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On April 12, 2012
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Affiliate Organizer is a new affiliate program designed to manage and organize Internet marketing as well as personal information

This guest post is by Sarah Smith

Affiliate Organizer Review – Author’s Claims

In fact, Internet marketers are usually overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to remember about their online business. Affiliate marketers often have to spend many months in searching for a password, AdSense tracking code or keyword list. Hence, they keep searching for some solutions, which can organize their information in one place. Luckily, Affiliate Organizer is a useful solution for them. Besides, this most powerful organizer software handles all users’ affiliate and internet business details; therefore, users can stay on top and have a business that runs instead of running them. Moreover, this program also support users in managing an unlimited number of outsourced projects, and avoiding confusion over what is in progress and what is completed. Furthermore, one of the most powerful features of Affiliate Organizer is the ability to send oneself on screen “Tasks/Alert” messages for one time or recycle events automatically.

Affiliate Organizer Review – About the Author

Jon Mills lives at Belleville, Ontario, who is expert in developing and executing online and offline strategies that consistently improve control results and return on advertising investment. In some recent years, he began new businesses and entered new markets by building well-crafted/researched business models and developing comprehensive go-to-market plans.

If people have any question, people can contact him at his mail address at support [at] affiliateorganizer dot com.

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Affiliate Organizer Review – How Affiliate Organizer Works

Affiliate Organizer is a software program, which can help its users to organize their passwords, keyword lists, contact numbers, DNS numbers, affiliate links, and other information. Obviously, Internet marketers have to remember so many things, and this information can be forgotten or lost easily – unless it is well organized. Moreover, the Affiliate Organizer software will send users e-mails or pop-up reminders to help them remember or keep their data all the time. (This product can help people manage affiliates effectively, however, our website contains some other reviews about other products that also help people manage online marketing, people can check out auto blog samurai review, or easy click mate review.

Besides, Affiliate Organizer helps users keep track of all their hosting details such as everything from Urls, Ftp information, User and Passwords associated, Bandwidth and Space, Start and End Date, Payment methods, and Support information. Another feature is that it helps users manage their websites with ease. Additionally, this program also provides users with other features such as Viewing all their “Domain Registrars” and instantly knowing which sites are registered on what domain, staying on top of projects and ideas, setting and forgetting – year plan, keeping track of all software purchased, managing their contacts and saving all their contact information. Besides, it also contains some other functions such as keeping track all services their business uses, backing up and restoring instantly. Moreover, with updated Affiliate Organizer, the provider offers users some new functions such as adding their own folders/categories; adding subcategories to their existing folders, to group things together, protecting their data with password protection upon launch; and much more.

In addition, when people purchase this product, they get three incredible bonuses for fast action, which are: Success Doctor Michael Fortins Ebook ” Manage “, Jo Han Mok and Ewen Chia ” Surge To The Top Of The Affiliate Charts” Audio and PDF with Master Resell Rights, and Dave Lakhani of Bold Apprach ” Creating Your life Vision PDF.

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Affiliate Organizer Review – Strong Points and Weak Points

Strong Points

  • The site has an interface, which is so easy to use, and follows; hence, all Internet marketers can navigate and utilize it with ease, regardless of their age, experience, or skill level.
  • It offers technical support for all day long, meaning users can receive help when it is necessary.
  • With this product, people can own free bonuses that cost over $170.
  • In addition, people have nothing to lose by trying this new Affiliate Organizer because if they do not see positive effects within days they can ask for a refund and get their money back.
  • Moreover, people get quick access to “Affiliate Merchants” the company, managers name, industry, join date, payment date, merchants keyword lists, affiliate links, 2 tier affiliate links, commission rates, stats login URLl, user and passwords, top selling product list, payment method and ROI quick calculator.
  • In addition, Affiliate Organizer lets users concentrate on the most important parts of their business instead of spending it searching frantically through and overwhelming stack of folders and files.
  • Besides, it helps people save up to unlimited amounts of information about their affiliate and internet business — without any technical know-how.

Weak points

  • Although this product has many advantages, it also has some weak points. For example, Internet marketers who use Affiliate Organizer may have to depend on it quite a bit (like some people – without this, they have to face many difficulties in remembering things).

Affiliate Organizer Review – Conclusion

I see that many customers love Affiliate Organizer so much because it helps them to save an immense amount of time. They no longer have to dig through their computer just to find the files they downloaded, or search through their emails to find the pass code to the membership sites they joined. Indeed, people can also get a lot benefits from the Affiliate Organizer software, just as many customers do. With the above description of Affiliate Organizer, people can decide whether it is worthy to buy.

internet marketingIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Affiliate Organizer Review.We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Alex Taylor says:

    I love Affiliate Organizer so much because it helps me to save an immense amount of time. I no longer have to dig through my computer just to find the files I downloaded, or search through my emails to find the pass code to the membership sites I joined.

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