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On November 26, 2012
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Making videos seem never to be my strong suit.
It also might not be yours.
Just because we don’t like making videos…
…it doesn’t make them any less effective and powerful.
It just means that you and I might miss out big time.
Just like Lisa Irby in her recent YouTube, she said that …if someone isn’t using  YouTube, he is leaving traffic and exposure on the table. Shame on him!
So this article is about how to create YouTube video, and useful tips that converts and brings in sales actually and not just for information purposes.
In order to give credit where credit is due, I learned and implemented most of this stuff from Ryan Deiss’s Digital Marketer Lab. He freely shares all his true and tested as well as updated affiliate marketing strategies that make him a nice chunk of money.
Here is tip to make video marketing following Ryan’s video footprint step by step.
Now let’s start to discover.

Step 1. Introduction and Branding

Always remember to make your audience knows who you are.
It means that you should always start and end (or use at some point) your video with the slide mention your product or service. Obviously, if your video is interesting to your viewers they will rather seek out your related links and information.
Created it with PowerPoint using your header and “prettied it up” with some of the beautiful options, like “mirror image”, etc.
Throughout the video, keep reminding them who you are.
Even, you can include your own logo (such as logo of your site) in all your slides.
Also, make sure to tell your audiences/ viewers:

  • what is your video about;
  • reasons they should watch it;
  • how long the video takes.

In other words, set expectations.


Step 2.   Meet Expectations

Give value.
You do not make this video marketing to sell something, rather than to teach something.
In fact, “selling” comes naturally if you do everything else right.
Well, selling is just a by-product of good video marketing.

Step 3. Calls to Action

Remember that a video without a call-to-action is a wasted opportunity.  Calls-to-action will obviously give your videos context and provide a next step for viewers/ potential customers.
Notice that I put “give value” before “call to action”; however, our main goal is to get viewers to do something:

  • Click on affiliate links of yours;
  • Subscribe to your email list (Check out for list building tips);
  • Follow you on your Twitter;
  • Like you on your Facebook;
  • Post comments about your video on YouTube
  • Rate you video

Or just as simple as “Welcome to my blog!”…
The fact is that… they might not do it if you do not tell them to do.
Also, you need to add your call to action more than once because it’s important.
Yes, the importance here is to increase the engagement of potential audience/ customers and not overwhelm them with unwanted messages.
Notice the time stamp for this screenshot should not be added too long (for instance, at about 30 seconds into video and one more time at the end).
As long as you do a good job weaving it into your content naturally, I believe that your views won’t mind seeing it.
Tip for affiliate link: Make sure to create a memorable link for every video you make, since currently you can’t add active clickable links to your videos.
For instance, you can use URL shortner as most viewers seem to be familiar with it already; then added a customized extension.
Keep in mind to add your call to action in the description of the video marketing.
Well, you got it, just do it more than once!


Step 4.   Recap with a Conclusion

Do not forget to sum up what your viewers just learned. In addition, the most important is that why and how they can benefit if they actually apply what they learned.

Step 5. Advise

Many successful marketers use this powerful psychological factor in their sales material.
Yes, make it their own decision!
Advise them of what they might desire to do at this point, such as:
“if you wish to…”
“I would…”
… but remember to leave the final decision up to them; And after all, it is their own decision to make, isn’t it?

Step 6. Another Call to Action

This should be the last thing you leave your viewers with.

Step 7. Linger

Drag the call to action a bit at the end of video.
Give your viewers a chance to digest and to make their decision.
Encourage them to take action by saying:
“Click on the link below to get it/ read it/ know more right now”
So, how long should you linger?
It’s up to you, certainly.
(It seems natural to dragged for about 10 seconds at the end.)

The Edge

Side note: why I love Ryan’s tips? Well, in fact he has an army of employees, who dissect, test, improve, and experiment constantly. Let’s imagine how much he must be making, while his monthly payroll expenses are around $200,000; Furthermore, I can get access to their findings without a hefty employee payroll price tag.


Don’t like being in front of the camera or have even avoided video marketing altogether because of it, then you are not the only one.
Well, not only you are in good company, but also in luck.
As to Ryan’s research team, videos with people talking to the camera don’t convert as well as ones that made with other tools.
Even simple videos with PowerPoint.
Here are some of the tools to make fun and engage videos that I know:


And, there are of course, many more.

Avoid Music

In fact, background music might be more of a distraction rather than a benefit.
In addition, you can also avoid any possible copyright issues cause by using someone’s music in your videos.


The Hack

After all, your video and affiliate marketing efforts are only as good as the number of people who watch it.
However, my main problem with YouTube marketing lies in: It has never been as easy for me as some would lead you to believe in ranking videos on YouTube and Google.
That’s why I loved watching the following video. It also let me in Ryan’s latest discovery:
To watch it for yourself, click on the video image.
Well, this video is an introduction to Ryan’s new Social Tube.  But it’s full of value, so you should watch it either way.
And by the way, I am going to put his little completely white hat YouTube hack to work on my video.

Other Tips

1. Embed Your Videos in Other Places

It’s the fact that many people don’t realize how easily videos can be embedded in other places.  If you write a blog post about a product and also create a YouTube marketing video about it, then include the video in the post.
You can include a YouTube marketing video on your website. Even you can also tweet the URL using Twitter or post it to Facebook.

Obviously, the amount of cross-promotional opportunities, which exist with YouTube marketing videos are vast.

2. Use Keywords to Tag Your Videos

Like searching with Google, YouTube also bases on keywords to help pinpoint search results.  It means that you might miss out on a big opportunity, if you don’t tag your videos with relevant keywords.
Like a needle in a haystack that is a video without tags.  It will certainly be almost impossible to find.  Tags add context to videos and also make them display when related keywords are searched.  For all those reasons, you need to use them to help potential customers easily find your videos. (Check out to research keywords for your marketing video).

3. Organize Videos into Playlists

It is just like a playlist on your favorite radio station, if you organize your affiliate marketing videos into playlist in YouTube.  It should be a collection of music or videos that is arranged by a particular theme.
With this function, you can create playlists for different products or brands. Besides, you can also make your own particular playlists only for your customer service or user-created videos.

4. Utilize YouTube in Your Promotion

It is a great way to use videos to encourage people to sign up for a contest or even sweepstakes.  A well-created YouTube video on your site and Facebook Page can increase signups as well as boost the performance of your promotion drastically.(Check out tips to gain more likes from Facebook).
As I mentioned above, in the video, you should highlight the benefits that your promotion brings to your potential viewers/ customers and not try to sell something to them.  Make sure that it can answer the question like:
“I should sign up for your affiliate promotion because it will…?”
Certainly, it will add value to your next promotion if your video really does that.

5. Add Annotations to Your Videos

It’s called an annotation in YouTube, which is a block of text that pops up over an affiliate marketing video to add additional information or clickable links.
To provide call-to-action overlays or highlight other videos that pertain to the same subject, this is such the perfect way.  YouTube also offers an Annotation Editor, which allows you to add as many as you want to your videos easily.
There are also provided tips on how to best use YouTube Annotation Editor.


6. Interact With People

Like strategy for Twitter and Facebook, your strategy for using YouTube should be the same. You should interact with people who comment and rate your videos. (Strategy to get more traffic from Twitter).

You should not neglect them or they might stop caring about you.
Thank the person, if he posts a positive comment. In case the comment is negative, try to address and see why they felt that way.
Even, people can rate comments on YouTube marketing videos. This is important to carefully monitor your videos, playlists, and channels to make sure that nothing negative appears on them.

Marketing Takeaway

Although most businesses often neglected the importance of YouTube, it is still actually a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website and increase your sales. (Check out for more methods to gain traffic from social media).
It is not easy for YouTube video marketing, but it isn’t that hard either.
Without too much trouble, you can create a custom YouTube affiliate marketing video and playlist. Then, you can use this content on your blog or site to promote new products and promotions.
I believe this post contains necessary steps and tips that you ever need to take your crack at making and benefiting from YouTube videos.
Then, take it or leave it.
Well, just do not whine even if your competitions take advantage of it. 
It’s always my best motivator, and I hope it is for you as well.
Social Tubing,

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