Authority Pro Review – Is It Scam?
Review of: Authority Pro
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Bryan McConnahea & Alex Goad

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On July 20, 2012
Last modified:November 19, 2012


Authority Pro is a wordpress premium theme for internet marketers and following is my Authority Pro review

Authority Pro Review – Introduction

When a friend asked me to consider a review of Authority Pro, a premium WordPress theme designed for internet marketers, I was particularly interested to try it out to see how much relevant inbuilt functionality there really was without needing to know any code. I was also curious to see how long it would take to create a typical looking squeeze page and also a one-time-offer as these are on my to-do list. Authority Pro is a wordpress premium theme for internet marketers and following is my Authority Pro review to help you with residual business income.

Authority Pro Review – Author

Alex Goad, a well known Internet Marketer now comes with a most revolutionary WordPress Theme called Athority Pro 2 and I am confident that this will be an excellent theme created by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers.

Authority Pro Review – About The Product

Authority Pro is a WordPress theme that comes with additional plugins, thus, if you are particularly attached to the theme design you are currently using, you are going to have to let it go if you want to switch to Authority Pro.

authority proAuthority Pro review has been designed and targeted for the true internet marketer who doesn’t know how to code or has any intention or desire to learn. It’s for beginner to intermediate internet marketers, giving you the power to create a blog and squeeze page, which are designed and tested for maximum conversion, in the space of a few hours. I feel the genius of this product is its inbuilt functionality without the need for any knowledge of coding. Internet marketing is all about conversions and Authority Pro is designed just for that.

Authority Pro 2 is the updated version of the WordPress theme created by Bryan McConnahea and Alex Goad. I’ve been using the theme since its release and in this Authority Pro review, I will show you that you have come to the right place for residual business income.

In fact, there are 24 different editable areas in the Authority Pro 2 design, thereby enabling you to truly customize your site. This enables you to have a lot of flexibility over where you want to place your affiliate links, optin box, adsense ads or any other way you wish to monetize your site. It also enables you to place your important ads and/or affiliate links above the fold, and by ‘important’ I mean the ones that pay the most and that you want people to click on.

authority pro 2 scam

Another useful feature of Authority Pro is in its SEO functionality. Search engine optimization has been completely taken care of. It enables you to assign a specific SEO title, description, and keywords down to the post level which is necessary when targeting traffic from specific keyword phrases. As I mentioned earlier, what attracted to me to the Thesis theme was its SEO capabilities and Authority Pro has similar SEO features in addition to many others not mentioned in this review.

authority pro

Authority Pro Review – Pros

  • This theme is built by an experienced internet marketer and all the areas which an internet marketer would focus on are addressed.
  • It will most definitely save you time and therefore money.
  • It offers 11 different widgets and 24 different areas of placement that are easy to control using drag and drop which is great for someone who is trying to optimize their website for maximum sales and list building, who isn’t interested in spending time to do this via editing raw code.

authority pro plan

Authority Pro Review – Cons

  • It is not the best program for those who prefer to know how to build and manipulate a site using code rather than relying on templates and the functionality of a theme.
  • Here follows one of the video review on Authority Pro posted by some of its user on youtube.

Final Words

Authority Pro is created for the true Internet Marketer as it will give you the time to focus on ‘marketing’ your niche, rather than spending time building your site. Authority Pro is suitable for beginner to intermediate internet marketing levels, since advanced internet marketers probably have already developed their own methods for performing most, if not all, of the features offered. Thus, I really recommend you Authority Pro.

home businessIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Authority Pro Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Mai Campbell says:

    Authority Pro is certainly perfect for marketing. With this program, you can build great subscriber lists, drive loads of free traffic to your site as well as make it highly-optimized, and establish yourself as an expert user. 

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