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Product by:
Jon Bartlett,Matt Wolfe and Omar Martin
$204.00 monthly

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On April 23, 2012
Last modified:December 21, 2012


Easy Video Player created by Josh Bartlett is a helpful program, which brings the success of a video. Is it scam?

This guest post by Bin Tran

Easy Video Player Review – Author’s Claims

Easy Video Player is known as a video marketing campaign that supports a lot more than people can expect for a video player. In particularly, it gives many exciting features such as removing the tech challenges of hosting video with Amazon S3; supporting for HTML5 for playing on iPads, iPhones; placing a “Buy Now” button right on a video, and adding opt in forms as an overlay to a video. Besides, from tools that Easy Video Player offers, people can see that Easy Video Player program also provides the ability of clickable overlay buttons on a video, timed content display, buttons right below a video, split test videos, auto-redirect to the webpage after video finishes playing. Moreover, one of the advantages of Easy Video Player software is to enhance the security with password protect videos. 

Easy Video Player Review – About the Author: Josh Bartlett

Josh Bartlett locates in New Zealand, and starts working as a full-time marketer since 2005. He is a fan of developing online money-making tools, products, as well as techniques with his own knowledge and experience. If people want to know more about

Josh Bartlett, people can visit his website, or send questions to his email.

easy video player

Easy Video Player Review – How Easy Video Player Works

Easy Video Player Review indicates how Easy Video Player works to help its clients. Easy Video Player Download can provide users with comprehensive statistics. Therefore, they can know easily and exactly how each of their videos is performing. In addition, users can see how many times the number of visitors watch their videos as well as the percentage of watched videos. Moreover, users can also see how many sales their videos have made. Moreover, of course, they also know how much money this program earns them. In general, Easy Video Player leaves nothing to chance, because this program indicates users exactly the way and the status their video marketing campaigns are performed.

easy video player free

Moreover, with Easy Video Player 2, users can get some new features by a free update with 4 primary enhancements that the provider supports. These enhancements are import videos, improved social sharing, password protection of videos, and user management. In the third function, users can flag a video with “Exclusivity”, and password protect a video. In addition, they can set a timescale that lets them specify the time for the protection; and password protection allows users to configure background and font colors. Our website provides visitors with many articles and reviews about other products that teach you how to make money with videos. People can check out Video Traffic Academy, and how to create YouTube video

easy video player

Easy Video Player Review – Some Pros and Cons of Easy Video Player


  • It is easy to use because the instructions on both the install and upgrade are straightforward.
  • It has an intuitive user-friendly web interface and is easy for both beginners and experienced video marketers.
  • It is flexible and gives users more control with familiar sharing selections for spectators.
  • It provides split testing. This is the significant ability to configure various videos for tracking call to actions, as well as testing.
  • It has a money back guarantee policy
  • With Easy Video Player, the system has genuinely helped marketing people and people who sell online boost their profits, save their time, and put together their lists faster than ever, the author claims.
  • Additionally, with Easy Video Player 2, it provides users with a free update with 4 primary enhancements that are import videos, improved social sharing, password protection of videos, and user management.
  • With the first enhancement, people can import videos found on other websites, or direct links to video files, and they can then customize the video with an overlay, Buy Now button, opt in form, as well as the social sharing features. This new feature can be enjoyable for affiliate marketers who want to host a product video.


  • It does not mean that it will take users months to see the results. However, they cannot expect it to help them make money overnight.
  • The author does not promise or indicate the exact amount of money that people can earn or lose by using his products and services
  • In addition, all earned money is entirely based on how often people click their advertisement
  • Another weak point is that it does not provide users with a trial version, so people have to spend an amount of money for their investment.

easy video player scam

Easy Video Player Review- Conclusion

Again my name is Bin Tran, I write this review to show you pros and cons of Easy Video Player. I highly appreciate Easy Video Player, and recommend people take a few minutes right now to find out what the Easy Video Player is. It is truly worth to try it, and they are sure that people cannot be disappointed.

online videoIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Easy Video Player Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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