viral Ebooks

On the ethical bribe strategy, this is a spin but instead you bundle your PDF e-book for sale with other products or let other people give away it. In turn the PDF promotes your blog. (See my ebook)

Try to write useful and informative e-books, then, include a link to subscribe to blog inside while encouraging people to share it with their friends. In addition, you should submit and upload your ebook to different document sharing sites, file sharing sites, forums and as many places as you can. If your ebook is downloaded thousands of times, this will definitely lead more traffic and blog subscribers for you.

6. Become A Guest Blogger

Guest posting can be such a great way to create awareness for your blog, get some quality traffic and also feed readers for your blog. Yes, to gain exposure for your blog and build your subscriber base, then contributing content to some well-known blogs is also a solid strategy (Check out to know more about email marketing). However, you should require a brief byline at the end of the post, with a link back to your website. Just make it clear to the blog owner. And, you should make sure content is not something recycled off of your blog but original one.

7. Comment On Other Blogs

Until now, I have never respected the power of blog commenting this much. Sometimes, I get emails from my readers showing how they love my work and mentioning they discovered my blog from a particular blog.

So, if be done effectively, blog commenting can be a great way to increase your blog subscribers. Following are some tips to increase blog subscribers using blog commenting:

- In your blog comments, you should link directly to your landing page or your feed URL. This will make it easier for people to subscribe to blog of yours.

- You should be consistent with your blog commenting efforts. And, many people will not take you serious as a blog commenter. However, when they see your name pop up in the comments section of a particular blog, they will be inclined to visit your blog.

- You should use an avatar. Obviously, people might find it difficult recognizing you if you don’t use an avatar, however, they will easily figure out it is you commenting once they see your avatar repeatedly on the same blog.

- You also should make your professional comments. It is dangerous to comment on a blog, especially a well-known one, just to say great post. People love some who always makes insightful comments. You should always make it a duty to impact lives as well as encourage engagement with your comments on other blogs.


8. Dedicated Subscription Landing Page

In order to tell about different options that your visitors can use to subscribe to your blog, you need to create a subscriber page.

Create a page that is dedicated to nothing than achieving a subscription. Then, you can drive traffic to it from your blog, AdWords, or any other source you want. To increase signups, you can add it in your ethical bribe strategy and even put it on a unique URL.

Some of bloggers I know also used Google Adword and run a campaign to gain more blog subscribers. They created a landing page that dedicated to convert those visitors into their blog subscribers completely. The result of campaign was so great that they were all able to see a good hike in the number of their blog subscribers. So, if you have some money to invest, then why don’t you also give a try to Adword as well as other ad networks.

Also, make sure you offer all methods as different people want to use different ones to subscribe your blog ….

9. Start A Podcast

On your subject matter, start a related podcast, get it into iTunes then listed in the some podcasting directories. You can mention your blog in every episode as well as the benefits of subscribing. Try to get some interviews with prominent players in your niche is also a good idea. You will not only open up a new promotional channel, but also create bonus content that can be a part of your ethical bribe campaign for new subscribers.

10. Post In Forums

Since the earliest days of the Internet, a tried and true technique is to be a proactive, helpful participant in forums that are very important in your niche (Check out to find your hot niche). People will not only notice that you offer yourself up to others, but also will be more inclined to see what you wish to offer with your blog.

11. Networking

Do you know that your blog is not the only place you should put your efforts to gain more subscribers. For gaining more traffic and subscribers, networking may be the most overlooked strategy that you are free to promote your blog and blog feed on social sites.

You should remember not to badger other bloggers for links, since it rarely works. It’s a good idea to find a way to help them with something, and then work that initial graciousness into a business relationship or friendship for best. You know, behind these blogs are real people, and they respond to good will just like people do offline. Now, it’s time to use your Twitter, Facebook, Google plus accounts to gain more subscribers.


12. Cross-promotional Deals

To make use of the Feedvertising plugin for WordPress, here is another cool way. You can find a blogger that publishes non-competitive but related content. Then, using Feedvertising to work out a deal where you promote each other in your RSS feeds. Work out a ratio deal if one blog has more subscribers than the other. Feedvertising allows people to create up to six rotating links. That means the smaller blog would continuously promote the other blogs. In addition, the bigger blog would reserve one slot for the smaller one, and spend the other slots for affiliate links, other cross-promotion deals, or sponsor ads.


Well, there you have it. Also, I would mind you with one additional word of caution:

All of the above presupposes that you are giving the valuable content you can. However, if you cannot say that you are producing your best work content-wise, then start there. But afterward, using some or all of the above will certainly boost your subscriber count.

Well, discussed here are some useful strategies on how to increase the subscriber base of your blog. You can definitely make use of these to boost your existing blog subscribers, bring more potential readers to your site, and so improve the number of subscribers.

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