Affiliate Elite Review – Brad Callen’s New Affiliate Tool
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Brad Callen
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On March 19, 2012
Last modified:November 18, 2012


Affiliate Elite shows users the power to find the right products to sell online and target the right keywords. Here is Affiliate Elite review

This guest post is by Antoine Fransoire

Affiliate Elite Review – What Affiliate Elite Is

Affiliate Elite is a new affiliate tool by Brad Callen, which boasts quite a few features, such as the ability to sort through the Clickbank and PayDotCom marketplaces, to asset users’ competition, to find super affiliates to mimic, etc. The main thing that the Affiliate Elite enables users to do is gather data about their competitors (both current and future ones), about products which users consider promoting and about other affiliates that already promote a certain product.

Affiliate Elite Review – How Affiliate Elite Works

With the Affiliate Elite Software, users can find the exact keywords their competitors use while promoting a certain product. Users can then use this keyword list in their own AdWords campaigns, and they can be sure these can make them money in advance. Another feature of Affiliate Elite helps users gather a list of all the affiliates promoting a chosen product, Affiliate Elite helps them find out the personal information of these affiliates, so they can contact and talk to these about promoting their products.

order Affiliate Elite Affiliate Elite is not only complete tool for merchants it can also be used by affiliates. With the help of Affiliate Elite, users can spy on other affiliates and see which products they are promoting. If these products make them money, they are sure to do the same for users.

affiliate elite free

Affiliate Elite Review – Benefits And Drawbacks


  • Affiliate Elite not only helps users to do all of the things it claims, but also does so in an easy to use interface with an extremely low learning curve.
  • With just a few minutes of searching, it allows users to identify keywords their competitors use or the ones they miss out.
  • This software enables users to locate several different niche products which are converting well in markets and are not oversaturated with marketers.
  • It helps users identify profitable niches, which they can use to get themselves started on the right foot as well as the exact products which promote heavily.
  • It offers an excellent way for users to ramp up their online business.

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  • Its forum seems still lacks updates, with low participation.
  • Some features of Affiliate Elite seem buggy.

affiliate elite plan

Affiliate Elite Review – The Bottom Line

Affiliate Elite is another impressive program by Brad Callen, which does work. If users have ever considered getting involved in affiliate marketing or have a product of their own and would like to find affiliates to promote it, they should run the Affiliate Elite program on their computer every day.

affiliate marketingIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggestions about Affiliate Elite Review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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  1. Luna Ramirez says:

    Affiliate Elite is another awesome program by Brad Callen which really works. If you’ve ever considered getting involved in affiliate marketing or have a product of your own and would like to find affiliates to promote it, you should run the Affiliate Elite program on your computer every day.

  2. Jessy Prince says:

    Thanks to your Affiliate Elite review with the tool’s most important features, now I can understand it. Affiliate Elite gives us the power to find the right products to sell online and target the right keywords. Very good. 

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