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Nick Destafano

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On July 18, 2012
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Drop Shipping Wholesalers – scam or legit? Does it really help save your time and money on trial-and-error

Drop Shiping Wholesales is no longer available to the public, there were many negative reviews and feedbacks from customers using Drop Shiping Wholesales please check out Ultimate Sales Funnel Review instead.

What Drop Shiping Wholesales Is

Drop Shipping Wholesaler is an exclusive membership where you have access to hundreds of wholesalers. By joining the system, you are able to purchase brand name items and sell them through their online website store. Moreover, you do not carry any inventory. Every delivery is created through a drop shipper. The creator and developer of the site is Nick DeStefano and he claims to have found the exclusive top resources for buying at true wholesale prices.

How The Drop Shipping Wholesalers Works

Drop Shipping Wholesalers has two membership options, which is Basic and Platinum membership. Both of them offer lifetime access to over 500 wholesalers and drop shippers. The site’s database is constantly updated and contains only real wholesalers, not middlemen who take half of your profits. You also get the 10-Day Step-by-Step Drop Shipping e-Course which will teach you how to start, build, run, and grow a business. Both memberships also include free marketing tools and books, unlimited e-mail support, and access to the members-only forum.

Basic membership requires a one-time investment of only $47. On the other hand, becoming a Platinum Member costs about $167.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Drop Shipping Wholesalers


•    It provides you with a free domain name for your new business, over 200 free business cards with your logo, and a professional turnkey website, filled with products that are ready to use.
•    It includes no monthly membership fees; hence, once you are a member of Drop Shipping Wholesalers, you’ll always be a member.
•    It is a great way to learn all about the business of wholesaling without the need to carry inventory or knowing how to create your own website.
•    With the system, you’re enabled to buy exclusive brand name products at incredibly reduced prices. Plus, when someone buys them from you, they are drop shipped directly from the wholesaler.
•    It doesn’t require you to carry any inventory or pocket expenses – you don’t have to concern yourself with the drawbacks of owning a retail store.
•    It give you access to training packages which walk you through everything you need to know to profit from the discounted items.

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  1. Reva Buckman says:

    This is certainly these kinds of an ideal contraption in which you will be offering and you also supply that away regarding 100 % free. My partner and i absolutely adore experiencing internet sites in which fully understand the particular cost regarding giving any high-quality tool regarding totally free. I like the particular older what exactly available will come close to schedule ..

  2. Jean Allen says:

    If you are looking to start a business online using wholesaling products, Drop Shipping Wholesalers is a great place to begin. It is an excellent turnkey solution with everything, from domain name, website hosting to other major credit card processors.

  3. Kendall Reed says:

    So, Drop Shipping Wholesalers is totally legit. The program really help save your time and money on trial-and-error searches for good wholesale services. Thanks for your awesome Drop Shipping Wholesalers review. 

  4. Susan Filbert says:

    Drop Shipping Wholesalers is not a scam but one of the ideal money making software for you to purchase. However, remember that you need to work on certain tasks in order to make it work for you. 

  5. Charlotte Lilly says:

    Did you really get income by getting this? I mean not by promoting this product but implementing what we get inside the membership site. Just curious before I jump in. BTW good SEO job.

  6. Sophia Claire says:

    Hi guys, how much is (cho ten san pham vao)? Is it worth my money? I don’t know much about it. And how to purchase it, plz?

  7. Crystal Lilly says:

    Hi all, Is Drop Shipping Wholesalers another get rich quick scam or a truly high quality piece of software that delivers? or something else?

  8. GeogreCollins says:

    Hey all you, guys. I’m a newbie in this field. I really appreciate your help if you can introduce me more products like it. I have no idea about it. Thanks a lot.:)

  9. Angela Grace says:

    Is Drop Shipping Wholesalers expensive??? Tell me more about it before I decide to purchase it. I still worry. Thanks a lot.

  10. Veronica Claire says:

    Hi guys, how much is Drop Shipping Wholesalers? Is it worth my money? I don’t know much about it. And how to purchase it, plz?

  11. Dennis Benjamin says:

    This is such an awesome program which makes the process of making money become simple and easy to follow for newbies like me. I have been boarden my knowledge a lot, so thank you, Drop Shipping Wholesalers !!!

  12. Edward William says:

    Hi all, Is Drop Shipping Wholesalers another get rich quick scam or a truly high quality piece of software that delivers? or something else?

  13. Jessica Sharon says:

    Drop Shipping Wholesalers is exact what I have been looking for a long time to get more online income. It is pretty wonderful product. It’s great to know you share the same idea with me.

  14. Kevin Bradley says:

    Hi admin. Drop Shipping Wholesalers is really a good way to get income online. Thanks for your helpful review. Waiting for more reviews from you. Good luck.

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