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On August 27, 2012
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AffiloTheme Review - Money Making Program By Mark Ling, Is It Worth The Investment?

This guest post is by Alan Paul

Affilo Theme Review – Authors’ Claims

AffiloTheme is the newest one in the Affilorama family. This WordPress is a platform that allows anyone with basic computer skills to build an useful website. People probably know that WordPress sites rank pretty well in Google. Besides, there are heaps of different themes, and plug-ins that users can use to improve their sites. This theme is totaly penguin and panda friendly and combines a professionally looking theme with tons of features that affiliate marketers need. In a post penguin/panda world, Internet marketers need to make sure to have high quality websites that not only function well but are attractive too, this means a lower bounce rate and makes us look a lot better in the eyes of Google.

Affilo Theme Review – About the Author: Mark Ling

The founder of Affilorama Affiliate Programs is internet guru Mark Ling who is a super affiliate marketer that got into training affiliate marketers. He knows what it is like to start affiliate marketing and internet business without guidance. For years of trial and errors, now he has earned millions of dollars online. Formed in 2006, his company now becomes an international company that is known throughout the world. When Mark Ling was a student, he started his online selling by building celebrity fan sites. Then, Mark decided to plunge deep into affiliate marketing; he got many successes in business, and now he becomes one of the well-known online marketers. He is different to other web marketers, because, he prefers creating products in various markets. His recent products are AffiloBlueprint, AffiloJetpack, Affilorama Premium, and much more.


Affilotheme Review – How Affilotheme works

Affiliate theme product is a professional tool for designing themes with many features; for example, it grants users one-month free access to the Affilorama Premium program, it provides with an extensive support, and it helps them build professional looking websites and blogs that are not scrapped by Google. In addition, Affilotheme also supports users in enhancing search engine optimization so that users gain better rankings. (Affilotheme is not a unique program that helps people build professional looking websites, enhance SEO, and gain better rankings. our website reviews some other products can help people do these tasks, people can click Short Codes Deluxe, or Easy Profit Bot if people are not interested in Affilotheme.)


This product helps marketers cloak and redirect affiliate links to boost transactions, easily incorporate opt in page and squeeze page design. Furthermore, it offers five beautiful theme options in one with SEO friendly layouts, colors, styles; navigation settings; video instructions; built-in header image creator; and more. Beside, Affilotheme guides how to create a wide range of professional websites that get quick loading, low bounce rates, and the power to attract viewer. This program covers detailed instructions for online marketers about how to use this program, and how to benefit from it. Affiliate Theme uses the Word Press platform, which is a useful tool in the internet-marketing network. In addition, it is also ideal for any webmaster who expects a powerful and flexible Word Press theme with various customizations opts. Even it is an essential tool for newbie affiliate marketers who look for an easy-to-configure website-creating program.


AffiloTheme Review – Positive Points and Negative Points

Positive Points

  1. People can sign up this website for free. The website also offers a free test drive for the new or seasoned internet marketer.
  2. While creating websites, the author also uses this WordPress theme himself. Users do not have to worry about the Affilotheme.
  3. This is an easy-to-configure site building system which newbie affiliates look for.
  4. AffiloTheme is an “all-in-one” solution to help people drive more traffic, attract more visitors and make more money.
  5. It offers unlimited customer support.
  6. Moreover, it offers several website colors and flexible themes so that affiliate marketers do not have to worry about using one monotonous website design.
  7. It offers a 100% unconditional money back guarantee within 60 days.
  8. The program also provides numerous tools and software.
  9. It offers updated notes and tutorials.

Negative Points

  1. AffiloTheme is not a quick scheme to get rich.
  2. User needs to work constantly to learn and apply the methods.
  3. People have to work hard in order to succeed the program is not for the faint hearted or lazy persons.

affilotheme program

Affilotheme Review – Final Verdict

Again, my name is Bin Tran, and this article is a review made by me honestly to see how Affilotheme program works for your problem or not. In my opinion, if people wish an effective all-in-one WordPress theme, they should check out Affilotheme program. One of the main benefits is that its users do not have to buy tons of premium plugins for their websites. With Affilotheme, everything is ready for users and all they need to do is configure the various settings themselves.

affiliate theme review

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