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Review of: Ctr Theme
Product by:
Eppie Vojt

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On July 7, 2012
Last modified:November 29, 2012


CTR Theme is a WordPress membership plugin which enables its users to increase Adsense revenue.

CTR Theme Review – Introduction

The CTR Theme system is actually a powerful WordPress theme collection which will allow you to quickly build Adsense blogs and sites without having the need to insert any code, so you will be able to build monetized information websites fast and easily. Also, these websites bring about a very high click through rate, which means you will definitely see that the amount of money you receive from your Google Adsense account has a considerable increase. Now, in order to understand this cool product, please spend some times on reading my CTR Theme Review.

About The Author (Eppie Vojt)

The mind behind CTR theme, Eppie Vojt, is a surprising figure – and this is proven by Vojt’s story: by using AdSense Link-Building Secrets CTR Theme, he turned an owner of a .info domain which costs only $2.17 into an incredible owner with $250 per month, and it simply took him less than 4 hours of work each day to make this happen.

ctr theme

What In The “CTR Theme” For You?

CTR Theme is a WordPress theme allowing you to easily create information websites that can be monetized with AdSense. This theme is optimized to get the highest possible click via rates, so you can earn more money, just by using this theme. Ad placement used in CTR Theme is recommended by Google. This means it is the same ad placement used by large companies that Google’s staff interact with to boost clickthrough. Thanks to the help of CTR Theme, you can turn any website to a money-making machine in an instant. The best one is that it does not require coding knowledge or site maintenance expertise.

ctr theme scam

CTR Theme Review – Core Features

  • Aside from Google recommended ad placements, CTR Theme features a ton more features that will boost your click-through rate in no time. It makes ad randomization, so you can avoid ad blindness. This feature displays your ads in different parts of your website; as a result, when visitors revisit your site, they will see your ads places in different places.
  • Furthermore, you can set automatic ad hiding and directory editors will see only a clean and informative site. Unlike other themes, CTR Theme has a fully-featured admin panel, and quickly load times that make work much faster for you. Plus, it comes with unlimited site license, hence, you can launch full-blown campaigns with ease.
  • With this program, you will also receive one of the best designs as well as one of the best optimized ad placements, meaning more money comes to your pocket. Plus, you will have the ability to customize this CTR Theme for basically any niche, and get as many profits as possible.

ctr theme

CTR Theme Review – Advantages

  • CTR Theme is extremely easy to get a CTR Theme download; after that, you are free to upload, install and configure.
  • CTR Theme has five different, visually appealing layouts which you can preview and activate with the click of a button.
  • CTR Theme automatically adjusts the colors of the Google ads to the color scheme of your affiliate review site or Adsense blog as well as automatically rotates the placement of your ads to draw your reader’s attention
  • The CTR Theme system is constantly being updated to fix occasional bugs which may arise for some users as well as to constantly add new features.

CTR Theme Review – Disadvantages

  • The CTR Theme still requires you to write content for your blog or website and promote it to attract visitors.
  • The CTR Theme system is primarily designed to increase Adsense revenue, which may not visually suit other types of sites such as an affiliate review site

ctr theme free

Final Verdict

To put an end to this CTR Theme review, I hope you know that if you want a cleanly-coded and fully-functional theme for your WordPress site, CTR Theme will give you exactly what you are looking for. With its carefully studied, tried and tested ad placement, you will surely see improvements in your clickthrough rate and conversion.

wordpress membership plugin online

If you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about CTR Theme Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Gwen Lewis says:

    This CTR Theme works like magic to me. By using the program, I have earned more than $200 per month from a very limited budget of 2$, and it only took me less than 4 hours of work to make this happen! 

  2. Caroline Jones says:

    Want a cleanly-coded and fully-functional theme for your WordPress site? CTR Theme will give you exactly what you are looking for. With its carefully studied, tried and tested ad placement, you will definitely see improvements in your clickthrough rate and conversion.

  3. Kate Kit says:

    Does it really help me to get such a a cleanly-coded and fully-functional theme for my WordPress site? I have never used it before.

  4. Mark Ken says:

    I have just came up on this Adsense ready theme called CTR Theme. It’s selling for, I think $65.  Has anyone use this before? how was your results?

  5. Milley Smart says:

    Hi, there. I use theme for adsense web site and getting higher income. It’s a very user friendly one to implement new adsense sites. You can buy it for $37.

  6. Haley Com says:

    I have purchased CTR Theme, but haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I will say that I’m REALLY impressed by the guy that created it. It must be pretty cool.Thanks for reviewing it.

  7. Tera Mars says:

    I’ve just started Adsense and use it on most of my Adsense sites. I know that an average of 15% CTR across the sites I have it applied on currently. Definitely worth my money!

  8. Santana Sue says:

    Hi admin, I know it’s popular, but I have never found a need to buy a theme for adsense.How many sweet spots are there that one must buy a theme for that?

    • Hi Santana, it only costs you $39 while it can help you have more good-looking theme for you WP site! It is worth, right?

    • Will Smith says:

      Thank admin for great review. I have used it and it works pretty good. Easy to manage and I can make micro sites that look good pretty quickly.

  9. Barker Jon says:

    Actually i like CTR theme very much…I’ve just installed it for several days but a minute ago…What do you think guys..?

  10. Finn Smar says:

    Hey, I haven’t had any good success with other themes before. Later my friend told that he is having good success with CTR Theme and so I gave a try and since then I never looked back. its simply amazing!

  11. Sammy White says:

    Thanks for sharing us. I think it also have some excellent points like:
    Uses Google recommended Ad Placements.
    Mechanically color matches Ads to the theme.
    Features four dissimilar sub-themes to keep belongings interesting.

  12. Haren Linn says:

     Yeah, it’s such a great theme, but what is its price actually? Its worth the $67 or $37. I think I paid $67???

  13. Milley Smart says:

    Hmm pretty expensive themes you have bought. I bought a ctr theme two months back named Magnum, it only cost me 35 bucks and works great! It’s worth:)

  14. GeogreCollins says:

    I have experienced the EXACT same thing…some of my niches get up to 25% CTR but then others get as low as 6% with VERY bad CPC…but im “split testing” with different themes, and im starting to see some changes…

  15. AnthonyGrace says:

    I’ve just started really getting into Adsense and use it on all of my Adsense sites. I find an average of 15% CTR across the sites I have it implemented on currently. Definitely worth the money!

  16. Elizabeth Bradley says:

    The CTR theme Ad rotation is great, I would buy just for that option As long as the source code of the theme wasn’t doing anything funky with my Adsense pub-ID. .

  17. Scarlet Clifford says:

    I use it and it works pretty good. Easy to manage and I can make micro sites that quite good and very quickly. It’s worth the $67 or $37.

  18. David Howard says:

    I use theme for adsense website and getting a lot of money. It’s a very user friendly one to implement new adsense sites. You can buy it just for $37.

  19. Justin Norwood says:

    Hey all you, guys. I’m a newbie in this field. I really appreciate your help if you can introduce me more products like it. I have no idea about it. Thanks a lot.:)

  20. Joseph Grace says:

    This is such an awesome program which makes the process of making money become simple and easy to follow for newbies like me. I have been boarden my knowledge a lot, so thank you, CTR theme !!!

  21. Patrick William says:

    Hi all, Is CTR theme another get rich quick scam or a truly high quality piece of software that delivers? or something else?

  22. Veronica Claire says:

    Is CTR theme expensive??? Tell me more about it before I decide to purchase it. I still worry. Thanks a lot.

  23. Alice Lilly says:

    Thanks so much for sharing with us such a valuable review. It is what I am looking for cuz right now, I have a plan to start my business online.

  24. Tim Nelson says:

    You review focuses on everything that the CTR Theme program can do for ones’ online businesses. Hence, they can earn real money via the Internet – because they’re given the highest possible click through rates with CTR Theme. 

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