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Jeff Mulligan

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On April 27, 2012
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CBmall is an innovation for marketers of informational products online. However, is CBmall scam or effective?

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CBmall Review – Author’s Claims

The provider of CBMall shows that CBMall standing for Click Bank Mall, is a store people can use to give their customers access to literally thousands of products all with their affiliate code attached. With it, they can take advantage of the power of affiliate programs, which they may not even be aware. This product allows their customers to search for a database of any informational product that their customers might be interested in purchasing.

CBmall Review – About The Author: Jeff Mulligan

Jeff Mulligan began an Internet marketing career when he was young. Besides, this man wants to reveal all about his Internet business that he has experienced through education and experience. This guru is the founder and is CEO of the online digital products giant. In addition, Jeff Mulligan  also is the developer of several other e-businesses such as SearchFeast, and BeatMySpeedingTicket, and much more. Additionally, this guy also is a family man, who discloses that he works hard at his a range of e-ventures. Nevertheless, Jeff Mulligan  always tries to find time for his volunteer work. Jeff Mulligan was one of members of the Make-a-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire. Nowadays, this man works as Committee Chair for the Babson Alumni Association Student Business Initiative Award.

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CBmall Review – How CBMall Works

CBMall combines all the products currently, which are available on the Click Bank database of affiliate programs. CBMall turns them into a search engine with style of ECommerce website, which works like an online storefront. In other words, from the viewpoint of a normal person on the internet, CBmall is just like a search engine bar like Google or Yahoo. It takes in the keywords entered by the user and leads them to a number of relevant options, which may interest the person searching. All these results users see are sales pages for products and services, which would be of interest to the end user. Hence, CBmall can get users in touch with multiple products.

With CBmall, its members can get various choices in many different fields such as business or investing, computers or Internet, E-business, E-marketing, software and services, employment and jobs, mobile, art and entertainment, betting systems, fiction, games, home, garden, sport, and green products. In addition, it also provides with books about spirituality, alternative beliefs, travel, health, fitness, dating guides, eating disorders, personal finance, self-esteem, cooking, food, wine, education, languages, parenting, families, reference, and more.

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CBmall Review – Pros And Cons


  • The first advantage of this product is that it does not require any website; therefore, no web hosting fees included. In addition, it is a high-value system, which comes with a low cost. Furthermore, it even gives clients 1-2 months of free, targeted traffic. Moreover, it works well in converting traffic, and it makes sales in a short amount of time.
  • The author creates this product is to offer the valuable and relevant (highest paying and highest converting) products to the visitors of webmasters’ store.
  • Another advantage is that this system does a few things that Clickbank does not do; for example, it gives its members 15 ways to make extra money.
  • Additionally, this system has taken the right items in the ClickBank service and grouped them into one.
  • When users access to this system, they can send a shopper to the mall, and they get a commission on whatever their clients buy; therefore, they do not need to do a thing to maintain their mall.
  • Moreover, once people register CBmall product they can get access to much free information on how to get people to come to their mall and buy.
  • Another strong point if this system is that it offers 60 days of free traffic. It means that when people become owners of their own CBmall they can get free traffic to their CBmall.
  • With this product, it allows users to plug into the power of several other programs such as SFI that can create their income; additionally, their visitors get the chance to search valuable programs outside of that Clickbank offers.
  • Beside, with CB mall, people can have a code to place on their website that can put the CBmall search engine on their own pages.


  • The CBMall system is closed currently to new members.
  • The system cannot bring users instantaneous effects.
  • It does not provide a trial version, so webmasters have to spend an amount of money to buy it.

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CBmall Review – Conclusion


In my experience, CBMall is valuable for people who do not want their own sites. This is a reliable system, which has a high value with various benefits and features. Many customers recommend that it is a valuable product and worth to try.

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  1. Jasmine Walton says:

    CBMall is excellent for people who do not want their own sites. This is a very powerful system which has a very high value with numerous benefits and features. Also, it fits my needs well. 

  2. Jimmy Highland says:

    Thank you, business review center, for your unbiased and trustworthy review about CBMall. Now I can see this system is an innovation for marketers in terms of informational products online.

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