Coupon Mage Review – How To Issue Coupons With Any Processor
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On October 29, 2012
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Coupon Mage let users issue coupons with any processor, on any website platform. Is it valuable?

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Coupon Mage Review – Author’s Claims

Coupon Mage contains a wide range of features, which allow users to develop their sales volume and conversion rates. This program works with any payment processor, runs on any website platform, and does not limit a number of coupons, products, and websites. For example, it works with Clickbank, Paypal, 2checkout, E-Junkie, Nanacast, FastSpring, Alertpay, Plimus, Verisign, FastSpring, eSellerate, and more. In addition, this Coupon Mage creates expiring coupon codes, custom valid-invalid-expired messages, hard-code Clickbank affiliate coupons, and point-and-click control panel. Furthermore, Coupon Mage Bonus does anything users need it to do, to make effective, sales generating promotions from a user-friendly password protected control panel. Besides, the providers develop this program to be as easy to install and use as possible. Whether users have no technical experience, or they have no previous marketing skill, they can use this program by following through the step-by-step installation instructions.

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Coupon Mage Review – About the Author

Adam Roy is a SEO master, an expert, author on since January 16, 2010 and has 14 published articles in affiliate marketing field.

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Coupon Mage Review – How Coupon Mage Bonus Works

Firstly, Coupon Mage contains a point-and-click control panel, which is easy to use, and which lets users manage all of their coupons (another product also help people manage coupons, and develop their sales volume, people can visit at Erdsupply, or Salehoo from a single location. Therefore, users do not have to login to each one of their websites to add or edit their coupons and manage their campaigns. When users login this program they can set up their control panel, and access to all their coupons for all of their products on all of their websites. In addition, people can set up their first campaign in a few minutes even if they do not know what FTP is. Secondly, with hard-code clickbank affiliates, users can strike a deal with a potential affiliate, willing to promote their product using a custom coupon code just for them. Besides, users can create the custom coupon code, and build a specially formatted link in the backend of the software. In case, the buyer do not use vendors’ clickbank hop link, the buyer still get credit for the sale. Finally, with 2 key functions that are Expiring Coupon Codes and Custom Valid, Invalid, and Expired Messages help users create customized messages, as well as make sure their visitors know that coupon is going to expire.

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Coupon Mage Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The first advantage is that it requires no monthly fee, provides with unlimited coupons, for unlimited products, on an unlimited number of websites.
  • The next strong point is that people do not have to ditch their favorite payment processing services to experience the benefits and features of a well planned out promotion, discount or product launch.
  • In case, this system does not work with users’ favorite payment processorthey can require a policy of 60 day money back guarantee.
  • This software program is compatible with any website platform such as WordPress Plugin, Joomla, Drupal, Stand-alone HTML sites, Vbulletin forums that require no subscription fee, and much more.
  • In point-and-click control panel, users get a multitude of features and options at their fingertips in an easy to use interface such as immediately modify, update and configure active coupons in real time to get out of their promotions, as well as update the coupon’s success message to inform their prospects.
  • Another advantage is that this program helps users easily create custom messages to display to their customers when customers enter coupon codes into their system.
  • If users are Clickbank vendors, this product is suitable for them. It works with Clickbank, and provides users with a solution to offer a Clickbank vendors’ list, or affiliates customized coupons to help drive more sales of their product. 
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Coupon Mage owns many advantages; however, it provides traders with so much information about its functions, features. Therefore, users need to spend a lot of time on reading and understanding each function, which this program contains.

Coupon Mage Review – Conclusion

With these above descriptions of Coupon Mage, you can consider whether this product is worth to buy. I use this program, and I see that it allows me to develop sales volume and conversion rates.

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