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How To Optimize Your Facebook And Twitter For SEO?

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has emerged as one of the social network success stories of today times, and also become a potent marketing tool which can help increase sales, traffic, and the website’s SEO status.

Visit the site Facebook, then create an account, if you do not have one. Then you need to think of your account profile’s type that depends on how you intend to promote your website. 

Facebook is a social network and even if you decide that a corporate presence is what you need, you still need to interact with a “human face” and have a persona which represents your organization. Then you need to decide how exactly you approach Facebook users to entice them to your website. You should also think in terms of a clever message and a strong, original content page with links to different products or services.

Look up all the groups, which had the terms you need using Facebook’s search facility, and became a member of each through your profile. Once you had all the groups in place, you proceeded to post a topic about what is cheating in today’s world on the topic board of each group with a link heading back to the page you had created on your site.

Facebook vs Twitter


Twitter is a microblogging site with the ability to attract thousands of followers, and it is undeniably possessed of a certain addictive quality which its adherent swear by.

However, Twitter is not a platform for blatantly blasting product/service after product/service. It has 140-character restriction, which strips it of any such potential and makes it works against you. It is not the marketing type that you start and stop after some quick publicity. Twitter is also not of any use if what it gives does not include some inherent value.

It loves immense marketing possibilities out of a sheer magnitude of users, all swarming in one spot ready to lap up and spread unique, interesting, and useable messages.twitter - facebook

If you have not yet own a Twitter account, go to Twitter, create one, and add to the Firefox toolbar. To become a successful online marketer on Twitter, you should follow some steps:

The first one is to create a Twitter account. You should create separate accounts whose names are related to your product/service if you intend to promote a product or service. This might be more professional looking in the long run in order to have a dedicated following comprised exclusively of the target audience, and it allows you to keep your personal account, for more quirky personal tweets.

The second step is to customize the profile. Tweak the profile details to make it attractive to the target audience then add original logo, include keywords about the product/service to be promoted, add pictures and bits of information which are interesting and usable, fill in the side bar information.

Remain steps are included in my full e-book.

I have completed an e-book: The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Affiliates. To learn deeply about how Facebook and Twitter affect SEO, you can download the book by subscribing via the form below:

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