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On July 16, 2012
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Article Submit Auto is an article spinning software that teaches people fast and effective ways to submit their articles to article directories. Is it valuable?

This guest post is by Bin Tran 

Article Submit Auto Review – Author’ Claims

The author states that Article Submit Auto is a premium article submitting service together with a members-only website. With the guide of the program, webmasters can submit their articles into dozens of top-ranked directories by just a few click. Moreover, their site will get more targeted traffic and higher search engine ranking, and they also save their time and money on advertising. In addition, this program also is an online article submission software, which spins and submits unique articles to 30 major article directories with high Google Pagerank and low Alexa Ranking within about 5 minutes flat. Furthermore, this program has no script installation, no captchas, no manual logins, no glitches, and 100% automated distribution.

Article Submit Auto Review – About the Author:  Dominic Tay

A marketing expert, Dominic Tay who has years of studying marketing on the Internet, developed this program. Besides, this man has designed and implemented several successful online marketing campaigns for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Singapore’s top business leaders like Adam Khoo and Merry Riana. Dominic Tay graduated with a diplomas in bioscience, and he did not have any business knowledge or affiliate experience in developing websites. After some years of learning from people who are successful on the internet, he starts going into online marketing world. In present, Dominic becomes the trainer of the Internet Business Academy (IBA) where he shares his formula and strategies his participants to generate income from the internet. In addition, the author of this product also co-trains in Wealth Academy with Adam Khoo and Conrad Alvin Lim. If people have any question about this product, people can send questions to the author at his address.

article submit

Article Submit Auto Review – How Article Submit Auto Works

Article Submit Auto guides people 3 easy steps for submitting their articles. The first step is that people copy and paste their articles into ASA and schedule a date for its submission. People can select anytime, on any day. Besides, this may take people up to 5 minutes depending on their “copy and paste” speed. The second step is that once the scheduled time reaches; their article will be spun and distributed to the main article directories without their supervision or additional effort. The next step is that the moment their articles are published at the respective directories, ASA will send people their live URLs automatically. This function is useful if people like to track their submission results, or if they plan to add these URLs to their clients’ SEO report. (Content Professor also is able to spin articles to many article directories.)

article submit auto free

Moreover, this product is not only to submit to the top article directories, but also it allows users to following tasks:

  • Spin their articles using the standard, spinning syntax, {text 1|text 2}…
  • Use multiple pen names – this is helpful if users are into various niches.
  • Schedule their article to be submitted even while they are asleep and their computer is switched off.
  • Save or load the categories, resource boxes and the pen names, which they commonly use with just one-click.
  • Spread out their article submission to avoid too many links being built to their website all at once (they get to turn this option on or off).
  • Check their articles for common formatting errors before submission.
  • And much, much more.

In our website, some other products can help people submit articles to article directories such as E-zine Article. People can check out Wicked Article Creator .

article submit

Article Submit Auto Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The first advantage is that this program is a great way to get traffic to one’s sales websites and blogs.
  • Secondly, this program helps cut down time and effort involved in the process of getting the marketing articles submitted to the best directories significantly.
  • Thirdly, Article Submit Auto introduces both article spinner and article submitter. Therefore, people can direct it to send their articles either in their original form, or in their original form, and a “spun” form.
  • Fourthly, this program submits people’s marketing articles to directories that have high Google page rankings, and allows them to schedule the submissions at regular intervals.
  • The next advantage of Article Submit Auto is that it provides its member with a bonus set of written, and audio interviews with top marketers about the methods they use to make a substantial profit on the internet.
  • In addition, its service is received many positive feedbacks: the marketing article submission process runs smoothly, and glitches are rare.
  • Besides, Quick start Instructions of this product shows users how to use it. It is so easy to follow, and they can easily outsource the use of this tool without further explanation.
  • Users can get free ArticleMarketingX Home Study program when they join this product ($47 value).


Although this product is useful for users; however, it is not a magic tool. The owner of Article Submit Auto has purposely made his information private – this could mean he have something to hide. To be perfectly honest, the premium membership is very effective; however, people do not have to get it that is up to them.

article submit auto scam

Article Submit Auto Review – Conclusion                               

Again my name is Bin Tran. According to the above description about Article Submit Auto, you can decide whether this product is valuable. This product is useful for me because it teaches me some basic and fast ways to spins my articles to major article directories. It also helps me understand how submitting articles is important in online business.

article submissionIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Article Submit Auto Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. John Morris says:

    Article Submit Auto is cheaper than all from the similar programs and companies on the market which are not half as good. To be perfectly honest, the premium membership is the absolute very best, but you don’t have to get it, that’s up to you.

  2. Ron Sanchez says:

    This review focuses on everything the Article Submit Auto program can do for users as well as their online business, especially if they use article directories to bring traffic to their sites. Very good review!

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