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On December 21, 2012
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According to recent data, internet ecommerce has grown over 1 trillion dollars in the world and around $300 billion dollars in the US.

In terms of sales generated, the internet has experienced more than a 100% growth just in the past 2 years.
The internet, in other words, is a serious huge potential marketplace for businesses that can capitalize on available opportunities.
In fact, there are two categories of people when it comes to making money online:

  • The product creators
  • The affiliate marketers

Those who sell e-books, physical products or even services will fall into the category of “product creators”. They create a product and deliver it to the end user.

Affiliate marketers are those who market products for product creators and receive of percentage of the sale on an agreement. So, to make money online, affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways.

On this blog site, Tony Nguyen has pretty much gotten affiliate marketing covered over the years, he does not only give practical tips that have resulted in millions of dollars himself, but also gives you actual examples of products to promote and opportunities to capitalize on.

As we are almost in the New Year, I’m following his footstep and will share with you a few tips on how to find the best affiliate products to promote.

New Year is the time most people make commitments to do brand new things, start afresh as well as take new leaps. It also offers affiliates with one of the best opportunities. And I think this post will not only share how you can find highly profitable affiliate products you can promote, but also gives you examples of perfect affiliate products to get started with.
Now, it’s time to get started!


Tip 1: Know Your Target Market

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the ultimate determinant factor that most people believe is how much Seo traffic or marketing you can get.
In fact, that is very far from the truth.

It’s needless to say about the important of traffic, but knowing your target is much more important. (Also, you can check out more about social media traffic)

Target market is the group, which you aim your marketing efforts and want to sell your products or services. Your target market can be broken down into segments including psychographics, demographics, income levels, and age levels.

It is much easier to develop your marketing effectively as well as aim for the bull’s-eye just by identifying and knowing your target. It will help you design special offerings and promotions as well. In addition, it also increases your ability to convert your marketing efforts into sales.

For a specific product you promote, knowing your market properly can determine whether you get a 5% conversion rate or conversion will be nonexistent.

I have promoted affiliate products that did not result in a sale after sending around 500 hits to the affiliate marketing blog and with the same 500 hits I have also promoted products that resulted in dozens of sales. That’s my own experience promoting affiliate products on my blog.

When analyzing my best and my worst performing affiliate offers, I noticed that the reason the products did not convert was because they were irrelevant to my audience but wasn’t because they were bad.
If you sell a list building product to an audience of freelancers, who let alone an email list and don’t believe in the value of having a blog, will result in poor conversions. Contrary to that, it will result in a lot of sales if you sell the same product to an audience of active affiliate marketers on the internet.
Your offer is important, but the most important thing you have to do as an affiliate to get the perfect products promoted is to know your audience.

Tip 2: Analyze Your Offer

When you are promoting an affiliate product, if you want to get good results then analyzing your offer is very important.

You should make sure not only the products you promote are relevant to your readers, but also the offer is a win-win for both you as an affiliate and your audience.
Let’s take an example, for an offer that only pays $5 per sale then getting 100 people to sign up will make you $500. While getting 20 people will result in you making $1,000 for an offer that pays $50 per sale.

You should not only ensure you get paid well for your efforts when it comes to analyzing your offer. You should make sure that your product has better conversion rates.

By calculating the need for the product, you can determine how effective a product will be at converting customers in the market, what the product can do and its perceived value, well written the sales page for the product is as well as how much the product costs.
I’m sure that you can’t fail by promoting a particular product as an affiliate if all these things are in place properly.

Following the formula explained above, here are some affiliates offers that I think will have great conversion.


1. WebNetHosting

WebNotHosting is the product that demonstrates the qualities a great product must have. It’s also a great web hosting company.

How WebNetHosting meets the specific condition for a great affiliate product:
The need for the affiliate product in the market: Obviously, you need hosting whether you want to create a profitable blog, an ecommerce site, or an HTML website.
WebNetHosting meets the criteria as a product that is needed in the market just because you cannot have a website that is not hosted.

What the product can do and its perceived value as well: With unlimited domain names allowed, just $4 per month, and “unlimited” hosting space as well as the ability to install dozens of software applications directly to your website, WebNetHosting offers a lot and costs less compared to most of the competitors in the market today.
In addition, compared to what it costs, WebNetHosting has a higher perceived value so a reader’s chance of signing up to use it is very high.

How much this product costs: For “unlimited” hosting, WebNetHosting costs less than $4 monthly, which is easily affordable for almost everyone and also a great offer for the service.
In this case, the price of its service would not stop people from signing up.

How well written its sales page is: The sales page is just a simple homepage without big texts or red highlighters that makes it clear what you will be getting if you sign up.

The reader has more time to take action and less time to read as the offer is presented quickly; Fortunately, this in turn can help increase your chances of conversion.

After analyzing all the above, WebNetHosting seems like a great service to promote, just by paying affiliates a $75 – $135 commission for every customer referred.

Now, it’s time to check out WebNetHosting’s affiliate page!
When it comes to choose products to promote as an affiliate, the above two software should give you an idea if the product you have to promote differs for every niche.

2. Easy WebContent

Easy WebContent offers robust affiliate commissions. It is an easy to use site builder.
It meets the formula I outlined above:

The need in the market for the product: The fact that while a lot of people decide to build a blog to start out, many small businesses are started by people who don’t have technical knowledge and want an easy way to create good looking websites.

If you’re selling to small businesses that want to create websites, then try to use Easy WebContent. It is a significantly easy to use program compare to the technical software that has to be installed on the computer and have to learn how to use ftp software. There is a great need of this product in the market.

What the product can do and its perceived value: Easy WebContent makes it easy to edit your website as if you were using WordPress. You don’t have to design your website in HTML software, upload your content through FTP and go through the process again whenever you want to update your website. It has a site builder helping you build and design a website from scratch, and an HTML editor that can be used to edit existing HTML websites.

You can access to variety of themes that can be customized easily to suit your taste.
Furthermore, you can also get hosting with your subscription to the site. Let’s consider the fact that it costs only around $10 per month to use the service, and you can get both hosting, design and a tool that helps you create your simple websites with ease.

It owns great perceived value.
How much this product costs: The cost of the product looks lower than the perceived value, just $10 per month, this means a lot more people can take on the offer.

How well written this product’s sales page is: Upon landing on the product homepage, you know whether Easy WebContent is for you and what it can do. As for what I can see on the homepage, the message is “If you want to design beautiful websites without technical knowledge, this is for you!”

Since the sales page of the product makes it clear instantly who the product is for and what you can benefit from using it, then it is well written.

This product seems like a great product to promote with a $50 – $80 commission for affiliates and also with the above factors met.
Now, just visit Easy WebContent’s affiliate page!


Tip 3: Promote Exclusive Products

In fact, your chances of making a sale will be slim if you are promoting the same products that a lot of people, especially top bloggers are also promoting in your niche.
Don’t be worry, just by only promoting exclusive products, you can take advantage of this situation and make more affiliate sales.

In other words, look for what I explained earlier in this post about high-converting affiliate products that meet the criteria and that very few people are promoting.
Sometimes, very few people promote the offer and sometimes these affiliate products do not have a default affiliate program set up.

If you want to be an affiliate you can get in touch with the product creator to ask about the process you have to follow. It will result in more sales for you on the long run if you are the only one, or one of the very few who promoting great affiliate products in your niche. (Check out to find your profitable niches)

Tip 4: Leverage Top Affiliate Networks in Your Niche

When you promote a certain affiliate product, affiliate networks will often remove the exclusivity advantage you will have. However, they also have their own benefits sometimes.

Higher payouts is a major benefit that goes with using an affiliate network. For example with Hostgator web hosting, it depends on how many users you refer per month. If you sign up directly through them, you will be paid $50 per referral. However, you will be paid $100 per referral just by using Commission Junction. 

Besides, just by promoting Bluehost via Commission Junction instead of directly as an affiliate through their websites, the same thing goes and you will be paid $100 per referral instead of $65.

Affiliate Marketing Takeaway

Well, most affiliate networks are well known and trust worthy. Also, this can be advantageous in some niches.

Certainly, you should always look for new great products on affiliate network, but keep in mind not to be too reliant on them.

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