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These days, we’re all pretty aware that having links from quality, trusted sites pointing into your own website is an important factor in achieving good rankings on some of the major search engines.
The other point is that relevant anchor text should be used in links has also become increasingly important. This applies not only to external links that point into your website, but also internal linkages throughout your site.
With that in mind, together with the fact that the readers from my site requested the post on anchor text that they can easily understand, I put together some useful anchor text  tutorial tips that might satisfy both beginners and the advanced link builders.

What Anchor Text Is

Anchor text is the clickable words making up a link. These words can turn your mouse cursor into a finger-pointing hand. They are often underlined or bolded, and colored differently from the rest of the page content – blue or orange, most of the times.
For instance, http://businessreviewcenter.com is a link (also called hyperlink).
However, Business Review Center is the same hyperlink as the above (the both lead to the same destination, that is my home page) with Business Review Center as anchor text link.

Why Anchor Text Important?

Search engines gather data by jumping from the page to the page and traveling around the web via links. Links are considered the lifeblood of the search engines. They are used as key indicators to identify the topics or main ideas of the webpages they are about to go to. If  about 100 sites link to a website with the link “Seattle Architect” or similar words, the search engines can be fairly confident that this site is about an architect in Seattle.
Certain search engines like Google use anchor text in determining your website’s rankings as an off-page factor.
The words containing within the anchor text might help your website to be ranked for the seo keywords that you desire it to be ranked for, as opposed to what Google thinks you should be ranked for only.
Let’s get an example, if I desire to get my homepage ranked for the term “Business Review“, I have to find ways to create links on other sites containing my home page URL and my keyword “Business Review” as anchor text.
The ways that you create anchor text links on other sites are via blog commenting, guest posting, and becoming a top commentator, etc.


How to Build a Link Properly

In order to make use of suitable anchor text links, you must know some HTML bases, or at least, need to know how to copy and paste.

HTML Code for a Standard Link

Click Here to get my free SEO Ebook
<A HREF=”http://businessreviewcenter.com/foreword-for-seo-ebook/”>Click Here</A> to get my free SEO Ebook

HTML Code for a Standard Link with Anchor Text

Keep in mind to pick up my free SEO ebook!
Remember to pick up my <A HREF=”http://businessreviewcenter.com/foreword-for-seo-ebook/”>free SEO ebook</A>!

HTML Code for a Standard Link with Anchor Text, which can be openned in a new browser window.

My free SEO ebook teachs you all you need to know about link building and much more.
My <A HREF=”http://businessreviewcenter.com/foreword-for-seo-ebook/” TARGET=”New”>free SEO ebook</A> teachs you all you need to know about link building and much more.

How to Choose the Right Anchor Text

If you want your page to rank for a SEO keyword that is particularly difficult, make sure to focus on putting the keyword in your anchor text link.
Many bloggers might continue to ignore this great factor in link building, and then wonder why they don’t gain much search engine traffic.
While getting links to your page is most certainly help, you should try to put at least part of your SEO keyword into the anchor text whenever getting the chance.
SEO keyword research:
You need to target keywords that:
• be relevant to your profitable niche
• might be used by the potential readers to find you
• get plenty of daily searches
• have monetary value, words that signal buyers and not just lookie-loos.
I agree that it might seem like a daunting task, but you can’t skip this step.
Since this post is not about SEO keyword research, I’ll show you one more thing on it: all the best bloggers/ marketers that I know use Market Samurai for all their SEO keyword research, rank tracking, competition spying needs.


What Is Natural Anchor Text?

Many SEO webmasters realized that recently after all the penalties Google dished out that may have been caused by over-optimizing anchor text.
What do I mean?
If you continue to build links over and over again with the same anchor text, it becomes a certain sign of SEO link building, something that Google does not fond of.
Solution: vary your relevant anchor text, then add a few useless words to it; even use “Click Here” as your anchor text link.
That is “natural anchor text”, because it looks like to be built by users and not SEOs one.

7 Ideas to Vary Your Anchor Text 

1.   Use Your Name / Your Company Name
Using your name or the name of your company is self-explanatory.

2.   Often Use Naked URL
Especially, use naked URL more often when it goes to your home page.
A regular user is most likely link to your webpage with the URL but not anchor text of any kind. We need to duplicate this kind of pattern as much as possible.
It’s said that at least 50% of the links going to your home page should be naked URL links (“naked” is that I mean without any anchor text).
Also, you may vary it by using: http://BusinessReviewCenter.com, BusinessReviewCenter.com, or www. BusinessReviewCenter.com.

3.   Phrase Match
Do a few phrase matches, and stay away from the exact match.
For example, instead of over and over again using “weight loss”, come up with how to lose weight, losing weight quickly, weight loss for teenagers, etc as alternatives.

4.   Stop Words
Adding some of the so-called stop words like the, is, at, which and on to vary your anchor text.
Also adding words and word phrases like how to, want, buy, etc.

5.   Synonyms and Antonyms
Using antonyms and synonyms is considered as the great way to gain natural anchor text.
Make use of tools like Thesaurus or Soovle.

6.   “Click Here” text
No other ways to get more natural than using “read more”, “click here” etc. as natural anchor text.

7.   Images
Using images is a great way to vary link building efforts.
Host and insert a few good images into your guest posts of your blog with a link back. It’s great to keep in mind to optimize your images with ALT tags.

Anchor Text This & That

I recently visit and read an article on Lisa Drubec’s TheFriendlyBlogger website offering this great anchor text tutorial tip:
All we want other bloggers to link to us, and want to be the authoritative presence out there. Therefore, links are great for search engines. Moreover, we all want relevant, seo optimized links pointing back to us, but how do we accomplish this goal while linking out to others?
Simply ask the blog owner. You can email the blog owner nine times out of ten, then let he/she knows that you are linking to one of his/her posts and ask him/her if he/she have an anchor text he/she prefer you use as the link.
I think this is a smart way to take forward some bloggers that would’ve never offered you the second look. Definitely, I would give it a shot!

Marketing Takeaway

Using well-researched SEO keywords as your anchor text link, then learning how to make your anchor texts look more natural might be your gold ticket to get higher search engine rankings.
I suggest giving this one some serious thought!

Love it or hate it? Then comment to let me know that you’re alive! 

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