How To Find Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketers by Tony Nguyen
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On October 15, 2012
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Above all, you need to find profitable niches or products worth-promoting in those niches before doing anything else. Market research is among the most important steps in building a profitable niche website. You should determine the product type that you want to promote carefully. The idea of finding a product that has not yet been released is considered as a smart choice because this brings you a tremendous amount of leverage.

Three-step process for finding profitable niches:

Step 1: Find which type of product is well-sold online already.

Step 2: Research the niche topic’s organic search volume every month.

Step 3: Assess your competition for ranking highly in the organic search rankings.

In the first step, you need to assess what called “buyer motivation”. You do not have to worry about competition in the market, or concern with any other factors.

Here, are some of  the ways to brainstorm market topics

- You should spend your spare time at Amazon, Clickbank, and even eBay, then look at products on Amazon’s top sellerslists to identify profitable niches.

- Ask the questions of which product is popular, what people are buying for eBay auctions and Click bank Marketplace products. You may find this work tiresome, but it is an activity you need to do in order to find hot niches.twitter vs facebook

- Read forums and blogs like Twitter and Facebook. Listen to what people say, what are the hot discussions, what pop out as a subject that people ask questions about, ideas about profitable niches might pop into head once you get into the market research process in a regular basis.

- You should write down everything, do not try to remember the topics that have a lot of buzzes.

- YouTube is also another useful resource for finding a profitable niche market. People use YouTube like search engines when they search for information. If something is popular on YouTube, there is interest in the topic. Furthermore, you can optimize video easier than web pages, and generate traffic if you find a market that seems to be difficult to rank highly in the search engines.

However, you might find a market that is well-sold, but the market size is not wide enough for long-term profits. When researching the niche topic, if a lot of people interested in a topic, then, the market is fairly large. Furthermore, the more product reviews or activity in forums, the larger the size of the market as well as the potential customer base. The only way to get real proof of a market’s size and sustainability is to get real answers. You might need a scientific method that uses solid, numerical data. You can find the metrics that show you what you must know with the tool at Google’s Adwords External Keyword Tool. Then you can narrow your list down to markets that can bring money as well as a high customer demand that helps sustain profits.

In the third step, you should look to trim your list of profitable niches further until it contains only those markets with little competition in the organic search engines. Obviously, the less competition, the easier it might be for you to get top 10 search engine rankings and secure a solid flow of consistent, high-quality traffic to your website. You can use Page-rank to assess the competition. The higher the Page-rank for a given website, the more difficult it typically is to surpass that site in the organic SERPS. First, you need to take the top 3 keywords in the niche with the most search volume. Then, check the average Page-rank of the top ten pages listed in Google for each of those keywords. You can download both Firefox browser and the SEO Quake plugin for free to discover the Page-rank of our competitors.

 With this three-step process, you can end up pinpointing markets, which have a large target audience, high buyer passion, low competition. This means that when you build your affiliate site, you might attract traffic easily, generate a lot of consistent traffic, and secure a steady stream of ongoing sales.

I have written an e-book called The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Affiliates. To learn more about finding profitable niches, you can download the book by subscribing via the form below.

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