Bounce Rate: 18 Tips To Make Your Blog Sticky – Business Review Center


Does your blog have a pulse? As most of us know, a low bounce rate is an important sign of a healthy blog. When we try to indicate why we should care, how exactly it affects our blogs, and what we can do about it, then the confusion starts. Firstly, What Is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate, Google … [Read more...]

Blog Structure | Higher Google Rankings – Business Review Center


I think we can all agree that if the foundation sucks, the building suffers.  With your blog, that’s the same. The fact that, the way you structure blog can make it or break it as well as getting traffic from the search engines is concerned, no matter what you believe it or not. To a successful … [Read more...]

Duplicate Content Tutorials – Business Review Center


Don’t Be Duped, Be Informed Just because no one knows exactly what duplicate-content is, so that among webmasters, SEO duplicate content is always a hot topic. Google does not help much, and sometimes, I personally think of it as a hyperactive 3 year-old, who is really sharp in some areas, but … [Read more...]

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