Content Revenge Review – A Vital Tool For Spinning Content?
Review of: Content Revenge
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Millionaire Craig Romero

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On April 23, 2012
Last modified:January 5, 2013


Content Revenge Review describles features of a new WordPress Plugin which helps you create the best content easily and most effectively

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Content Revenge Review – Author’s Claims

Content Revenge is a new Word Press plugin in which helps people create the proper content easily and in the effective way. Content Revenge is known as the content aggregate. The main component is Content Revenge Word Press plugin in which pulls PDF’s, Excel docs, images, videos, and generate quality unique content to owners’ blog. Content Revenge can certainly be used for many types of modernization, not just AdSense. Content Revenge review shows that it is not only content aggregate but also a traffic method. Thus, users can monetize their content sites with CPA, Affiliate, Clickbank and more. In addition, it is totally up to them. Content Revenge is a product created by an AdSense Millionaire Craig Romero. The author designs this system to work as a Word Press Plugin, and users can release highly keyword related content automatically. The system uses highly sophisticated API to get the high quality contents across the web. Content Revenge is the latest content generator available, and I do not know any other systems, which work so uniquely like this system.

Content Revenge Review – About The Author:Craig Romero

Craig Romero  is an internet businessman, and this man also is a young marketer. This guy has a passion for online marketing when he is a student. After some years of his effort in his business, this guy holds the position of CEO at one company that named Search Engine Corp. Craig Romero spends a lot of time for focusing on searching and developing traffic software. In recent time, he created a well-known product that is AdSense Blueprint.

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Content Revenge Review – How Content Revenge Works

People can trust in the way Content Revenge works, because Content Revenge is a Word Press plug-in, they can now quickly publish relevant and instant content on their Word Press blog, which includes a few easy clicks to their mouse. One of the functions of Content Revenge System is that it creates unique contents; it guarantees that each article is extremely optimized for SEO with casual page layout, appropriate images with keyword optimized alt tags to reduce footprints. Content revenge has been checked heavily against Google’s latest Panda update and confirmed Panda safe. The author schedules Content Revenge posts to get a natural content to yahoo. All people have to undertake is selecting a single start date plus. It can drip feed their posts for a random daily rate. If people need content faster, back date, their starting place and Content Revenge can do the others. Content Revenge uses an innovative API to pull documents from on the web, which are only in connection with their page keyword. Choosing these documents need to use an algorithm to ensure relevance and page uniqueness. Thus, these documents not only are the pages generated on the fly. They also provide their visitors with outstanding value. With Content Revenge Download, people can be sure that all they need are available.

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Content Revenge Review – Good Points

  • Content Revenge is an easy program, so people do not need to worry if they are a beginner.
  • It is suitable and affordable for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Content Revenge comes with 60 day money back guarantee and users can gain your money back if it does not satisfy people.
  • With Content Revenge, users can work the hours they want from the comfort of their own home.
  • In addition, Content Revenge has a refund rate of 1/5, which is truly low.

content revenge

Content Revenge Review – Bad Points

Content Revenge contains many advantages; conversely, this product also has some weak points. This system is not magic system, which can solve users’ problems directly without their effort. It means that users have to spend time and effort for managing this program. Another weak point is that users have to pay some fees for their running content, but it is not too much for sure.

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Content Revenge Review – Conclusion

In my experience, this is a notable AdSense and online marketing program based on real understanding and knowledge. In a few words, content Revenge program is a proper success blueprint, which they can easily duplicate. They can directly get the result of many years of study and trial and error. Individually, I am happy with this product, and now I am off to set up another Content Revenge site. In conclusion, if people want to gain the best word press plug in, Content Revenge Download is the best choice for their content issue.

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  1. Richard Morrison says:

    To me Content Revenge is a really impressive Adsense and affiliate marketing system based on real experience and knowledge. Everyone can easily duplicate this blueprint, and they will instantly get great results. I strongly recommend it to all of my clients. 

  2. Jasmine Walton says:

    Content Revenge is a really impressive Adsense and affiliate marketing system which is based on real experience and knowledge. It is undoubted that this system is a true success blueprint, which you can easily duplicate.

  3. Jimmy Highland says:

    By using Content Revenge for such a short time, I instantly get the result out of many years of research, trial and error. The best feature of this system is that it helps users to generate high quality content in only a few seconds.

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