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Review of: Blog Hatter
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Alar Magliocca and Donato Spagnolo

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On April 13, 2012
Last modified:November 28, 2012


In case you are questioning whether Blog Hatter is a scam or a legit product, please take a look at my Blog Hatter review below

What The Blog Hatter Is

Blog Hatter is the unique software created and developed by two Internet marketing experts, Alar Magliocca and Donato Spagnolo. This is a must-have tool for all serious bloggers who do not want to spend their free time at the computer working on your blogs. This software will eliminate all the difficult and monotonous work you have to deal with as well as allow you to put the entire process of maintaining and updating your blogs on autopilot.

How The Blog Hatter Works

With Blog Hatter Pro, you will be able to create high quality semi-auto blogs in just minutes, without any black hat tactics. Moreover, these blogs can contain images, videos, and high quality content through the use of PLR (private label right) articles. You will also be able to use this software to create blogs on the most popular platforms, like Blogger as well as WordPress. The tools included with Blog Hatter will enable you to import PLR articles, images from Google and Flickr as well as video from YouTube. To make an even bigger impact, you can use the translation utility to create blogs in other languages, and this might open up a whole new market.

blog hatter free

Pros And Cons Of Blog Hatter


  • It gives you the ability to set up the posting schedule according to which content will automatically update when you are away
  • It allows you to translate all the content to multiple languages; hence, you can target various markets
  • It helps you to easily rearrange and reorder your published blog articles.
  • It also comes with the Blog Hatter Accelerator Tool Kit as a bonus, which is a set of useful Internet marketing eBooks, applications for blogs and PLR articles to post on your blog

blog hatter


  • Sometimes the translation part might be incorrect, if you look at this carefully.

blog hatter online

In summary, Blog Hatter will take care of the content of your blogs with just a little work from you, meaning you will have time to drive traffic to those blogs. The system will be well worth trying out for the 7-day trial; after that, you can decide whether it is something you want to use.

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  1. Alex Taylor says:

    Thank you for this detailed and unbiased review. I like the program of Blog Hatter – it will take care of the content of the blogs with just a little work from bloggers, meaning they will have time to drive traffic to their blogs.

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