How To Build Profitable Mailing List With Pre-pop Offers
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On October 23, 2012
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Why would you like to pre-pop?

The ability to pre-pop the affiliate offer can help you increase your conversion rate. With this, you can capture the user’s email for yourself and then get the conversion. Having the users opt-in to your mailing list brings you the opportunity to monetize off them in the future. If you generate the lead on the thank you page, you can build your list, send the subscribers to a pre-pop offer, and still profit while building your mailing list.

This works well if you have a blog that people subscribe. However, what if in case your blog gets few readers? How do you build profitable mailing list? Today, I will show you an useful affiliate marketing trick. The method was shown by Jonathan Van Clute, who is the winner of the Top Affiliate Challenge.

Some Background Info

Pre-pop (or also pre-populate) is mostly used for email submit offers. It is also a wonderful way to boost the conversion rate for an email marketing campaign. The fields are pre-populated with the information from the user, but not let them fill their name and email into the respective fields. In other words, the user’s name and email address are already in the fields. Then, pressing the submit button is all the user has to do.

Pre-pop offers are for ‘lazy’ people, therefore, if you offer them little work, you receive higher conversion rate. In contrary to, a pre-pop offer can convert much higher than an offer that the user need to fill the information in and then click the submit button. 

Aweber is an email service. It has the ability of passing subscriber information for pre-pop offers. People can take advantage of its features to make money on Internet. It offers all its new customers with $1 for 30 day trial. Therefore, if you realize that email marketing is not for you, you should contact Aweber within 30 days to receive your $1 back.

Need-Have Things For This To Work

• A blog, which is installed with Squeeze Theme.
• An Aweber account.
• An account with Market Leverage or other affiliate networks, that offering pre-pop.

build profitable emailing list

Let’s take the example of one, who uses the free Louis Vuitton purse offered from Market Leverage. The pre-popable email submit offer which opens to both email and search traffic, pays $1.30 per lead.

If any visitor fills in his email address and press continue, you will make $1.30. Most affiliate marketers can make money with an offer like this is because they send traffic to the landing page using Google AdWords. They do that with the hope to have enough people fill in their emails to make a profit on the ad. If your cost for a click is 10 cents, then you need a person in 13 submit their email address. It obviously would be better if you can do better than that.

The Difficulty In The Average Affiliate Marketing Model

The problem is that it is not a very good business model, and there is no built-foundation. It requires affiliate marketers to continuously spend money on advertising unless the traffic stops. If the traffic stops coming, the money does the same. Many affiliate marketers making good money do this. However, what they do is building the foundation as well as the mailing list of the advertiser, who makes more than $1.30 for a submit email. The advertiser can email the visitors again and again with their offers because he has their email addresses. $1.30 less the ad cost was what the affiliate marketer got.

Capturing the emails of all visitors who entered their email address into the advertiser’s offer would be a better business model. In this model, you can make money with the offer and also build profitable mailing list at the same time.

The Pre-pop Squeeze Page

With Squeeze Theme, people can create squeeze page in a few minutes. It is such the easiest way to make an email capturing landing page. Any blogger can use the theme, because it is powered by WordPress.

 build mailing list

The squeeze page shows how to get the free Louis Vuitton purse. It explains on what visitors have to do to claim their purses. It has an attention grabbing headline, which includes a place to enter their email and an easy to follow the step-by-step instructions.

You should send the search traffic to your squeeze page, but not sending traffic to the advertiser’s landing page. You capture the email address that visitor entered instead of advertiser. Then, with the visitor’s email address already pre-populated, you send him to the advertiser’s landing page.

Once at the offer page, the visitor has to hit continue and you can add $1.30 together with the visitor’s email address. With the method of spending money to build profitable mailing list, you can make money while building your own list! Even if, you break even you also build profitable email list for free. The possibility to acquire hundreds or thousands of emails everyday Depends on your advertising budget.

All This Possible With Aweber?

The ability of automatically appending user data to a thank you or landing page is one of the best features of Aweber. After a visitor fills in his email address and press submit button on your squeeze page, Aweber opens up the Louis Vuitton landing page, then prepop that email into the email field.

build an email list

Log into your account in Aweber and click the Web Forms. Select the form you use for this promotion then go to Basic Settings. A Thank You page will drop down menu. Enter the URL to the prepop offer landing page after choosing the custom page. The affiliate network also offers you the URL. 

With Aweber, Squeeze Theme, and Market Leverage’s pre-pop offer, you can quickly build profitable mailing list that you can market again and again. If these people respond to an email submit, they might respond to second one or more. This is 100% pure additional income for you! (Check out my Aweber review).

Many new bloggers and Internet marketers think that they cannot build the list fast enough to justify the cost, so they do not start one. Aweber set the price at $19 a month for the start for up to 500 names. As a result, many people think that if they cannot build up to 500 names quickly, they cannot get their money’s worth. However, you can see the possibility to easily get 500 names in less than a few days with the above method.

Start Your Email Marketing List For Only $1.00?

For all new customers, Aweber offers a $1 trial account. Just like a normal Aweber’s one, this account includes unlimited email campaigns, broadcasts, newsletter and follow ups. With the use of capturing leads with a squeeze page together with making money with a prepop offer, you are possible to make the $1 back. You cannot only do email list building but also can make money on it, as well. Can you get a much better deal than that?

If for some reasons, you cannot make $1 doing this method, then email marketing and making money on the Internet also might be clearly, not for you.  

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