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Russ Ruffino

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On July 11, 2012
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Endless Traffic Tap offers users great tools to get traffic more quickly and easily. Is it scam?

This guest post is by Bin Tran

Endless Traffic Tap Review – Author’s Claims

Endless Traffic Tap is recognized as an effective product, which teaches users how to make traffic flow into their site. The product consists of eight strategic approaches, which are designed to specifically help a website achieve dominance over its competitors when it comes to drive targeted traffic without spending thousands of dollars in promotional costs. This program is now used by thousands of website owners.

Endless Traffic Tap Review – About the Author: Russ Ruffino 

Russ Ruffino is moderately a new online marketer, because this man only began his internet business a few years ago; however with a very successful career. Besides, in affiliate marketing, this guy only concentrates on pay per click advertising, and launching some his digital products and services on the warrior forum. In other words, Russ Ruffino is a previous bartender, who in a short time (roughly 8 months) went from a depressing bartender to a 6 figure online entrepreneur or called Net marketer.

endless traffic tap

Endless Traffic Tap Review – How Endless Traffic Tap Works

In this program, Russ reveals eight ways of getting quality traffic from $0.01 to $0.02 for a visit. The system is purported to drive traffic, which are from developed countries such as United States, Australia, and Canada to the sites of its users. Normally, a single click from these countries can cost as cheap as a penny; also, some hits can be as lower as one penny. This is the reason why a lot of website owners all over the world are attracted to paid traffic methods. This is not only effective, but also a cheap way to establish a strong, competitive online presence. Our website covers a lot of critical reviews and useful articles that provide visitors with useful knowledge about making money from generating traffic. People can check out Traffic Black Book, and SEO traffic.  

endless traffic tap free

The course covers 8 topics following:

Topic 1 – unlimited free, killer banner advertising

Topic 2 – AdWords

Topic 3 – StumbleUpon

Topic 4 – Project Wonderful

Topic 5 – BuySellAds : this topic shows users how to purchase banner ads on websites in their niche.

Topic 6 – PlentyofFish : this topic present a dating website that is a big opportunity to make money.

Topic 7 – 50 OnRed

Topic 8 – List Marketing

endless traffic tap

Endless Traffic Tap Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • This is not only an instructional video package that aims at attracting limitless traffic to blogs, and websites in unique and original ways, but also includes a USB key packed with sample websites and templates for landing pages.
  • This system represents an unique approach consisting of everything novice operators need to begin generating and monetizing traffic to a blog or website.
  • This product is a comprehensive package on the market and also an usable system, which serves its intended purpose.
  • The course brings good values for money in the online marketing world, which is beneficial for any website owners. With the program, users can effectively increase the revenue from an affiliate marketing business.
  • Endless Traffic Tap is a useful course for all webmasters regardless of skill level.
  • Some aspects of Endless Traffic Tap course such as topic 4, for example, it makes users feel like they really getting their investments worth.
  • Endless Traffic Tap is not a fake instant push button software. It means that this is real traffic, which comes from real people. Users can even geo-target and choose the niche for the traffic, as a result, increasing sales.
  • In addition, the system is very easy to follow, use, and manage – users do not need any technical skills or advanced experience.
  • With the system, users can work the hours they want from the comfort of their own home.


  • The program requires people a lot of hard work and dedication as trees do not cut themselves down but are felled by hard-working people.
  • If users are complete beginners, they can find all the information overwhelming.

endless traffic tap download

Endless Traffic Tap Review – The Bottom Line

With the above description, you can decide whether this product is worthy to buy. According to me experience, Endless Traffic Tap is mainly a video course that consists of many new methods teaching its members tips to get paid per click ads with Google AdWords or Facebook. The program is very effective, and totally suits you if you want traffic flow into your sites.

website trafficIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Endless Traffic Tap Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  2. Sam Hills says:

    I agree with your point is that Endless Traffic Tap is one of the best programs on the field of traffic generation. I have gone through such a very good time with this one by Russ Ruffino, and I’d like to give my greatest thanks to him. 

  3. Selena Moon says:

    Endless Traffic Tap is mainly a video course consists of 18 videos teaching its members how to get paid per click ads with Google AdWords or Facebook. The program is very effective and totally suits you if you want traffic flow into your sites. 

  4. Evan Skop says:

    Relying on the theme of your website chances are you’ll get away with not more than 3 to 5 articles of 400-500 words. Auto running a blog has turn into a great way to get content material without doing the entire work yourself.

  5. Mark Ken says:

    You could be lacking the opportunity to boost your web site focused visitors by millions.


  6. Haley Com says:

    I recommend this product 100%. The price is $47 but using the traffic generation methods here you will recover this investment with your first campaign.

  7. Tom Pakison says:

    We more or less have an answer to this with the release of Endless Traffic Tap. Russ admits the secret to his rapid success is knowing how to generate traffic for mere pennies.

  8. Geogre Mark says:

    Although the sales page mentions “free traffic” a lot, most of the methods inside the course are paid. With that being said the prices are extremely low from 1 cent clicks to getting 10,000 visitors for $4.

  9. Keith says:

    If your a complete newbie, you may find all the information overwhelming, however I don’t believe this to be a direct negative.

  10. Baron Bark says:

    I have purchased the program, and after my initial run through of the product I am very pleased. Normally I wouldn’t review a product until I have extensively tested it, however with this product there is no need.

  11. Britney Brown says:

    The results you get from Endless Tarffic Tap are instant. You simply enter in your website url, affiliate link or CPA product, select how many visitors you want – then wait for the traffic to roll in! It really is simple.

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