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On October 18, 2012
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As below, there are some of the most common causes of sudden drops in website Google page ranks and what you can do to recover.

Six Reasons For Drop In Google Page Ranks

When you are a webmaster or even a website owner, a large amount of time you spent is on search engine optimizing your website through the creation of new content, streamlining its architecture and across-linking files and articles in order to increase exposure, get deeper indexing and increase SEO juice through a spread of the Google Page Rank.

The fact that, there are a large number of external factors as well as a contributory factor from your own activities, cause google page rank dropped.

Obviously, You can, at least, minimize the chances of your own SEO work achieving the opposite result.google page rank

Changing The Content Of Established Pages Causing A drop In Google Page Rank

The content of pages which suddenly acquire a large number of links or to which the keyword density changes risk getting flagged up by Google page rank. These pages are considered as the identity, of which has changed substantially and, therefore, either can no longer be trusted or else could be a sign of spam site activity.

The solution for that is to substantially change the content and structure of high ranking pages plan gradually.

The Change Of Links To Your Site Causes It To Drop In Rank

Normally, the reason the numbers of links to your site drops is because of having purchased links which have now expired, having used links from spam sites, or having used links from sites which Google has now penalized either because they are active in an indiscriminate linking strategy or because they are selling links.

The solution is to spend time developing your links in a slow, steady manner that produces high-quality links.

Your site drops in the organic search engine results page; However, you have done nothing to affect its content or structure. The web is dynamic, and other webmasters are constantly optimizing their sites for better inclusion and deeper indexing.

You should stick to your daily SEO routine and broader SEO strategy religiously. Furthermore, analyze your competitors’ pages with widexl. page-rank google

Your Site Was Ranked High, But Now Has Virtually Disappeared From Google Search

This means that you may have been using Black hat SEO techniques such as doorway pages, hidden text, cloaking scripts, or keyword stuffing, which see your site being severely penalized. Check out Google’s SEO guidelines at Google to make sure if what you are doing is kosher as far as Google and the other search engines are concerned.

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