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Kelly Felix and Mike Long

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On April 22, 2012
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Bring The Fresh is an effective course to make money online today with niche affiliate sites easily. Following is Bring the Fresh Review

This guest post is by Patrick Pattinson

Bring the Fresh Review – Author’s Claims

Bring The Fresh is an IM course and membership site that focuses on make money online with niche through tutorial videos and the private forum. It means that this program revolves around the SEO system, which was developed to get his sites ranking at the top of Google. It creates countless numbers of these profitable niche sites. The whole thing is detailed in the Fast Start Guide – a PDF format users can download after their first login to the site.

People might know many different IM courses, and products claimed to teach them the same stuff like this program, but what makes Bring The Fresh program differ is that the author willingly share the actual domains of his own sites.

In addition, the course is a simple, step-by-step, idiot-proof system created for average folks to make real online income. Besides, it teaches its learners through a wide range of easy-to-follow videos. The author states that this course is valuable for people, who want to make thousand dollars a month, on autopilot. In other words, the system generates traffic to users’ website day and night, and it will provide them with an income stream under autopilot. In general, there are a few steps to follow to reach the target and users can even build multiple websites once there is traffic and an incoming profit from the one website that they formerly have. 

bring the fresh

Bring the Fresh Review – About the Author: Kelly Felix

Kelly Felix is an internet marketer, who has had a long history of successful businesses on the internet. Besides, Kelly Felix is famous for being the creator of the Rich Jerk – a whole new idea on how to market internet products. In addition, Kelly Felix has become great at making money on the internet. One of the highlights of this author is that he has many great courses about making blogs and websites that have helped many people.

Bring the Fresh Review – How Bring the Fresh Works

Bring The Fresh Download consists of several different media for training including Fast Start Guide, an e-book showing exactly how to get their first site up and run and make money as quickly as they can. The program guides users the way to create a lasting business, not how to make money in seconds by pushing just a button.

The training provides not only the fast start guide, but also 30 fast start training videos lasting over 25 hours of training on the way to set up users’ websites and turn them into a business and other bonus videos and reading materials.

With the system, it guides learners regarding the ins and outs of SEO and affiliate marketing in general. By following rules and guidelines in the system, the author almost guarantees learners their first sales in ClickBank, AdSense, or other similar companies in a few first months. The Bring the Fresh Webinar also teaches learners how to find the perfect market niche by finding the keyword with the best available opportunities.

For $47, buyers could get Bring the Fresh program with the lifetime membership, and get unlimited access to the members’ forum where they can even communicate with the makers of the program. In short, with this product, the author teaches his learners anything from using search engine optimization techniques, affiliate marketing, research, video marketing, copywriting, even pay per click advertising, product creation, e-bay listing, e-commerce, as well as product launch to other techniques.

Our website contains reviews about other products, and articles that provide people with information about choosing profitable niches, SEO techniques, and more. People can check out Niche Reaper, and SEO Elite.

bring the fresh review

Bring the Fresh Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • This program helps users learn the exact systems needed to setup profitable website, which drives free traffic and produce a passive income stream.
  • The Fast Start Guide helps users start and run quickly; even they are newcomers to online marketing. For example, the BTF forum is where they can post questions that will be answered by other members, or two creators themselves.
  • It provides the option to upgrade the membership to Full Disclosure status to have more cutting edge insight and strategies to building their online real estate.
  • The Bring the Fresh program offers real working, and live examples of profitable websites. Besides, it enables users to see what a cash making website looks like, and how they can do the same.
  • The videos given inside the member area make them get cool ‘watch over my shoulder’ demonstrations on how an online genius multi millionaire thinks.
  • Additionally, it offers a 7-day trial with only $7.
bring the fresh


  • Some videos are quite long with the conversational and free flowing style of teaching.
  • The system requires more investment in upgrading to the Full Disclosure membership; however, that is truly an investment in one’s online education and they are getting access to the useful online business knowledge.
  • If people are looking for a get rich quick tool, this product is not for them.

bring the fresh bonus

Bring the Fresh Review – Conclusion                                      

With full description about this product, you can decide this product is worthy to invest. In my opinion, Bring the Fresh is a constantly updated search engine optimization-training program that has been tested over and over again. In addition, Bring the Fresh does not promise millions overnight, but it does guarantee to high levels of success.

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