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Francis Taylor & Tom Geller

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On August 27, 2012
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Fast Lane Commission Review, A Software Solution For The Affiliate Marketer, Is It Trustworthy?

This guest post is by Jenny Edward

Fast Lane Commission Review – Introduction

In the past few years, several products similar to Fast Lane Commission have been released that offer affiliate marketers the opportunities to spend less time building sites and driving traffic. However, most of those lacked key features and important options required to be successful online. There might be absolute advantages of using fast lane commission for newbies as it is created by a group of marketing experts, who do the same process every day and they know what they need as well as what it takes for the program to function properly. The fact that, it might take months for newbies to learn the new skills when they get started with online marketing. There is a lot of necessary information that is required to learn such as web design, managing WordPress, content writing as well as many other tasks to promote websites/blogs and drive traffic. This online application covers all these tasks for them. Its goal is to help even a beginner with no previous skills can participate and run the application with ease.

Fast Lane Commission Review – About The Author: Francis Taylor And Tom Geller

Claimed to be launched on September 11th 2012, Fast Lane Commission is designed and developed by a team of marketing experts including Francis Taylor and Tom Geller. They are all experienced affiliate marketers who have extensive knowledge of online affiliate marketing. This team designed the product to help users obtain on the net success using affiliate marketing faster and easier. With this affiliate cash site program, their purpose is to automate the process of creating internet marketing as a whole package from scratch to finish.

fast lane commission review

Fast Lane Commission Review – What The Fast Lane Commission Actually Is

Fast lane commission is set to the ultimate software solution for online affiliate marketers. With this product, affiliate marketers can earn profits by promoting both physical and digital products from prestige marketplaces like Amazon and Clickbank.

fast lane commission

This application can help affiliate marketers produce many excessive converting consort websites, to drive visitors to the websites and to make gross sales instantly. It is a web-based application, which can attract and exchange links from/with other sites to increase the site’s authority and conversion rate.

fast lane commission

Fast Lane Commission Review – How It Works

Here are the steps to take as its member:

1. The system pursues worthwhile markets, profitable niches and key phrases that users might interested in. Here is the most important step in any online business. If people have their niche and keyword research done the right way, then, they significantly increase their website’s chance for success. This step is called on-page optimization for S.E.O

2. It also presents to the users these:

  • List of Amazon/Clickbank merchandise plus specifics features
  • Report on Articles/Content (available for content spinning to create unique user-generated content)
  • List of movies/videos that can used to create the affiliate sites.

Report on readily available templates that are helpful to generate the cash sites. Since these templates were created with S.E.O in-minded.
3. After that, users may choose the products, material and web templates and then simply click OK. And a cash internet site is established for up to 3 goods together with “Add to Cart” buttons.

The program takes care of domain, hosting, and also does not require any HTML knowledge. Wholly produced sites are web optimization friendly that includes back-links together along with users’ websites, and therefore are prepared to monetize. As it deals with the back-linking and provides quality content, laser targeted traffic is well driven automatically to the cash sites.

fast lane commission

Fast Lane Commission Review – Positive Points

  • It is fully web-based. Hence, there is no complicated installation process, HTML or anything like that. Users just merely log in their account to manage their sites.
  • It comes with no cost web host, totally free sector.
  • It is extremely simple to use, and requires no prior experience or knowledge.
  • Users can get started immediately, just by logging in, learning, and implementing a handful of basic steps.
  • All the created sites are SEO friendly and are ready to be monetized immediately.
  • It is created with newbies in mind, that means everybody can do it easily.

Fast Lane Commission Review – Negative Points

  • It takes quite a few hours or even few days to understand how the software works.
  • Even though it is automated, people also need to spend time to use thoroughly.
  • Depending on your niche, the results might vary. For example, if you are in car insurance market, the competition is extremely competitive. Thus, you might need to spend a lot more efforts on off-page SEO (more quality back-links, and etc). However, if you are in non-competitive niches, the benefits of on-page optimization provided by this program should be enough for your site to rank well.
  • Don’t expect the money to fall over night, you still need to work hard to make your dream income come true.
  • “Easy Come – Easy Go” – sooner or later, many people will abuse this program, and your blogs/websites will get a lot more competition. Learning more solid skills to manage websites and drive traffic will surely help you in the long term.

fast lane commission review

Fast Lane Commission – Final Verdict

We  all know building websites is costly and takes a lot of time, writing and outsourcing the content are not easy tasks either. This program helps you to cover these time-consuming tasks properly. On top of that, learning on-page and off-page optimization techniques are also offered in their courses. Check out the order from below to get access to the program and read more for my suggestion on what you should do to further enhance your website visibility in the long run.

However, let’s imagine, thousands of people have access to this program, you are one of a few people that are luckily enough to get hands on this program, MAKE USE of it as soon as possible. DON’T wait until there are too many people come and try a piece of the cake. To get a head of the competition, we strongly suggest you to get access to a SEO training course provided by one of the top affiliate marketers in the world, Peng Joon Chan.

The course name is Work From No Home. You will learn all the basic to advanced SEO techniques that will surely help you and your affiliates sites get ahead of the competition.

affiliate commission review

Thank you for reading this Fast Lane Commission review !

If you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Fast Lane Commission Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for this unique review. Looks like a winner. aybe I will take the plunge!

  2. I really want to get started with this Fast Lane Commission but I only have a Discover Card which is advertised under the “add to the Cart” But the drop down only shows Visa and Master Card. What can I do??? Now I did call UnderFox Corporation in California 30 minutes ago and send several messages to Contact Us but no answer yet. I even got a discount and would only pay 27.95 for this. But still no Discover to click on.
    I need help and would like someone to call me or email me or 912-432-0171. Thanks to anyone that can help

    • Tony Nguyen says:

      Hi Barbara,

      The problem with Fast Lane Commission is launched with Clicksure MarketPlace. Clicksure only accepts Visa and Master Card as payment. I reported this situation to Clicksure Support, I hope they can integrate more payments method to their checkout,


  3. Steve says:

    I bought Fastlane commission more than 2 weeks ago and I am still not able to use it because I never recieved any login info. I must have sent 7 or 8 emails to support with no repsonse……even when I labeled these support tickets urgent, critical and emergency !!!!!! It is amazing that they took my money but their support system is totally horrible I am so frustrated by the lack of customer focus………I even emailed clicksure and they have not got back to me either……….does the owner know how bad the customer support system is ????????

    • Tony Nguyen says:

      Hi Steve,

      I think there are 2 ways you can deal with this kind of situation:
      - Use another email address to send both Clicksure and Fast Lane commission support with your payment Ids and describe your situation, since your email could be somehow black-listed by their email filters.
      - Second approach: Customers requesting a refund are required to complete the refunds request form through

      60 days money back guarantee is Clicksure’s term of policy, you should no worry about your money being stolen :)


  4. Carmbarr54 says:

    After reading your review on Fastlanes Commissions I just wanted to tell you that I have been trying to get a refund since the 8th October and have so far been unsuccessful. Instead I have been getting phones calls from people who are supposedly going to help me but all just seems to be delaying tactics and spin. I would offer people a word of warning, the program is not what it appears to be. A lot of dressing but nothing any more special than hundreds of others out there but at twenty times the cost with a never ending line up of improvements to assist the program at extra charges. After buying my program within two weeks they were offering me the upgrade for another 3-4 hundred dollars. Anyway thought I would warn you about promoting something that is appearing to be equivalent to most other scams out there, just with a bit more dressing. Fastlanes are worse in one way than others because they put so much effort into making you feel safe with their assurances of success and how their staff will make sure you succeed and of course the money back gaurantee. They are very cruel.

    Update- Even though I have lodged a request for a refund they went ahead a took more money from my credit card today. I entered into the two part payment plan. I have notified my credit card company and they have agreed to refund my money and take on Fastlanes on themselves once I have filled in the paper work. I have an email from Faslanes acknowledging that I was within my warranty period when I requested the refund. I believe that the credit card companies have an ability to freeze accounts if they find scamming.

    • Tony Nguyen says:

      Hi Carmel,

      I hate scams as much as you do, however, it’s our policy to accept guest posts and get their keywords rank in search engines. The Blog ( is what I personally write about, and I will be taking care of the blog personally and only suggest what I feel like worth to promote. By the way, Carmel, I will talk to my team on ways to deal with future guest posts.

      I’m 100% sure that you will get your money back. Clicksure’s refund policy is 60 days money-back guarantee. You shouldn’t worry about your money being scammed. If there is any further question, please do not hesitate to let me know. And you can subscribe to my email list to get The Ultimate Guide To SEO for Affiliates and updates with emails about internet marketing from me.


  5. Shalini Carlos says:

    what is the paying process for fast lane commisions?i googled it but i cant find the answer.

  6. Hi there. I posted comments about Fast Lanes a month or two ago. I was one of those gullible people who swallowed their very good sales pitch; they truly do present themselves as genuine and honest people, so I out laid $1300 feeling assured because they provide a money back guarantee. Well I spent hours and hours and more money trying to get this program to do what they claim until finally I gave up and realized that I had been conned. So I requested my money back as I was still within the guaranteed period, they responded with an email saying my request for the refund would be passed onto the department that handles refunds. I really do not think there is a department thats just a bit more crap trying to make their business sound bigger and professional when it is just a couple of crooks running it. I asked for my refund 12 weeks ago and I am still waiting. I email every week and get the same response every week. People be warned THE PROGRAM DOES NOT WORK DO NOT BUY ! THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY !!! I have passed all the emails etc onto my credit card company but am still waiting to hear back. When we talk about con artists, these people are among the best.

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  2. [...] Fast Lane Commission is an affiliate marketing web-based application, which produces multiple excessive converting consort internet sites, drives visitors on auto-pilot to those sites, and makes gross sales by promoting products. This application is developed by marketing experts Francis Taylor and Tom Geller, and their co-workers. It is designed to automate the process of online marketing from beginning to end, that helps affiliate marketers earn commissions from both physical and digital products from prestige marketplaces such as Amazon and Clickbank. [...]

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