Cpa Convert Review – Is It Legit Or Scam?
Review of: Cpa Convert
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Imran Naseem

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On April 5, 2012
Last modified:November 21, 2012


: CPA Convert is an effective training course by Brad on converting traffic into CPA profits. Is it scam?

This guest post is by Bin Tran

CPA Convert Review – Author’ Claims

In the field of Internet marketing, traffic and visitors are the two key elements for success. However, making money online is not easy because, even those who get the traffic still struggle to make money and succeed online – because they do not know how to convert those visitors into CPA profits. For this reason, CPA Convert appears to show people strategies, information and tools they need to do CPA marketing successfully.

If someone is an Internet marketer who dreams to convert traffic and visitors into CPA profits quickly, CPA Convert is a perfect tool for him or her. It is a magical system, which takes visitors and converts them to CPA profits on complete autopilot even if users do not have any content at all.

cpa convert

CPA Convert Review – About the Author

CPA Convert is a new product by Brad, so if people have any questions regarding CPA Convert, people can contact with the author at here.

cpa convert free

CPA Convert Review – How CPA Convert Works

The complete CPA Convert system package includes 3 main tools that are CPA Convert Gateway Script, Users’ Manual – Your Guide to Setting up and Using CPA Convert, and Monetization Bible – Your Guide To Creating Money With CPA Convert. Another product can help people convert visitors into CPA profits, if people are.

The CPA Convert Gateway Script: This software code is easy to install and configure, fully customizable and works on all networks and self-edited web pages. As a result, users can control the locking perimeters, texts, graphics, and pictures and increase their conversions rates immediately. (Our website contains reviews about some other products that also help people understand about CPA, people can check out dirty cpa, or IM with Jamie.)

The Users’ Manual – Your Guide to Installing and Using CPA Convert. This is the module, which shows users everything they need, which helps them to install and configure the system to work on their websites and blogs.

The Monetization Bible – Your Guide to Making Money with CPA Convert: In this guide, users are able to know how to choose niches and content, search trends, how to monetize their blogs, which traffic works best, and more.

(CPA Convert is a new product, which helps people manage web pages, choose niches, spin content, and increase conversion rate. Our website contains reviews about some other products that also help people do these tasks; people can visit at commission inception review).

cpa convert

CPA Convert Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


• The first advantage is that this program contains a truly unique feature that enables users to pay only $0.01-$0.05 CPC for the first page placement on Google, AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing, yet gain conversions on highly competitive, high paying and normally very expensive fields.

• The second strong point is that CPA Convert is safe to use on any network.

• The next strong point is that CPA Convert is a snap to install; even completely non-technical newbie marketers can install it and start profiting in a few minutes.

• The next advantage is that when people purchase this product, people can own the CPA Network Passport – Your Guide to Getting Accepted to CPA Networks bonus.

• Besides, people have nothing to lose by trying this CPA Convert plugin because if they do not see positive effects within days, they can ask for a refund and get their money back

• The price of a CPA Convert Download is $67 – very affordable and reasonable.

• CPA Convert has an interface, which is so easy to use, and follows; hence, all Internet marketers can navigate and utilize it with ease, regardless of their age, experience.

• CPA Convert has a refund rate of 1/5, which is truly low and shows that the product is effective and not a scam.

cpa convert scam


CPA Convert contains many advantages; however, this product also has some weak points. CPA Convert program is not magic, which can solve users’ problems instantly in case they only read its instruction and take no action. Another weak point is that there is no way to know exactly how many people are visiting your website, and the amount of people clicking the links. In addition, this author of this program makes no promise or representation about the exact amount of money that users can make or lose by using his products and services. 

CPA Convert Review – Conclusion

Again, my name is Bin Tran, and this article is a review made by me honestly to see how CPA Convert program works for your problem or not. In my opinion, CPA Convert is worth for your money, especially for people who want to earn extra online money.

testIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about CPA Convert Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Luna San says:

    Your CPA Convert Review tells me that you have spent and immense amount of time in research. I appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication in writing this CPA Convert Review. Very nice work. It has inspired me a lot.

  2. Bonard Bew says:

    Great paintings! This is CPA Convert Review that should be shared across the internet. Disgrace on Google for not positioning this post higher! Come on over and talk over with my site . Thank you =)

  3. Lyo Newton says:

    Your CPA Convert Review has brought forward some very original and unique thoughts. I like how you expressed your points in an easy to read format. Thank you for writing such clear and concise material. Good reading.

  4. Shane Hart says:

    I myself have used the script of CPA Convert to make loads of money from CPA offers and realize this one is a must have. That’s why I highly recommend CPA Convert - it is extremely powerful.

  5. Tina McKnight says:

    I was recommended CPA Convert by a friend and has been used it for some times. Till now, I can confirm that this program is clearly a simple and legal way which helps you to make money online easily.

  6. Isabella Bradley says:

    Hi all, Is CPA Convert another get rich quick scam or a truly high quality piece of software that delivers? or something else?

  7. Haley San says:

    I bought this also since all my attempts to learn about FB marketing via books and video course have left me frustrated. I know it can’t be that complicated.

  8. Ron Cater says:

    I agree this is a very good software and in the future it would definitely be a part of your marketing plan. You can’t really make it any easier than this product.

  9. Serena Poppy says:

    It amazes me on how many internet marketers are missing out on earning a decent income from just helping local small business owners. Oh well it is more money for me!

  10. James Farrell says:

    The CPA Convert is a complete and comprehensive guide which guides you through each step of making money online with Google Adsense, such as how to choose the right domain in only seconds, how to find out the right keywords which can give you much profit, and much more.

  11. Katherine Bradley says:

    I purchased over a year ago. I have been using it daily on multiple sites ever since. I just wanted to say thanks for the great support and product! I would recommend this product to anyone! I actually do all the time!

  12. Edward Collins says:

    Surely I have to say this is awesome. Previously I was using cpalead gateway only. After getting this script I was using various networks with various websites. The percentage of income generated using this method increased up to 300%.
    Really Awesome and Excellent Script!

  13. Roxanne Jason says:

    This tool is magnificent!  …easy to install and easy to use!  Look the excellent profits I had since I start using CPA Convert in my sites.
    Definitely CPA Convert is a 10/10.

  14. Sharon Grace says:

    I’ve used BHCB for almost a year now and I have been making money with it. The best part is….all my sites are on autopilot!

    I recommend this script to anyone who wants to make money online and this is one of the best I have ever made. In addition to the excellent product, I also get great support.I highly recommended!

  15. Linda Anderson says:

    Hi. I’ve been using CPAC since v1 and this is in no way some “paid review” or anything. It works like a charm. I’m pulling in over $700/week from this method and I spend less than two hours a day manually promoting my site.

  16. Jared Howard says:

    This is a great script. I’m using it for couple of months and i make at least $30-$40/day with it. I made some twists and now it’s working automatically. From time to time I add a new source for traffic but that’s it :D

  17. Donald Pauphery says:

    It is a gainful and profitable method, used as internet marketing tool to alert the customers with services and products. One advantage to this strategy is that an online marketer can begin selling a service immediately.

  18. Ashley Ling says:

    CPA Convert lets you make money by giving it free! Just stick it on a webpage or blog post, lock it with CPA Convert and start driving traffic. Your visitors fill-in one or more CPA offers, and after a short while the lock panel disappears and they gain full access to your pages. 

  19. Chris Willis says:

    I recognize that one of the best form of Search Engine Optimization strategy is contextual backlink building and this technique is getting popular on the internet. CPA Convert Review is definitely a great way to build your popularity links.

  20. Kelly Lampard says:

    Concise information is truly within your reach, use this chance. This proves extremely effective in monetizing your content and converting CPA offers. The possibilities are endless, and CPA Convert provides an entire book with ideas, tips and tricks on how to monetize. 

  21. Ronald Knight says:

    It provides me with the info and tools that I need to do CPA marketing successfully. This powerful software code is easy to install and configure; is fully automatic.

  22. Jasmin Brown says:

    I highly recommend this script. I have used it myself to make lots of money from CPA offers and this one is a must have.It is powerful. This shows me everything you need to install and configure this system to work on my websites and blogs.

  23. Lilly Cartons says:

    At first I was a little bit skeptical. But after, surely I have to say this is awesome. You won’t regret! CPA Convert is extremely effective.

  24. Diana Green says:

    This tool is perfect for me. It provides me with the information and tools I need to do CPA marketing successfully. Simple to use. Cpa Convert saves my money and my time very much.

  25. Charles Miller says:

    It is different from others. This proves extremely effective in monetizing your content and converting CPA offers. I can get incredible CPA conversions on autopilot, and my visitors get free access to valuable content.

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